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ICGA irregularities in a nutshell


  1. The Panel contained 34 people approved by the ICGA Secretariat (Mark Lefler, Robert Hyatt, Harvey Williamson). All members of the Secretariat rejected the inclusion of a well-known critic of the Rybka allegations.
  2. Of the 34 people approved, ten were either a) not chess programmers at all and thus were not qualified to judge the evidence in the judgment of ICGA chairman David Levy or b) affiliated with programmers having an interest in a guilty verdict.
  3. Of the remaining 24 chess programmers, seven of them were direct competitors of Rybka, namely the authors of chess engines Junior, Critter, Stockfish, Komodo, Hiarcs, Shredder and Rondo.
  4. Three of these seven programmers stood to become retroactive world champions following a guilty verdict and all three of them voted guilty: Zach Wegner (Rondo/Zappa), Stefan Meyer-Kahlen (Shredder), Mark Uniacke (Hiarcs). And all 3 voted guilty. And thus all 3 became world champion.
  5. Because of the irregular nature of the panelists -- no judge would allow a jury with such a concentration of vested interests -- 
  6. When confronted with the above criticism chairman David Levy of the ICGA saw no reason to retract anything and considered the matter as "case closed".

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