Source code Pro Deo Book

The Pro Deo (Rebel) opening book as open source. 5 minutes away adding the best non-commercial opening book to your chess engine. A huge thanks goes to Jeroen Noomen for this gift to non-commercial chess programmers.

Download Source Code version 1.0 and read the documentation in the BOOK.C file, basically this page.

Windows, Pascal and Delphi programmers can use the rebelbook.dll created by Andres Valverde.

Include BOOK.C into your project and compile.

MAINBOOK.BIN - The big mainbook.
TOURBOOK.BIN - Selection of favoured opening lines 
               called the Tournament Book.

Initialize   - Call the routine INITIALIZE() once.

Operation    - Create an EPD string from the current 
               position and strcpy it into the string 
               EPD, then call the routine 
               FIND_OPENING() to search the 
               opening book.

             - When a move is found it is stored into 
               the strings FROM and TO in Ascii format
               so E2 and E4, else the strings are 
               empty. Play this move. That's basically

Edit         - Opening Books can be edited using the
               Pro Deo DOS edition.

History      - The opening book is the intellectual 
               work of Jeroen Noomen who started his 
               work in 1989 for the Mephisto MM4 module
               from Hegener & Glaser which later became
               the base of the REBEL series. The book 
               is the result of 15 years diligent 
               hand-typed work.

Copyright    - This file and its components although 
               distributed as freeware in no way may 
               become subject to any form of commerce. 
               Permission must be asked first.

             - This file and its components come as is
               and can only be used as such. It's 
               forbidden to change, add, delete any of
               its components and only can be 
               distributed in original form.

Ed Schröder
Deventer, March 2007

Additional Main Books

  • Super A giant opening book.
  • Gambit A wild, open and vicious book, full of gambit lines, less known variations and a lot more variety then the standard book.

Tournament Books

  • Classic Plays classic openings.
  • Gambit In case you prefer gambit openings.
  • Modern Modern popular openings.
  • Sharp For sharp lines only.
  • Solid Solid play.

Other Books

  • Blunder The fun blunder book. Let your program play bad opening lines and win for a change.
  • Benoni Theme book, Ben Oni lines only.
  • Chigorin Theme book, Chigorin Defense lines only.
  • Wolga Theme book, the Wolga gambit.

Pro Deo Utilities

  • With Pro Deo DOS you can create good opening books from a PGN or REBEL database.

  • Powerful and easy to use Book Editor with the latest Pro Deo chess engine. Import functions for PGN and other books (*.bin) available.

  • RBM transition format for easy switching to the open Rebel / Pro Deo book system.

  • Powerful book blunder check option.

  • Get it.
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