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Started in 1980, retired in 2004 REBEL was baptized into ProDeo, latin for gratis according to Dutch tradition.

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ProDeo (version 1.88)  approximately 2700 ELO   Size 560 Mb

Download ProDeo 1.88


Install the self-extracting archive into a folder of your choice.


To run ProDeo you will need to announce the engine first.


Under Chessbase this means: Engine -> New UCI engine -> Browse -> RebelUCI.exe

Under ARENA do: Engines -> New Engine -> UCI -> RebelUCI.exe

Under ChessPartner do: Extra -> Engine Import Wizard -> Winboard -> Install -> ProDeo.exe


ARENA is freeware and can be downloaded here.



Release Notes 1.88

January, 2014


The chess engine has gained a little in strength but that's not the goal of this release.


Version 1.88 is about a new feature, basically Fritz's let's check but faster, more options, more volume, more reliable analysis. More reliable because the database is made of the (annotated) games from the 2 main computer elo rating websites, CCRL and CEGT. An extra second database is provided from the games played in the ChessBase Playchess engine room during the 2009-2013 period.


Example, running ProDeo 1.88 in Arena or Fritz the engine will recognize positions and will communicate the output to Notepad. A typical screenshot.




Click on the picture to enlarge.


The list is sorted on depth which (more or less) guarantees the strongest engines are on top. But with a simple parameter we can change the sorting mechanism to sort on scoretime and alphabet. And last but not least you can choose your own favorite engine to top the list when positions are found. When we select Pro Deo as our favorite engine and we get this list.

Which such powerful info you must be able to beat a 3000+ elo engine once a month


Parameter overview (see ProDeo.eng)


 [ECC File = consult\final.ecc]  final.ecc | playchess.ecc

 By leaving the filename empty

 the engine will behave normally.

 [ECC Depth = 60]  Search the database till move 30  
 [ECC Output = notepad]  ChessPartner | notepad | browser 

 The option ChessPartner will

 output in the engine-misc

 window, this by far is the fastest


 [ECC Sort = Depth]  Depth | Score | time | alphabet  Explained above.
 [ECC Favorite = Pro Deo]  Your favorite engine  case sensitive.
 [ECC Bookmoves = off]  on | off

 When set to on book moves are

 also displayed.




  1. During the early moves of a game there are thousands and thousands of available moves which is no wonder since the database is filled with 2784 different engines. Therefore the output is limited to maximal 100 engines. However there is little valuable information loss since the database is designed to push the nowadays strongest engines to the top.
  2. Often it happens an engine has multiple same moves but different depths due to the different time controls. In such cases only the entry with the highest depth is displayed.
  3. The database doesn't contain analysis after move 30 since it's not very likely a hit would occur and the already big database would double / triple in size, YMMV. It can be further narrowed with the [ECC Depth = ] parameter.



Statistics and credits


 Database  Positions  Games


 Up to date

 Final.ecc  32.1 million  1.2 million  CCRL | CEGT | FCP | SF testing  January 2014
 Playchess.ecc  24.6 million  2.1 million

 Gladiators chess (2009-2013)

 December 2013




ProDeo 1.88 engine


Is currently not fully optimized due to the new features of the last versions (1.84, 1.85 and 1.88) that steal some processor time. An optimized (and better tested) version (normal size) will be available later. Meanwhile version 1.88 is interesting enough to release.






 Chess program  Ed Schröder
 Opening Book  Jeroen Noomen
 Winboard support  Lex Loep
 UCI Interface  Odd Gunnar Malin
 KPK code  Don Dailey


Programmer code (ideas taken from external sources)


 ProDeo 1.6  Fruit 2.1  eval.cpp line 1023  Penalty for caught bishops on the 6th row.
 ProDeo 1.6  Fruit 2.1  eval.cpp line 1063  Free rook in case of lost castling rights.
 ProDeo 1.8  Stockfish 2.11  evaluate.cpp line 192

 Added the principle of safe_queen_checks to

 King Safety.



Copyright ® 2014  Ed Schröder