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     1000 Ohm                      - A.G.N.E.S.                     Play
     10CC                          - Dreadlock holiday              Play
     10CC                          - I'm not in love                Play
     10CC                          - The Wall street shuffle        Play
     10CC                          - Donna                          Play
     10CC                          - I'm Mandy fly me               Play
     10CC                          - The things we do for love      Play
     10CC                          - Good morning judge             Play
     10CC                          - Life Is Minestrone             Play
     1910 Fruitgum Company         - Simon says                     Play
     2 Unlimited                   - No Limit                       Play
     3 Doors Down                  - Here Without You               Play
     4 Non Blondes                 - What's up                      Play
     5000 Volts                    - I'm on fire                    Play
     5th Dimension                 - Aquarius                       Play
     A Flock Of Seagulls           - The More You Live, The More    Play
     ABBA                          - Dancing queen                  Play
     ABBA                          - The day before you came        Play
     ABBA                          - Eagle                          Play
     ABBA                          - The winner takes it all        Play
     ABBA                          - Thank you for the music        Play
     ABBA                          - I have a dream                 Play
     ABBA                          - Happy New Year                 Play
     ABBA                          - Chiquitita                     Play
     ABBA                          - Mamma mia                      Play
     ABBA                          - Fernando                       Play
     ABBA                          - Waterloo                       Play
     ABBA                          - One of us                      Play
     ABBA                          - Knowing me knowing you         Play
     ABBA                          - Gimme gimme gimme              Play
     ABBA                          - Lay all your love on me        Play
     ABBA                          - S.O.S.                         Play
     ABBA                          - Does your mother know          Play
     ABBA                          - Take a chance on me            Play
     ABBA                          - Super trouper                  Play
     ABBA                          - Money money money              Play
     ABBA                          - The name of the game           Play
     ABBA                          - Summer night city              Play
     ABBA                          - Head over heals                Play
     ABBA                          - Voulez vous                    Play
     ABBA                          - I do I do I do                 Play
     ABBA                          - Honey honey                    Play
     ABBA                          - Ring Ring                      Play
     ABBA                          - I've Been Waiting For You      Play
     ABBA                          - The Way old Friends Do         Play
     ABBA                          - Intermezzo No. 1               Play
     ABBA                          - Tropical Loveland              Play
     ABBA                          - I Believe In Angels            Play
     ABBA                          - People Need Love               Play
     ABBA                          - Our Last Summer                Play
     ABC                           - The look of love               Play
     ABC                           - All of my heart                Play
     ABC                           - Poison arrow                   Play
     AC/DC                         - Whole lotta Rosie              Play
     AHA                           - Take on me                     Play
     AHA                           - Hunting high and low           Play
     AHA                           - The sun always shines on tv    Play
     AHA                           - Crying In The Rain             Play
     AHA                           - Touchy                         Play
     Abc                           - When Smokey Sings              Play
     Abel                          - Onderweg                       Play
     Acda & De Munnik              - Het regent zonnestralen        Play
     Acda & De Munnik              - Niet of nooit geweest          Play
     Acda & De Munnik              - Als het vuur gedoofd is        Play
     Acda & De Munnik              - Ren Lenny ren                  Play
     Acda & De Munnik              - De Kapitein deel II            Play
     Acda & De Munnik              - Mooi liedje                    Play
     Ace                           - How long                       Play
     Ace Of Base                   - The Sign                       Play
     Adam & The Ants               - Stand & Deliver                Play
     Adamo                         - Vous permettez monsieur        Play
     Adamo                         - Tombe la neige                 Play
     Adamo                         - Inch allah                     Play
     Adamo                         - Dolce Paola                    Play
     Adamo                         - C'est ma vie                   Play
     Adamski & Seal                - Killer                         Play
     Adiemus                       - Adiemus                        Play
     Adrian Gurvitz                - Classic                        Play
     Adriano Celentano             - Prisencolinensinainciusol      Play
     Aerosmith                     - Dream on                       Play
     Aerosmith                     - Love In An Elevator            Play
     Aerosmith & Run Dmc           - Walk This Way                  Play
     Afrika Bambaata & ub40        - Reckless                       Play
     After Forever                 - Monolith of doubt              Play
     After tea                     - Not just a flower in your hai  Play
     Agnetha Faltskog              - Wrap your arms around me       Play
     Agnetha Faltskog              - The Heat Is On                 Play
     Air                           - All I need                     Play
     Air Bubble                    - Racing car                     Play
     Air Supply                    - All out of love                Play
     Al Green                      - Let's stay together            Play
     Al Jarreau                    - Roof garden                    Play
     Al Martino                    - Spanish eyes                   Play
     Al Martino                    - Volare                         Play
     Al Stewart                    - Year of the cat                Play
     Al Stewart                    - On the border                  Play
     Alan Parsons Project          - Old and wise                   Play
     Alan Parsons Project          - Eye in the sky                 Play
     Alan Parsons Project          - The turn of a friendly card    Play
     Alan Parsons Project          - Don't answer me                Play
     Alan Price Set                - I put a spell on you           Play
     Alan Price Set                - Simon Smith & The Amazing Dan  Play
     Alanis Morissette             - Hand In My Pocket              Play
     Alannah Myles                 - Black velvet                   Play
     Albert Hammond                - The Free Electric Band         Play
     Albert Hammond                - I don't wanna die in an air    Play
     Albert Hammond                - I'm a train                    Play
     Albert Hammond                - It never rains in southern Ca  Play
