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Started in 1980, retired in 2004 REBEL was baptized into ProDeo, latin for gratis according to Dutch tradition.

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Pro Deo utilities

version 1.3


A stripped down version of the REBEL development inferface, now rewritten as an utility tool to improve chess programs.


Download Protools 1.3 (DOS edition).


• Menu F1 - Game Play options.

• Menu F2 - File Settings.

• Menu F3 - Utilities: YATS , Analyze PGN , Make Opening Book. So the need to have ChessPartner to
                  run the utilities is no longer mandatory as it now runs in a standalone and free program.

• Menu F4 - Create endgame testsets for engine-engine matches.

• Menu F5 - Book Editor for the open Rebel / Pro Deo format. Use the 4 arrow keys to scroll through
                  the Book Tree. Add new moves to the Book Tree as either E2E4 (play) or E2E4- (don't

• Menu F6 - Settings for YATS, Analyze PGN and Make Opening Book.

• Menu F7 - Analyze Opening Book, Report and modify suspect opening lines, conversion external
                  opening books to the open Rebel / Pro Deo format.

• Menu F8 - Make and use EOC Chess Trees from REBEL or PGN databases. I was able to create a 88
                  million position EOC chess tree from a 2.5 million PGN database within an hour. EOC
                  databases (for instance) can be used to expand opening books.

• Menu F9 - Various good old REBEL database facilities. Import and export of PGN and EPD. Using the
                  REBEL database format above PGN saves about a factor 2 in speed and factor 3 in size.
                  Fast double game remover.


• Menu F10  Make Material Base from PGN. Make histogram file for Excel from PGN engine-engine
                  matches for a better understanding how to interprete its results, see example.




Unzip the archive preferable in C:\PROTOOLS in order that the distributed shortcut will properly initialize the DOS screen.



 Short description of the 3 new functions


• Menu F4 - Create endgame testsets for engine-engine matches.


  1. To tune the endgame this utility creates (suitable) queen | rook | light pieces | pawn endgame testsets from a PGN file.
  2. First copy a (preferable comp-comp) PGN file to the PGN sub-folder and select it with Load Pgn.
  3. Select the minimum number of pawns to avoid silly endgames like KQKQ.
  4. Although the utiity only takes draw games into consideration for the purpose of balanced output a safety check (Use Score) can be tried for further optimisation. Whenever a game has scores inside it will be tested with a margin of -0.25 / +.025 and only positions within this margin will be



• Menu F10 - Make Material Base from PGN.


  1. A (simple) material base for everybody. From a PGN a material base is made and stored on hard disk. The the result is read into the engine at program start into memory and accesed in EVAL.
  2. Either you can add the pre-calculated score to your EVAL score or calculate one yourself. For examples, code and further details see a separate page.



• Menu F10 - Make histogram file for Excel from PGN engine-engine matches.


  1. A tool to make histograms from PGN engine-engine matches to study its progress for a better understanding after how many games 2 engines settle on a fixed percentage.
  2. Input Player (1), Player (2) and the desired Game step (create a datapoint after each xxx games) and run Make Histogram. Preview of the result via Excel Input.
  3. Results are stored in 2 files: Excel_US.txt and Excel_EU.txt A typical output may look like: 

    Excel-US  52.30  52.35  51.20  51.75  51.50  51.32  51.46  51.59  51.60 
    Excel-EU  52,30  52,35  51,20  51,75  51,50  51,32  51,46  51,59  51,60 
  4. Import the appropriate txt-file into Excel, choose Insert -> Line -> 2D and this is the result.



The above graph was made from an engine-engine match of 4000 games split into 8 parts of 500 games.



























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