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The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Fact or Delusion?

In case you are not familiar with the Biblical story, in a nutshell: God came down to us in the human flesh in the person of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago in Israel. He healed the sick, raised the death, showed us God's loving character, learned us a whole new set of doctrines, the doctrine of love and forgiveness. For that reasons He was killed notable by the religious leaders of that time. But since Jesus as Son of God lived a sinless life death had no power over Him and He resurrected 3 days later from the grave showing Himself alive, first to His closest friends (the 12 apostles) and later to 500 other people as well.

This is the heart of Christianity. No Jesus, no Christianity. No risen Christ, no forgiveness. No forgiveness, no chance in afterlife facing God on Judgement Day.

From medical science we know that it is impossible to come back from death. Not one single case in medical science has been recorded, yet there is a lot to say about the truthfulness of the resurrection story of Jesus Christ by simple reasoning.

Fact-1: No sane scholar will deny the fact there once lived a real person named Jesus Christ. Among the scientific community there is a general consensus about the historical figure Jesus Christ, even by the strongest opponents of Christianity, among them world-famous scientist Richard Dawkins to name a somebody.

Fact-2: Also, there is no historical doubt 11 of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ died a violent death because of their faith in Jesus Christ and His resurrection from death, it's all well recorded on the Wikipedia. So these people are real historical figures as well.

So what we actually have here are 11 people who knew the truth, that Jesus was resurrected, or not. Now, if the resurrection of Jesus was just another conspiracy or an invention of their own minds they hasty would retract everything when being threatened with dead and live instead. Nobody wants to die for a deliberate lie, or? But no, all 11 did not give up their faith and died a cruel martyr death.

So if the story of Jesus is a lie then we have 11 people who willfully created a lie and then died for that lie. Only completely mad people do such things, no sane person would. If the resurrection is a deliberate lie we have a case of 11 mad people spread out over 11 different places of the world who let themselves slaughtered for a lie. No mass hysteria such as in Jones Town. 11 isolated cases of madness.

The question to answer is as follows: find in history a similar case. Throughout history find a case of 11 mad people that independent of each other died for the same lie. My bet, you will not find it. One will find the isolated stories of 1 madman only, maybe 2 mad people, but never ever 11.

Care to explain?

Using Occam's razor what's the simplest answer?

But wait a minute.... isn't history not full of religious fanatics who gave their lives for their faith? Yes, it is. We all have withnessed the terrible events of 9/11 and saw the killing of about 3000 innocent souls live on our television because 19 terrorists believed in something. But.... there is a big difference and it's crucial to understand, those people believed that what they were doing was the truth. Would they also have done so if they knew it was a lie?

In here lies the exact difference between such comparisons, the apostles knew the truth about Jesus and if the resurrection story was a lie they would never have given their lives.

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