     Alcazar                       - Crying At The Discotheque      Play
     Alderliefste & Ramses Shaffy  - Laat me/vivre                  Play
     Alessandro Safina             - Luna                           Play
     Alessi Brothers               - Oh Lori                        Play
     Alex Harvey                   - To make my life beautiful      Play
     Alexander Curly               - Guus                           Play
     Alexander Curly               - I'll never drink again         Play
     Alice & Battiato              - I treni di tozeur              Play
     Alice Cooper                  - Halo of flies                  Play
     Alice Cooper                  - How you gonna see me now       Play
     Alice Cooper                  - School's out                   Play
     Alice Cooper                  - Elected                        Play
     Alice Cooper                  - Hello hurray                   Play
     Alice Cooper                  - Poison                         Play
     Alicia Keys                   - Fallin'                        Play
     Alicia Keys                   - If I Ain'T Got You             Play
     Alides                        - Hidding Hollywood Seven        Play
     Alides Hidding                - Hollywood seven                Play
     Alison Moyet                  - That ole devil called love     Play
     Alison Moyet                  - All cried out                  Play
     Alison Moyet                  - Is This Love                   Play
     Alizée                        - Moi Lolita                     Play
     All 4 One                     - I Swear                        Play
     All Saints                    - Never ever                     Play
     Allisons                      - Are you sure                   Play
     Allman Brothers Band          - Jessica                        Play
     Allman Brothers Band          - Ramblin' man                   Play
     Alphaville                    - Forever young                  Play
     Alphaville                    - Big in Japan                   Play
     Alquin                        - Wheelchair groupie             Play
     Alvin Stardust                - Pretend                        Play
     Amalia Rodriguez              - Uma casa portugesa             Play
     Amanda Lear                   - Follow me                      Play
     Amazing Stroopwafels          - Oude Maasweg                   Play
     Amazing Stroopwafels          - Ik ga naar frankrijk           Play
     Amen Corner                   - If paradise is half as nice    Play
     Amen Corner                   - Gin house blues                Play
     Amen Corner                   - If paradise is half as nice    Play
     America                       - A horse with no name           Play
     America                       - Sister golden hair             Play
     America                       - Ventura highway                Play
     America                       - I need you                     Play
     America                       - The Border                     Play
     American Breed                - Bend Me Shape Me               Play
     Amii Stewart                  - Knock on wood                  Play
     Anastacia                     - I'm outta love                 Play
     Anastacia                     - Not That Kind                  Play
     Andrea Bocelli                - Con te partiro                 Play
     Andrea Bocelli                - Rapsodia                       Play
     Andrea Bocelli                - Por Amor                       Play
     Andrea Bocelli                - Romanza                        Play
     Andrea Bocelli & Gerardina Tr - Vivere                         Play
     Andrea Bocelli & Giorgia      - Vivo per lei                   Play
     Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Bright - Time to say goodbye            Play
     Andrew Gold                   - Lonely boy                     Play
     Andrew Gold                   - Never let her slip away        Play
     André Hazes                   - De vlieger                     Play
     André Hazes                   - Zij gelooft in mij             Play
     André Hazes                   - Geef me je angst               Play
     André Hazes                   - Kleine jongen                  Play
     André Hazes                   - Een beetje verliefd            Play
     André Hazes                   - Zeg maar niets meer            Play
     André Hazes                   - Het is koud zonder jou         Play
     André Hazes                   - n Vriend                       Play
     André Hazes                   - Ik meen 't                     Play
     André Hazes                   - Eenzame kerst                  Play
     André Hazes                   - Diep in mijn hart              Play
     André Hazes                   - Al jouw woorden zijn teveel    Play
     André Hazes                   - Voor Mij Geen Slingers Aan De  Play
     André Hazes                   - Zondag                         Play
     André Hazes                   - Amor, amor, amor               Play
     André Hazes                   - Wij houden van Oranje          Play
     André Hazes                   - Toe Laat Me                    Play
     André Hazes                   - Wat Is Dan Liefde              Play
     André Hazes                   - 'T Rode Licht                  Play
     André Hazes                   - Het Laatste Rondje             Play
     André Hazes                   - Bloed, Zweet en Tranen         Play
     André Rieu                    - The second waltz               Play
     André van Duin                - Bim bam                        Play
     André van Duin                - Als je huilt                   Play
     André van Duin                - Willempie                      Play
     André van Duin                - Doorgaan                       Play
     André van Duin                - De tamme boerenzoon            Play
     Andy Kim                      - Baby I love you                Play
     Andy Williams                 - Love story                     Play
     Andy Williams                 - Battle hymn of the republic    Play
     Andy Williams                 - Music to watch girls by        Play
     Andy Williams                 - Speak Softly Love              Play
     Angel                         - Winter Song                    Play
     Animals                       - The house of the rising sun    Play
     Animals                       - Bring it on home to me         Play
     Animals                       - We gotta get out of this plac  Play
     Animals                       - When I was young               Play
     Animals                       - San Franciscan nights          Play
     Animals                       - It's my life                   Play
     Animals                       - Ring of fire                   Play
     Animals                       - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood  Play
     Animals                       - I'm Crying                     Play
     Anita Meyer                   - Why tell me why                Play
     Anita Meyer                   - The alternative way            Play
     Anita Meyer                   - They don't play our lovesong   Play
     Anita Ward                    - Ring My Bell                   Play
     Ann Christy                   - De Roos                        Play
     Anna & Kate McGarrigle        - Complainte pour Ste. Catherin  Play
     Anne Marie David              - Tu te reconnaitras             Play
     Anne Murray                   - You needed me                  Play
     Anneke Grönloh                - Brandend zand                  Play
