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From February 19 till February 22, 2002 REBEL played a 4 game match at tournament time control against GM Loek van Wely Holland's current strongest chess player who has an elo rating of 2714.

Place: Again in the Centre Ceramique, Maastricht, The Netherlands like last year's match against GM John van der Wiel.

The end-result 2-2, a fantastic result for REBEL against this super grandmaster.

  • After the matches against Arthur Yussupov and Vishy Anand and GM John van der Wiel REBEL now even after 4 matches REBEL still keeps its unbeaten status playing matches against strong human chess players.
  • No draws, 4 wins all with white, all heavy king attacks.

  • Game-1: The super grandmaster survives a king attack, moves to an equal ending, refuses a draw offer, overrestimates his winning chances and suddenly finds himself in a mate net. REBEL leads the match with 1-0.

  • Game-2: The super grandmaster strikes back, REBEL underestimates an upcoming king attack, the computer fights back and is able to survive but the remaining ending is lost. The match is in balance 1-1.

  • Game-3: The perfect game. The super grandmaster beaten by a flawless king attack, one of REBEL's best games ever. Rebel leads again, now with 2-1 and can't lose the match anymore.

  • Game-4: The super grandmaster must win and launches a king attack, REBEL defends well and the super grandmaster is forced to go for the ending, from there the super grandmaster teaches chess, REBEL loses track and is outplayed, a highschool example how to play the ending. The match is over ending in 2-2, the super grandmaster has survived or was it the computer?
  • GM Loek van Wely about the match: "You can not play your own style against the computer, that's about close to suicide, you must play the anti-computer strategy and be well prepared, I played about 100 games against REBEL as part of my preparation."

  • Ed Schröder about game-3: "The Perfect Game! It's the crown of a 21 year-long career, like running the perfect race for the Gold Medal at the Olympics!"

  • Eric Hallsworth (Journalist): "One can easily understand a programmer's pride, after 21 years at his work, in seeing such a superbly played king attack against one of the world's top-rated grandmasters!"

  • Wolfgang Battig (Journalist): "Der GM wurde von Rebel in einer hervorragenden Partie in nur 34 Zügen geschlagen. Selten hat man einen Top-GM gegen ein Computerprogramm so untergehen sehen wie in Partie 3."

  • GM Loek Van Wely: "Ja, es war eine Partie, die in der Computerschachwelt bestimmt mit viel Neid betrachtet wird. Rebel hat in dieser Partie sehr gut gespielt, keine Frage."

  • IM Jan van Reek (Journalist): "Es war die erste klassische Gewinnpartie eines Computers gegen einen Spitzengroßmeister."

  • Detlev Pordzik (Journalist): "Wohl eine, wenn nicht die "beste" weil "humanste" Leistung eines Hybriden, die ich jemals im Spiel unter regulären Bedingungen gegen einen Menschen - und noch dazu gegen einen so extrem starken GM, gesehen habe."

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