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Dear chess programmer,

Recently Rybka author Vasik Rajlich asked the ICGA for an appeal of his case. It was denied to him as you can read from the email correspondenceI like to steal a little bit of your time and ask you to give your opinion on this matter.


The denial is odd because of a previous case. In the past (the WCCC in Graz 2003) the ICGA banned a suspect program (the LIST program of Fritz Reul) because Reul refused to cooperate in an investigation. Later Reul did cooperate and Reul was reinstated after he handed over his source code to (expert) Dr. Chrilly Donninger who inspected the LIST source code and found it original.


So if Reul was granted an appeal we think Rajlich deserves the same treatment especially now that a sea of contra evidence is available.


We will maintain a list on this page of your vote and / or comments unless  of course you want to contribute anonymously. 

Your email address will be held strictly confidential and only used for verification purposes in case there is doubt on your identity because this poll is for chess programmers only.

Thanks so much in advance. 

Ed Schröder 
October, 2013


Poll closed on November 4, 2013


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 I have read the documentation and I think Rajlich deserves an appeal.
 I have read the documentation and I don't think Rajlich deserves an appeal.
I have read the documentation and I am undecided on the issue.

 I like to vote anonymously.
 I like to vote public.


People who vote anonymously will be mailed the followup number of their vote, see Results.

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 1  Ed Schröder Rebel  ProDeo  Yes  If we knew what it was we were doing, it would
 not be called research, would it? -- Albert Einstein


 Anonymous (1)





Chris Whittington

Chess System Tal




 Anonymous (2)



Based on the recently recovered source code of Rybka 2.2n. This version is sufficiently representative for the case. Judgement should be made by an entity independent of the ICGA and should be binding for both parties.


Miguel A. Ballicora



 The community is shaken, not stirred.


 Anonymous (3)





 Daniel Shawul



 Biased panel


 Dann Corbit

Beowulf, Bean Counter, and others


Whether he is found innocent or not, I think that reviewing the facts would be valuable.  It won't happen, but it should.


László Gáspár

Timea Nimrod




Sylvain RENARD Capture  Yes



Ryan Benitez Fruit 2.3 and others  Yes

Everyone deserves a fair trial.  Unfortunately all the drama in computer chess causes many people far more gifted than myself to avoid getting involved in computer chess.


José Carlos
Martínez Galán
Averno  Yes

ICGA has destroyed computer chess with this shameful issue. I won't go back to program chess anymore because it's not worth it. I hope Hyatt, Levy et al will get exactly what they deserve, nothing more, nothing less.


Dan Honeycutt Bruja and Cupcake  Yes 

Qualification:  Appeal should be granted provided Vas will make the source available to an expert panel or individual acceptable to both sides.


Anonymous (4)  No

I think Vasik could have been more forthcoming about the origins of his code, and thus doesn't deserve an appeal.  He certainly can write a new original program if he wishes.


Uri Blass Movei  Yes



Steve Webber Raptor  Yes

Vasik is prepared to defend himself via Ed, and if in case the 'case by ICGA' was so crystal clear to have a life ban, I believe revisiting the evidence with Vas/Ed defending themselves only makes sense, and that ICGA as a governing body must grant him the same.


Ferdinand Mosca

Deuterium TeleSpace Imortal




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