     Anneke Grönloh                - Paradiso                       Play
     Annie Lennox                  - Why                            Play
     Annie Lennox & Al Green       - Put A Little Love In Your Hea  Play
     Anouk                         - Nobody's wife                  Play
     Anouk                         - Girl                           Play
     Anouk                         - Michel                         Play
     Anouk                         - Sacrifice                      Play
     Anouk                         - Lost                           Play
     Aphrodite's Child             - Rain and tears                 Play
     Aphrodite's Child             - It's five o'clock              Play
     Aphrodite's Child             - I want to live                 Play
     Archies                       - Sugar Sugar                    Play
     Aretha Franklin               - Think                          Play
     Aretha Franklin               - I say a little prayer          Play
     Aretha Franklin               - Respect                        Play
     Aretha Franklin               - You make me fee like a         Play
     Aretha Franklin               - Spanish Harlem                 Play
     Aretha Franklin               - Natural woman                  Play
     Argent                        - Hold your head up              Play
     Arjan Brass                   - Leonie                         Play
     Armand                        - Ben ik te min                  Play
     Armand                        - Blommenkinders                 Play
     Army Of Lovers                - Crucified                      Play
     Arne Jansen & Les Cigales     - Meisjes met rode haren         Play
     Art Garfunkel                 - Bright eyes                    Play
     Arthur Baker                  - The Message Is Love            Play
     Arthur Conley                 - Sweet soul music               Play
     Ashford & Simpson             - Solid                          Play
     Associates                    - Breakfast                      Play
     Association                   - Along comes Mary               Play
     Astrid Nijgh                  - Ik doe wat ik doe              Play
     Astrud Gilberto               - The girl from Ipanema          Play
     Aswad                         - Don'T Turn Around              Play
     Atomic Kitten                 - Whole again                    Play
     Atomic Kitten                 - The Tide Is High               Play
     Average White Band            - Pick up the pieces             Play
     Avril Lavigne                 - I'M With You                   Play
     Avril Lavigne                 - Complicated                    Play
     Axelle Red                    - Sensualitè                     Play
     Axelle Red                    - Je 'T Attends                  Play
     Axelle Red                    - A Tatons                       Play
     Axelle Red                    - Kennedy Boulevard              Play
     Axis                          - Someone                        Play
     Azoto                         - San Salvador                   Play
     B.B. King                     - The thrill is gone             Play
     B.T.O.                        - Looking Out For Nr. 1          Play
     B.T.O.                        - You Ain'T Seen Nothing Yet     Play
     BAP                           - Kristallnacht                  Play
     BJ Thomas                     - Raindrops keep falling on my   Play
     BZN                           - Mon amour                      Play
     BZN                           - Just an illusion               Play
     BZN                           - Pearlydumm                     Play
     BZN                           - Sweet silver annie             Play
     Babybird                      - You'Re Gorgeous                Play
     Babys                         - Everytime I think of you       Play
     Babys                         - Isn't it time                  Play
     Babys                         - Piece of the action            Play
     Baccara                       - Yes sir, I can boogie          Play
     Bachman Turner Overdrive      - You ain't seen nothing yet     Play
     Bachman Turner Overdrive      - Looking out for nr. 1          Play
     Backstreet Boys               - As long as you love me         Play
     Backstreet Boys               - Quit playing games             Play
     Bad Company                   - Can't get enough               Play
     Bad English                   - Time Stood Still               Play
     Bad Finger                    - Day After Day                  Play
     Bananarama                    - Cruel Summer                   Play
     Bananarama                    - Robert De Niro'S Waiting       Play
     Bananarama                    - Shy Boy                        Play
     Band Aid                      - Do they know it's Christmas    Play
     Bangles                       - Eternal flame                  Play
     Bangles                       - Walk like an Egyptian          Play
     Bangles                       - Manic Monday                   Play
     Barbra Streisand              - Woman in love                  Play
     Barbra Streisand              - Memory                         Play
     Barbra Streisand              - The way we were                Play
     Barbra Streisand              - Evergreen                      Play
     Barbra Streisand              - Theme from 'A star is born'    Play
     Barbra Streisand              - Second Hand Rose               Play
     Barbra Streisand              - Memories                       Play
     Barbra Streisand & Barry Gibb - Guilty                         Play
     Barbra Streisand & Bryan Adam - I finally found someone        Play
     Barclay James Harvest         - Titles                         Play
     Barry & Eileen                - If you go                      Play
     Barry Manilow                 - Mandy                          Play
     Barry Manilow                 - Copacabana                     Play
     Barry McGuire                 - Eve of destruction             Play
     Barry Ryan                    - Eloise                         Play
     Barry White                   - You're the first, the last, m  Play
     Barry White                   - Let the music play             Play
     Barry White                   - Never, never gonna give you    Play
     Barry White                   - Can't get enough of your love  Play
     Bay City Rollers              - Saturday Night                 Play
     Beach Boys                    - God only knows                 Play
     Beach Boys                    - Good vibrations                Play
     Beach Boys                    - Sloop John B                   Play
     Beach Boys                    - Tears in the morning           Play
     Beach Boys                    - I can hear music               Play
     Beach Boys                    - California girls               Play
     Beach Boys                    - Heroes and villains            Play
     Beach Boys                    - Then I kissed her              Play
     Beach Boys                    - Wouldn't it be nice            Play
     Beach Boys                    - Barbara Ann                    Play
     Beach Boys                    - Help me Rhonda                 Play
     Beach Boys                    - Kokomo                         Play
     Beach Boys                    - I get around                   Play
     Beach Boys                    - Sail On Sailor                 Play
     Beach Boys                    - Do It Again                    Play
     Beach Boys                    - Fun, Fun, Fun                  Play
