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Started in 1980, retired in 2004 REBEL was baptized into ProDeo, latin for gratis according to Dutch tradition.

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   ProDeo 1.8 series



    ProDeo 1.7 series



    Older versions




ProDeo (version 1.85)  approximately 2700 ELO   Size 791 Mb

Download ProDeo 1.85


Install the self-extracting archive into a folder of your choice.


To run ProDeo you will need to announce the engine first.


Under Chessbase this means: Engine -> New UCI engine -> Browse -> RebelUCI.exe

Under ARENA do: Engines -> New Engine -> UCI -> RebelUCI.exe

Under ChessPartner do: Extra -> Engine Import Wizard -> Winboard -> Install -> ProDeo.exe


ARENA is freeware and can be downloaded here.



Release Notes 1.85

March 2013


The chess engine has gained a little in strength but that's not the goal of this release.


Version 1.85 is about recording chess and computer chess history and use it as an analysis (study) tool.


If you set ProDeo 1.85 in analyse mode it will consult a database and communicate the search results for the current position in your browser and makes it an excellent tool for opening study, see example-1. Looking for a specific game? For instance the immortal Zurich (1953) Averbach-Kotov game? Copy the position into your favorite GUI and ProDeo will find the game instantly.


Available are the following databases


Total download size  :  5.5 Gb

After installation       : 13.2 Gb


 PGN Database







 Main human chess history.

 Minimum elo rating 2500.

 Including the games of 

 the oldies, like Morphy,  

 Lasker, Alekhine etc.

2.3 million

53.4 million



ProDeo 1.85


 History of the main important

 computer chess tournaments.


 CSVN - Dutch (open)

 CSVN - ICT (Leiden)


 CCT - online tournament

 ACM - North America




 History of the main important

 human vs computer games.

 Includes AEGON, Harvard

 cup, Kasparov simultan

 and much more.



 CCRL 40/4

 CCRL 40/4 rating list

 Games from 2006 till

 january 2013


116 million

 CCRL 40/40

 CCRL 40/40 rating list

 Games from 2006 till

 february 2013


51.1 million

 CEGT 40/4

 CEGT 40/4 rating list

 Games from 2001 till

 december 2012

1.1 million

122 million

 CEGT 40/20

 CEGT 40/20 rating list

 Games from 2001 till

 december 2012


67.9 million


 CEGT 40/20

 CEGT 40/120

 SSDF 40/120

 SWRC 40/10 (Frank Quisinsky)
 WBEC 40/40 (Leo Dijksman)

 Permanent Brain = ON


 Permanent Brain = ON

 Permanent Brain = ON


45 million


Installation instructions are provided in the README file that comes with each download. Basically:


  1. Copy the download into the CONSULT folder and run the self-extracting executable.
  2. Then copy the (just extracted) PRODEO.ENG file in the folder PERSONAL.


Or if you are familiar with the ProDeo personality concept simply change the file-name of the database in PRODEO.ENG


 [Consult File = consult\human.pgi]   default
 [Consult Use = analysis]             

 analysis | infinite | none

 With this parameter you can turn off the consult  

 function (none) or move its operation to the infinite level.


Remember the Ferret narrow escape against Gandalf? Load the Tournaments database and awe, or the not so known but very human alike Knight sac in the Nexus - IsiChess game. It's all easily available now.




Final remarks 


  1. Use this EPD file, set Prodeo 1.85 in analysis mode and enjoy the beauty of chess.
  2. Don't edit the PGN files, the corresponding PGI index file may become out of sync and results may become unreliable.
  3. Engine and/or GUI developers, if you are interested in this feature just drop me a note. Source code is available.
  4. Download the engine only version without the databases, normal size of 4Mb.





 Chess program  Ed Schröder
 Opening Book  Jeroen Noomen
 Winboard support  Lex Loep
 UCI Interface  Odd Gunnar Malin
 Beta tester  Thorsten Czub



Programmer code (ideas taken from external sources)


 ProDeo 1.6  Fruit 2.1  eval.cpp line 1023  Penalty for caught bishops on the 6th row.
 ProDeo 1.6  Fruit 2.1  eval.cpp line 1063  Free rook in case of lost castling rights.
 ProDeo 1.8  Stockfish 2.11  evaluate.cpp line 192

 Added the principle of safe_queen_checks to

 King Safety.



Copyright ® 2013  Ed Schröder