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Started in 1980, retired in 2004 REBEL was baptized into ProDeo, latin for gratis according to Dutch tradition.

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Important games
 PGN collections

  WCCC 1974-2011
Games of the Computer Chess World Champion Ships.
  Deep Blue vs Kasparov
The games of the immortal 1996 and 1997 matches.

  Man vs Machine
Fritz vs Kramnik 2002, Junior vs Kasparov 2003, Fritz vs Kramnik 2006.
  Rebel vs Humans
Rebel vs Yussupov 1997, Rebel vs Anand 1998, Rebel vs v/d Wiel 2001, Rebel vs van Wely 2002. 

  Aegon 1991-1997
Games of the famous Aegon Man vs Machine Tournament.

  Dutch Championship 1981-2011
30 continues years.
  1963 - 2007
A collection of 44 years Grand Master vs Machine. Over 2600 games! Contributed by George Tsavdaris.
  Million Base 2.2 (size 279Mb)
2.2 million quality chess games in PGN format. After 5 years an update with 500,000 new games mainly from the archives TWIC. Database is now up to date till January 2013. After downloading click on the self-extracting executable


ICT Leiden 2001 - 2012

International yearly tournament organized by the CSVN.

Paderborn 1991 - 2007
The IPCCC tournament organzined by the University of Paderborn (Germany).
  CCT 2000 - 2013
The yearly online computer chess tournamnt.

ACM 1970 - 1994

The North American Championship.



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