     Beach Boys                    - Surfing USA                    Play
     Beach Boys                    - Little Honda                   Play
     Beach Boys                    - You're So Good To Me           Play
     Beach Boys                    - Darlin'                        Play
     Beat                          - Can'T Get Used To Losing You   Play
     Beatles                       - Hey Jude                       Play
     Beatles                       - Yesterday                      Play
     Beatles                       - Let it be                      Play
     Beatles                       - A day in the life              Play
     Beatles                       - Blackbird                      Play
     Beatles                       - Here comes the sun             Play
     Beatles                       - Strawberry fields forever      Play
     Beatles                       - While my guitar gently weeps   Play
     Beatles                       - Fool on the hill               Play
     Beatles                       - The long and winding road      Play
     Beatles                       - Norwegian wood                 Play
     Beatles                       - Michelle                       Play
     Beatles                       - Eleanor Rigby                  Play
     Beatles                       - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts c  Play
     Beatles                       - Get back                       Play
     Beatles                       - Something                      Play
     Beatles                       - Penny lane                     Play
     Beatles                       - Help                           Play
     Beatles                       - All you need is love           Play
     Beatles                       - She's leaving home             Play
     Beatles                       - In my life                     Play
     Beatles                       - I am the walrus                Play
     Beatles                       - When I'm sixty four            Play
     Beatles                       - For no one                     Play
     Beatles                       - Lucy in the sky with diamonds  Play
     Beatles                       - Here there and everywhere      Play
     Beatles                       - Lady Madonna                   Play
     Beatles                       - A hard day's night             Play
     Beatles                       - And I love her                 Play
     Beatles                       - Across the universe            Play
     Beatles                       - Girl                           Play
     Beatles                       - Back in the U.S.S.R.           Play
     Beatles                       - We can work it out             Play
     Beatles                       - I saw her standing there       Play
     Beatles                       - Eight days a week              Play
     Beatles                       - Hello goodbye                  Play
     Beatles                       - Yellow submarine               Play
     Beatles                       - Can't buy me love              Play
     Beatles                       - All my loving                  Play
     Beatles                       - If I fell                      Play
     Beatles                       - Twist and shout                Play
     Beatles                       - She loves you                  Play
     Beatles                       - Baby's in black                Play
     Beatles                       - Day tripper                    Play
     Beatles                       - Paperback writer               Play
     Beatles                       - No reply                       Play
     Beatles                       - Love me do                     Play
     Beatles                       - I feel fine                    Play
     Beatles                       - Ob la di ob la da              Play
     Beatles                       - The ballad of John and Yoko    Play
     Beatles                       - Ticket to ride                 Play
     Beatles                       - Magical mystery tour           Play
     Beatles                       - Rock and roll music            Play
     Beatles                       - I should have known better     Play
     Beatles                       - I want to hold your hand       Play
     Beatles                       - Please, please me              Play
     Beatles                       - Getting Better                 Play
     Beatles                       - From Me To You                 Play
     Beatles                       - Things We Said Today           Play
     Beatles                       - The Night Before               Play
     Beatles                       - Please Mr. Postman             Play
     Beatles                       - Do You Want To Know a Secret   Play
     Beatles                       - If I Fell In Love With You     Play
     Beatles                       - Roll Over Beethoven            Play
     Beatles                       - A Taste of Honey               Play
     Beatles                       - Mr. Moonlight                  Play
     Beatles                       - Long Tall Sally                Play
     Beatles                       - You Really Got a Hold on Me    Play
     Beatles                       - Anytime You Call               Play
     Beatles                       - Nowhere Man                    Play
     Beatles                       - I am a Loser                   Play
     Beautiful                     - South Rotterdam Or Anywhere    Play
     Beautiful South               - Don'T Marry Her                Play
     Bee Gees                      - Massachusetts                  Play
     Bee Gees                      - How deep is your love          Play
     Bee Gees                      - Words                          Play
     Bee Gees                      - Staying alive                  Play
     Bee Gees                      - Spicks and specks              Play
     Bee Gees                      - I started a joke               Play
     Bee Gees                      - Don't forget to remember       Play
     Bee Gees                      - Night fever                    Play
     Bee Gees                      - Nights on broadway             Play
     Bee Gees                      - Tragedy                        Play
     Bee Gees                      - Lonely days                    Play
     Bee Gees                      - You win again                  Play
     Bee Gees                      - How can you mend a broken      Play
     Bee Gees                      - To love somebody               Play
     Bee Gees                      - I've gotta get a message to y  Play
     Bee Gees                      - New York mining disaster 1941  Play
     Bee Gees                      - World                          Play
     Bee Gees                      - Too much heaven                Play
     Bee Gees                      - You should be dancing          Play
     Bee Gees                      - Jive talking                   Play
     Bee Gees                      - My world                       Play
     Bee Gees                      - Holiday                        Play
     Bee Gees                      - First Of May                   Play
     Bee Gees                      - When The Swallows Fly          Play
     Beef Cashin'                  - The Money                      Play
     Belgen                        - Opération Coup De Poing        Play
     Belgen                        - Lena                           Play
     Belinda Carlisle              - Heaven is a place on earth     Play
     Belinda Carlisle              - Circle In The Sand             Play
     Bellamy Brothers              - Let your love flow             Play
