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Started in 1980, retired in 2004 REBEL was baptized into ProDeo, latin for gratis according to Dutch tradition.

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Results of an engine-engine selfplay match


                     meant for discussion purposes


Engine-one  ProDeo 1.74

Engine-two  ProDeo 1.74 with an EVAL change in King Safety


 Blitz 5 seconds all  10,000 games  49.8 %
 Blitz 10 seconds all  10,000 games  50.6 %
 Blitz 20 seconds all  7,777 games  50.7 %
 Blitz 40 seconds all  10,000 games  50.3 %
 Blitz 80 seconds all  8,700 games  51.3 %




  1. It seems with increasing time the EVAL change works best.
  2. Blitz-80 vs Blitz-40 although a full percent better still falls into the error margin
    of 6 elo according to ELOSTAT. So in theory an improvement is still not proven.



With a PGN utility the below graphs were made which shows the progress of each

match. After each 100 games a datapoint is created and imported into Excel.


From the 5 graphs one might conclude the first 1000 games in a match are pretty

meaningless due to the random nature of 2 almost equal engines in strength.


A reasonable number looks 5000 games to conclude an improvement, but not its

exact elo.













The PGN tool will be made available later.



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