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   Wisdom is knowing how

   little we know -- Socrates

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Started in 1980, retired in 2004 REBEL was baptized into ProDeo, latin for gratis according to Dutch tradition.

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. REBEL 13
. Including ProDeo 2.0

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Technical corner


Inside ProDeo - Description of ProDeo on programmer level.


The value of an evaluation in

a chess program. 


The (elo) value of an extra ply

and the effect of diminishing returns.


A reliable test method

with limited hardware. 


Creating a Material Imbalance

Table for the use in the

evaluation function with



Creating suitable endgame

testsets for engine-engine

matches with Protools.






Rebel's everywhere


Old DOS Rebel's made compatible

for Winboard and



October 24, 2012

Release of REBEL CENTURY (2000).






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    Adam Hair column


    My name is Adam Hair. I am a CCRL

    tester and a computer chess


    I am deeply interested in discovering


    information concerning computer










    Detecting clones - A study.


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    We moved to a new website.

    The myth Rajlich copied Fruit.

    Jeroen Noomen

    collected works

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    . ShortLines
    . General
    . GambitLines


    CCC old archives utility.

    Search in all the available CCC posts (474,745) from the 1997-2006 period.



    Back to the 80's with UCI



















    The old Mephisto's Rebel

    5.0, MM4 and MM5 are

    now available as UCI



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