     Bellamy Brothers              - If I said you had a beautiful  Play
     Belouis Some                  - Imagination                    Play
     Beloved                       - Sweet Harmony                  Play
     Ben Cramer                    - De clown                       Play
     Ben E. King                   - Stand by me                    Play
     Benny Neyman                  - Waarom fluister ik je naam     Play
     Benny Neyman                  - Ik weet niet hoe               Play
     Berlin                        - Take my breath away            Play
     Berlin                        - Like Flames                    Play
     Bert De Coninck               - Everlyne                       Play
     Bert Kaempfert                - Afrikaan beat                  Play
     Bert Kaempfert                - Swinging Safari                Play
     Bette Midler                  - The rose                       Play
     Bette Midler                  - Wind beneath my wings          Play
     Bette Midler                  - Beast of burden                Play
     Bette Midler                  - From a distance                Play
     Beverly Craven                - Promise me                     Play
     Bill Haley & The Comets       - Rock around the clock          Play
     Bill Haley & The Comets       - Rock around the clock          Play
     Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes - I had the time of my life      Play
     Bill Withers                  - Ain't no sunshine              Play
     Bill Withers                  - Lovely day                     Play
     Billie Holiday                - Strange fruit                  Play
     Billie Holliday               - Summertime                     Play
     Billy Idol                    - Eyes without a face            Play
     Billy Idol                    - White Wedding                  Play
     Billy Idol                    - Hot In The City                Play
     Billy Idol                    - Sweet Sixteen                  Play
     Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas - Little children                Play
     Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas - Trains And Boats And Planes    Play
     Billy Jo Spears               - Blanket on the ground          Play
     Billy Joel                    - Goodnight Saigon               Play
     Billy Joel                    - Piano man                      Play
     Billy Joel                    - She's always a woman           Play
     Billy Joel                    - Leningrad                      Play
     Billy Joel                    - Honesty                        Play
     Billy Joel                    - New York state of mind         Play
     Billy Joel                    - Just the way you are           Play
     Billy Joel                    - The longest time               Play
     Billy Joel                    - Uptown girl                    Play
     Billy Joel                    - James                          Play
     Billy Joel                    - We Didn't Start The Fire       Play
     Billy Joel                    - River Of Dreams                Play
     Billy Joel                    - Tell Hear About It             Play
     Billy Joel                    - My Life                        Play
     Billy Ocean                   - Love really hurts without you  Play
     Billy Ocean                   - When the going gets tough the  Play
     Billy Ocean                   - Suddenly                       Play
     Billy Ocean                   - Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into  Play
     Billy Ocean                   - Loverboy                       Play
     Billy Paul                    - Me and mrs. Jones              Play
     Billy Preston                 - That's The Way God Planned     Play
     Billy Preston & Syreeta       - With you I am born again       Play
     Billy Ray Cyrus               - Achy Breaky Heart              Play
     Billy Swan                    - I can help                     Play
     Billy Vaughn Orchestra        - Sail along silvery moon        Play
     Billy Vaughn Orchestra        - Wheels                         Play
     Bing Crosby                   - White Christmas                Play
     Bintangs                      - Traveling in the USA           Play
     Black                         - Wonderful life                 Play
     Black Eyed Peas               - Where Is The Love              Play
     Black Eyed Peas               - Shut Up                        Play
     Black Sabbath                 - Paranoid                       Play
     Blancmange                    - Don'T Tell Me                  Play
     Blind Faith                   - Well all right                 Play
     Bloem                         - Even aan m'n moeder vragen     Play
     Blondie                       - Denis                          Play
     Blondie                       - The tide is high               Play
     Blondie                       - Heart of glass                 Play
     Blondie                       - Hanging on the telephone       Play
     Blondie                       - Call Me                        Play
     Blood, Sweat & Tears          - Spinning wheel                 Play
     Blood, Sweat & Tears          - You've made me so very happy   Play
     Blue Cheer                    - Summertime blues               Play
     Blue Diamonds                 - Ramona                         Play
     Blue Haze                     - Smoke gets in your eyes        Play
     Blue Mink                     - Melting pot                    Play
     Blue Mink                     - The bannerman                  Play
     Blue Nile                     - Tinseltown in the rain         Play
     Blue Oyster Cult              - Don'T Fear The Reaper          Play
     Bluebells                     - Young At Heart                 Play
     Blues Brothers                - Everybody needs somebody to l  Play
     Bløf                          - Liefs uit Londen               Play
     Bløf                          - Aan de kust                    Play
     Bløf                          - Harder dan ik hebben kan       Play
     Bløf                          - Mooie dag                      Play
     Bløf                          - Dansen aan zee                 Play
     Bløf                          - Omarm                          Play
     Bløf                          - Blauwe ruis                    Play
     Bløf                          - Wat zou je doen                Play
     Bløf & Counting Crows         - Holiday in Spain               Play
     Bob & Earl                    - Harlem shuffle                 Play
     Bob Carlisle                  - Butterfly kisses               Play
     Bob Dylan                     - Hurricane                      Play
     Bob Dylan                     - Like a rollin' stone           Play
     Bob Dylan                     - Blowing in the wind            Play
     Bob Dylan                     - Knocking on heaven's door      Play
     Bob Dylan                     - The times they are a-changing  Play
     Bob Dylan                     - I want you                     Play
     Bob Dylan                     - Just like a woman              Play
     Bob Dylan                     - Lay lady lay                   Play
     Bob Dylan                     - Subterranean homesick blues    Play
     Bob Dylan                     - Rainy day women nos 12 & 35    Play
     Bob Dylan                     - I'll be your baby tonight      Play
     Bob Marley & the Wailers      - No woman no cry                Play
     Bob Marley & the Wailers      - Stir it up                     Play
     Bob Marley & the Wailers      - Could you be loved             Play
