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Started in 1980, retired in 2004 REBEL was baptized into ProDeo, latin for gratis according to Dutch tradition.

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Dedicated chess computers

Overview of the hardware

I still have.



The below items are for sale except the MM3 (Ulf Ratsmann) hardware.


Frans Morsch kindly offered the NONA module for auction.


I made an auction page plus an auction overview page available for those who are interested.


All correspondence goes via rebel777@top-5000.nl


The auction has ended on Wednesday December 12, 23:00 Amsterdam time.



The Mephisto Rebell 5.0


Developed on an Apple 2E (1 Mhz) ported to the Mephisto hardware of Hegener and Glaser running on 5Mhz.


 Clock speed  5 Mhz
 ROM  16 Kb
 RAM    8 Kb
 Year   1987


An accelerated version of this first REBEL almost became world champion in Cologne 1986 if it had not messed up its won position in the last round against Bebe.


Estimated sales about 2000 pieces.


The buyer is granted the exclusive right to multiply the Rebell 5.0 eprom and sell it.







The Mephisto MMIV


The successor of Rebell 5.0


 Clock speed  5 Mhz
 ROM  16 Kb
 RAM    8 Kb
 Year   1988


Estimated 100 elo stronger due to further evaluation improvements mainly.


The eprom on the picture was shipped to Munich for production.


Estimated sales about 25,000 pieces.


The buyer is granted the exclusive right to multiply the MM4 eprom and sell it.





























The famous Turbo-kit from Schaetzle and Bsteh.


Via the technique of bit-slice the kit made it possible to increase the speed of the MMIV from 5 to 16-18 Mhz.


The speed boast put the MMIV on top of the SSDF list until Hegener & Glaser interfered and the SSDF people removed the Turbo-kit from their list.


It's an insider story about the motives behind of the parties involved but I feel no need to bite the hand that has feed me quite well


To my best knowledge this MM5 machine played the world championship of 1989 and became second, of course after (king) Richard. It runs at 18 or 20 Mhz, I don't remember precisely any longer. I don't dare to open the hardware. I am already surprised the kit still works after all those years.


The buyer is granted the exclusive right to multiply the MM5 eprom and sell it.








Left to right


Final version Mephisto Milano.


Final version MMV.


The TASC-30 Madrid version that became world champion in Madrid 1992.


The version was never released due to legal problems with TASC.


The buyer is granted the exclusive right to multiply the TASC-R30 eproms and sell them.



















NONA is Frans Morsch brainchild before it became known as FRITZ. Together with Frans I ported NONA to the MM4 hardware so NONA could also profit from the 5 Mhz as Frans assigned hardware by Hegener and Glaser only ran on 2 Mhz at that time. Frans won his first Dutch Championship title (CSVN) with this hardware.


The product was promised to be commercialized but Hegener & Glaser changed its mind without giving a specific reason.





REBEL 1980



Printed program listing of the first REBEL in 1980 in TRS-80 BASIC.


It contains 7 pages which are reasonable readable and in principle when typing it into a TRS-80 emulator it is supposed to work.






























The Mephisto Monte Carlo


I don't remember the details. As far as I recall it was in essence the Super-Mondial in a nice wooden board running at 4 Mhz.


The buyer is granted the exclusive right to multiply the Monte Carlo eprom and sell it.






























If memory serves me well this is a version (module) for the Mephisto Academy.


The buyer is granted the exclusive right to multiply the Mephisto Academy eproms and sell them.





My opponents

Hardware I used to improve Rebel


Richard Lang programs:



  1. 1. Mephisto Dallas

2. Mephisto Roma


3. Mephisto Lyon





Spracklen programs:




                    SENSORY 9                                                             MACH III



                                      Ulf Ratsman program


Mephisto MM2


Although the sticker implies MM3 that version was never released.


Perhaps it was a MM3 beta. I remember from those days I had to play a 2-game match against Ulf's program at Louwman's house in Rotterdam under the watching eyes of Manfred Hegener and Ossi Weiner.


With great luck my (back then still) TRS-80 program won the mini-match with 1½ - ½ and this sealed the fate of Ulf and I was offered a contract.


Crazy times, just 2 games, but that's how it went in the 80's.




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