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Spiritual Evidence for the existence of God
A personal testimony

It was June 1974, Holland was doing great during the World championship Soccer in Germany, I was engaged and was going to marry in December when suddenly out of the blue a problem arised in my easy-going and happy life. While time passed the problem became bigger and bigger up to a point it became despair as it seems there was no way out whatever I did to solve the problem, I was on a dead point in my life.

It was on Saturday September 28, 1974 around 18:00 (while the problem was screaming for a solution) that I realized there was only One who could help me, that is, if He existed. God. The thought was strange (why would God care about my problems) nevertheless I needed little time to make up my mind, went to the sleeping room, took to kneeling position and said, God, if You exist then help me. Not a very devout prayer, quite insulting too...

And then it happened... The words hadn't left my mouth as an overwhelming experience was my part, words fail to describe, all I knew I was in the overwhelming presence of God and was immersed in feelings of Love, Joy, Peace, Pureness, God was all around me and nothing was hidden, it completely purified my soul. Wow.... what an answer!

After the experience (which I estimate took about 5 minutes) I was just sitting on a chair in amazement questioning myself what happened to me, it felt so great but also so very unreal. Then after 30 minutes puzzling I decided that the least I could to was to thank Him and so I kneeled down again. Instantly (I hardly started my words) his presence again came over me, the same flood of Love, Pureness, Holiness, Light, Inner Peace was my part.

It was enough, from that moment on I was a believer, I never questioned the existence of God again, you just can't anymore, that is simply impossible, not after you have met God. I immediately started to research what had happened to me and eventually found the answers in the Bible, (see for instance here), I was hungry to find out more, dealt with certain parts in my life, all by itself, God apparently can do that, the result, a changed life, see here for instance.

Later that evening I met my lovely fiance, buddy and soulmate and she said to me, "what on earth happened to you, you radiate from top to toe!", but I did not tell her, that came later. She surely noticed something remarkable had happened. Being in the presence of God certainly can do that, read for instance the story of Moses when he received the 10 Commandments on Mount Sinai, see here. The feelings stayed for 2 days, it slowly faded away.

The problem that triggered all this did not go away, it kept hunting me for another 1.5 year to come until it finally resolved itself. Was it worth the trouble? YES!

A personal testimony.

It was 1979, we just moved to a new house in Deventer, at the time we had 2 daughters one of 3 and 1 of year old. Now the oldest one was the rebellious type, we told her time and time again her playing space outside was limited to the road which was about 50 meters from our house.

The road itself wasn't the main problem as there was not so much traffic, the main and big problem started when you had crossed the road. After the road you entered a field of grass which after 5-6 meters suddenly went down so sharply that no 3 year old kid could keep the balance and it would fall into the pond that came directly after that.

But that was not all, the dividing height between the water and the grass was so high (20-25 cm) and precipitous that any adult would have had a hard time climbing out the pond, for a 3 year old child that was impossible and of course on that age kids can't swim.

I assume you already guess where the story is going to, but let me proceed. The woman next door (on the second floor so she could see all, see the orange brush) was cleaning her bedroom and she saw my little one crossing the road. She kept looking and saw my little one lose the balance and tumble into the pond, the blue brush.

In panic she ran down the stairs, crossed the road on her way to get my daughter out of the water, it took here 30-40 seconds to arrive. However when she arrived on the field of grass she saw my little one standing on her feet on the field of grass (the yellow brush) her clothes were dripping wet all over.

When the neighbour woman arrived she asked my little one, "How did you get out of the water?". To the astonishment of the neighbour woman my daughter replied, "There was a hand that took me, lifted me up and put me here".

The neighbour woman looked around from who that hand could have been but nobody was around, not in the wide vista. That was no big surprise as it was a place nobody ever came in the first place.

The neighbour woman brought my little one home and told us the story, after the shock of the experience our curiosity awakened and we asked our little one several times, "who took you out of the water?", but my daughter kept repeating there was nobody and that a hand took here, lifted her up and put her on the dry.

Needless to say we were most thankful to God and we realised that our prayers for the protection of our kids weren't a case of unnecessary luxury.

The place is still in its original state, see the following picture, the orange brush being the place the neighbour woman saw my daughter tumble into the pond, the blue brush being about the place of my (naughty) just 3 year old little one fell into the pond, the yellow brush being the place where the neighbour woman found my dripping wet all over daughter about 30-40 seconds after she had tumbled into the pond.

Any good explanation?

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