     Bob Marley & the Wailers      - One love - people get ready    Play
     Bob Marley & the Wailers      - Get up stand up                Play
     Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet - Against the wind               Play
     Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet - Mainstreet                     Play
     Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet - Still the same                 Play
     Bobby Brown                   - My Prerogative                 Play
     Bobby Goldsboro               - Honey                          Play
     Bobby Mcferrin                - Don'T Worry Be Happy           Play
     Bobby Vinton                  - Sealed with a kiss             Play
     Bobby Vinton                  - Roses Are Red                  Play
     Bolland & Bolland             - Summer Of '71                  Play
     Bon Jovi                      - Bed of roses                   Play
     Bon Jovi                      - Always                         Play
     Bon Jovi                      - It's my life                   Play
     Bon Jovi                      - Living on a prayer             Play
     Boney M                       - Rivers of Babylon              Play
     Boney M                       - Ma Baker                       Play
     Boney M                       - Daddy cool                     Play
     Boney M                       - Sunny                          Play
     Bonnie St. Claire             - I won't stand between them     Play
     Bonnie Tyler                  - Total eclipse of the heart     Play
     Bonnie Tyler                  - It's a heartache               Play
     Bonnie Tyler                  - Lost In France                 Play
     Booker T & the MG's           - Time is tight                  Play
     Booker T & the MG's           - Green onions                   Play
     Boomtown Rats                 - I don't like mondays           Play
     Boris Gardiner                - I Want To Wake Up With You     Play
     Boston                        - More than a feeling            Play
     Boston                        - Don't look back                Play
     Bots                          - Zeven dagen lang               Play
     Boudewijn de Groot            - Avond                          Play
     Boudewijn de Groot            - Testament                      Play
     Boudewijn de Groot            - De vondeling van Ameland       Play
     Boudewijn de Groot            - Verdronken vlinder             Play
     Boudewijn de Groot            - Welterusten, mijnheer de pres  Play
     Boudewijn de Groot            - Jimmy                          Play
     Boudewijn de Groot            - Land van Maas en Waal          Play
     Boudewijn de Groot            - Een meisje van 16              Play
     Boudewijn de Groot            - Meester Prikkebeen             Play
     Boudewijn de Groot            - Als de rook om je hoofd is     Play
     Boudewijn de Groot            - Tip van de sluier              Play
     Boudewijn de Groot            - Een wonderkind van 50          Play
     Boudewijn de Groot            - Kinderballade                  Play
     Boudewijn de Groot            - Tante Julia                    Play
     Boudewijn de Groot            - Ik ben ik                      Play
     Boudewijn de Groot            - Picknick                       Play
     Boudewijn de Groot            - Strand                         Play
     Boudewijn de Groot            - Beneden Alle Peil              Play
     Boudewijn de Groot            - De Noordzee                    Play
     Boudewijn de Groot            - De Eenzame Fietser             Play
     Boudewijn de Groot            - Er Komen Andere Tijden         Play
     Boudewijn de Groot            - Waterdrager                    Play
     Bow Wow Wow                   - Do You Wanna Hold Me           Play
     Bow Wow Wow                   - The Man Mountain               Play
     Box Tops                      - The letter                     Play
     Boy George                    - Everything I Own               Play
     Boys Town Gang                - Can't take my eyes off of you  Play
     Boyzone                       - No matter what                 Play
     Boyzone                       - Words                          Play
     Boz Scaggs                    - Lido shuffle                   Play
     Boz Scaggs                    - Lowdown                        Play
     Boz Scaggs                    - What can I say                 Play
     Brainbox                      - Summertime                     Play
     Brainbox                      - Down man                       Play
     Brainbox                      - Smile                          Play
     Bram Vermeulen                - De wedstrijd                   Play
     Bram Vermeulen                - Politiek                       Play
     Bread                         - Guitar man                     Play
     Bread                         - If                             Play
     Bread                         - Lost without your love         Play
     Bread                         - Everything I own               Play
     Bread                         - Baby I'm A Want You            Play
     Breathe                       - How Can I Fall                 Play
     Brenda Lee                    - I'm sorry                      Play
     Brian Hyland                  - Sealed with a kiss             Play
     Brian Hyland                  - Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie       Play
     Brian May                     - Too much love will kill you    Play
     Brigitte Kaandorp & Herman Fi - Duet                           Play
     Britney Spears                - Sometimes                      Play
     Britney Spears                - Baby One More Time             Play
     Bronski Beat                  - Smalltown boy                  Play
     Bronski Beat                  - Why                            Play
     Brotherhood Of Man            - Save Your Kisses For Me        Play
     Bruce Hornsby & the Range     - The way it is                  Play
     Bruce Springsteen             - The river                      Play
     Bruce Springsteen             - Streets of Philadelphia        Play
     Bruce Springsteen             - Born to run                    Play
     Bruce Springsteen             - Dancing in the dark            Play
     Bruce Springsteen             - Born in the USA                Play
     Bruce Springsteen             - My home town                   Play
     Bruce Springsteen             - I'm on fire                    Play
     Bruce Springsteen             - Secret garden                  Play
     Bryan Adams                   - Summer of '69                  Play
     Bryan Adams                   - Everything I do I do it for    Play
     Bryan Adams                   - Heaven                         Play
     Bryan Adams                   - Run to you                     Play
     Bryan Adams                   - Have you ever really loved a   Play
     Bryan Adams                   - Please forgive me              Play
     Bryan Adams                   - Here I Am                      Play
     Bryan Adams & Mel C.          - When You're Gone               Play
     Bryan Adams & Tina Turner     - It's only love                 Play
     Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Sti - All For Love                   Play
     Bryan Ferry                   - Let's stick together           Play
     Buck'S Fizz                   - Making Your Mind Up            Play
     Buckshot Lefonque             - Another day                    Play
     Buddy Holly                   - Peggy Sue                      Play
     Buddy Holly                   - Because I love you             Play
     Buddy Holly                   - That'll be the day             Play
     Buddy Holly                   - Well allright                  Play
     Buena Vista Social Club       - Chan chan                      Play
     Buffalo Springfield           - Expecting to fly               Play
     Buffalo Springfield           - For what it's worth            Play
     Buffoons                      - It's the end                   Play
     Buffoons                      - Tomorrow is another day        Play
     Buggles                       - Video killed the radio stars   Play
     Buoys                         - Give up your guns              Play
     Byrds                         - Mr. Tambourine man             Play
     Byrds                         - Eight miles high               Play
     Byrds                         - Turn turn turn                 Play
     Byrds                         - My back pages                  Play
     Byrds                         - Jesus is just allright         Play
     Byrds                         - Kissin' in the back row of     Play
     C Jerome                      - C'est moi                      Play
     C.J. Lewis                    - Sweets For My Sweets           Play
     Candi Staton                  - Young Hearts Run Free          Play
     Canned Heat                   - On the road again              Play
     Captain & Tenille             - Do That To Me One More Time    Play
     Captain Sensible              - Wot                            Play
     Carel Kraayenhof              - Adios noniño                  Play
     Carlos Santana                - They All Went To Mexico        Play
     Carly Simon                   - You're so vain                 Play
     Carly Simon                   - Coming around again            Play
     Carly Simon                   - It's hard to be tender         Play
     Carole King                   - You've got a friend            Play
     Carole King                   - It's too late                  Play
     Caroline Loeb                 - C'Est La Ouate                 Play
     Carpenters                    - Top of the world               Play
     Carpenters                    - Yesterday once more            Play
     Carpenters                    - They long to be close to you   Play
     Carpenters                    - Jambalaya (on the bayou)       Play
     Cars                          - Drive                          Play
     Casuals                       - Jesamine                       Play
     Cat Stevens                   - Morning has broken             Play
     Cat Stevens                   - Father and Son                 Play
     Cat Stevens                   - Lady d'Arbanville              Play
     Cat Stevens                   - Matthew and son                Play
     Cats                          - One way wind                   Play
     Cats                          - Lea                            Play
     Cats                          - Scarlet ribbons                Play
     Cats                          - Marian                         Play
     Cats                          - Rock 'n roll                   Play
     Cats                          - Why                            Play
     Cats                          - Where have I been wrong        Play
     Cats                          - Times were when                Play
     Cats                          - Vaya con dios                  Play
     Cats                          - The end of the show            Play
     Cats                          - Let's dance                    Play
     Cats                          - Be my day                      Play
     Cats                          - Sure he's a cat                Play
     Cats                          - Take Me With You               Play
     Cats                          - Save the Last Dance for Me     Play
     Celine Dion                   - My heart will go on            Play
     Celine Dion                   - The power of love              Play
     Celine Dion                   - Pour que tu m'aimes encore     Play
     Celine Dion                   - Immortality                    Play
     Celine Dion                   - I'm alive                      Play
     Celine Dion                   - Because you loved me           Play
     Celine Dion                   - Think twice                    Play
     Celine Dion                   - A New Day Has Come             Play
     Celine Dion                   - I Drove All Night              Play
     Celine Dion                   - It'S All Coming Back To Me     Play
     Celine Dion & Barbra Streisan - Tell him                       Play
     Chaka Khan                    - I'm every woman                Play
     Chaka Khan & Rufus            - Ain't nobody                   Play
     Champaign                     - How 'bout us                   Play
     Charlene                      - I've never been to me          Play
     Charles & Eddie               - Would I Lie To You             Play
     Charles Aznavour              - She                            Play
     Charles Aznavour              - Yesterday when I was young     Play
     Charles Aznavour              - La mama                        Play
     Charles Aznavour              - The old fashioned way          Play
     Charles Aznavour              - For me...formidable            Play
     Charles Trenet                - La mer                         Play
     Charlie Daniels Band          - The devil went down to Georgi  Play
     Charlie Rich                  - The most beautiful girl        Play
     Chas Jankel                   - Glad To Know You               Play
     Cheap Trick                   - I want you to want me          Play
     Cher                          - Believe                        Play
     Cher                          - If I could turn back time      Play
     Cher                          - Shoop Shoop Song               Play
     Chesney Hawkes                - The One And Only               Play
     Chi Coltrane                  - Go like Elijah                 Play
     Chi Coltrane                  - You were my friend             Play
     Chic                          - Le freak                       Play
     Chic                          - My Forbidden Lover             Play
     Chic                          - I Want Your Love               Play
     Chic                          - You Are Beautiful              Play
     Chicago                       - If you leave me now            Play
     Chicago                       - 25 or 6 to 4                   Play
     Chicago                       - You're the inspiration         Play
     Chicago                       - Wishing you were here          Play
     Chicago                       - Hard to say I'm sorry          Play
     Chicago                       - Feeling stronger every day     Play
     Chicago                       - Saturday In The Park           Play
     Chicago Transit Authority     - I'm a man                      Play
     Chicken Shack                 - I'd rather go blind            Play
     Chicory Tip                   - Son Of My Father               Play
     China Crisis                  - Wishful thinking               Play
     Chris Andrews                 - Yesterday man                  Play
     Chris Andrews                 - Pretty Belinda                 Play
     Chris Barber's Jazz Band      - Ice cream                      Play
     Chris Barber's Jazz Band      - Petite fleur                   Play
     Chris Farlowe                 - Out of time                    Play
     Chris Isaak                   - Wicked game                    Play
     Chris Isaak                   - Blue hotel                     Play
     Chris Montez                  - Let's dance                    Play
     Chris Rea                     - Josephine                      Play
     Chris Rea                     - Driving home for Christmas     Play
     Chris Rea                     - On the beach                   Play
     Chris Rea                     - Fool                           Play
     Chris Rea                     - Heaven                         Play
     Chris de Burgh                - The lady in red                Play
     Chris de Burgh                - The head and the heart         Play
     Chris de Burgh                - High On Emotion                Play
     Christians                    - Words                          Play
     Christie                      - Yellow river                   Play
     Christina Aguilera            - Beautiful                      Play
     Christopher Cross             - Sailing                        Play
     Christopher Cross             - Arthur'S Theme                 Play
     Chubby Checker                - Let's twist again              Play
     Chuck Berry                   - Johnny B. Goode                Play
     Chuck Berry                   - Roll over Beethoven            Play
     Chuck Berry                   - No particular place to go      Play
     Cilla Black                   - Anyone who had a heart         Play
     Cilla Black                   - You're my world                Play
     Circus Custers                - Monica                         Play
     Cirque du Soleil              - Alegria                        Play
     City To City                  - The road ahead (miles of the   Play
     Clannad                       - Theme from Harry's game        Play
     Clannad & Bono                - In a lifetime                  Play
     Clarence Clemons & Jackson Br - You're a friend of mine        Play
     Clash                         - Should I Stay Or Should I Go   Play
     Clash                         - London Calling                 Play
     Classics                      - My lady of Spain               Play
     Cliff Richard                 - Living doll                    Play
     Cliff Richard                 - Miss you nights                Play
     Cliff Richard                 - The young ones                 Play
     Cliff Richard                 - Do you wanna dance             Play
     Cliff Richard                 - Summer holiday                 Play
     Cliff Richard                 - Bachelor boy                   Play
     Cliff Richard                 - Lucky lips                     Play
     Cliff Richard                 - Power to all our friends       Play
     Cliff Richard                 - Some people                    Play
     Cliff Richard                 - We don't talk anymore          Play
     Cliff Richard                 - Congratulations                Play
     Cliff Richard                 - Please don't tease             Play
     Cliff Richard                 - The day I met Marie            Play
     Cliff Richard                 - I could easily fall in love    Play
     Cliff Richard                 - Wired For Sound                Play
     Cliff Richard                 - Move it                        Play
     Cliff Richard                 - On The Beach                   Play
     Cliff Richard                 - Constantly                     Play
     Cliff Richard                 - Dancing Shoes                  Play
     Cliff Richard & Young Ones    - Living doll                    Play
     Climie Fisher                 - Love Changes                   Play
     Climie Fisher                 - Rise To The Occasion           Play
     Clouseau                      - Daar gaat ze                   Play
     Clouseau                      - Passie                         Play
     Clouseau                      - Anne                           Play
     Clouseau                      - Afscheid Van Een Vriend        Play
     Clouseau                      - Vanbinnen                      Play
     Clouseau                      - Zie Me Graag                   Play
     Clouseau                      - Nobelprijs                     Play
     Clouseau                      - Domino                         Play
     Clouseau                      - Louise                         Play
     Clouseau                      - Hier Bij Jou                   Play
     Clouseau                      - En Dans                        Play
     Clout                         - Substitute                     Play
     Clout                         - Save Me                        Play
     Clout                         - Subsitute                      Play
     Cock Robin                    - The promise you made           Play
     Cock Robin                    - Thought you were on my side    Play
     Cock Robin                    - Just Around The Corner         Play
     Cockney Rebel                 - Sebastian                      Play
     Coldplay                      - Clocks                         Play
     Coldplay                      - Speed of sound                 Play
     Coldplay                      - Fix You                        Play
     Coldplay                      - Politik                        Play
     Coldplay                      - The Scientist                  Play
     Coldplay                      - Green Eyes                     Play
     Coldplay                      - Talk                           Play
     Coldplay                      - In My Place                    Play
     Coldplay                      - God Put a Smile Upon Your Fac  Play
     Coldplay                      - Warning Sign                   Play
     Coldplay                      - Amsterdam                      Play
     Coldplay                      - A Rush of Blood to the Head    Play
     Coldplay                      - Yellow                         Play
     Colin Blunstone               - Wonderful                      Play
     Colin Blunstone               - I don't believe in miracles    Play
     Colin Blunstone               - I Want Some More               Play
     Colin Blunstone & Dave Stewar - What becomes of the broken he  Play
     Commodores                    - Three times a lady             Play
     Commodores                    - Easy                           Play
     Commodores                    - Nightshift                     Play
     Commodores                    - Brick house                    Play
     Commodores                    - Still                          Play
     Commodores                    - Sail on                        Play
     Communards                    - Don'T Leave Me This Way        Play
     Communards & Sarah Jane Morri - Don't leave me this way        Play
     Confetti'S                    - The Sound Of C                 Play
     Connells                      - 74-75                          Play
     Conny Francis                 - Everybody's somebody's fool    Play
     Conny Froboess                - Zwei kleine Italiener          Play
     Conny Vandenbos               - Sjakie van de hoek             Play
     Conny Vandenbos               - Roosje m'n roosje              Play
     Conny Vandenbos               - Paleis met gouden muren        Play
     Conny Vandenbos               - Ik Ben Gelukkig Zonder Jou     Play
     Conny Vandenbos               - Drie Zomers Lang               Play
     Cookie Dingler                - Femme Libérée                  Play
     Cornelis Vreeswijk            - Veronica                       Play
     Corrs                         - Radio                          Play
     Corry & Rekels                - Huilen is voor jou te laat     Play
     Corry Brokken                 - La mamma                       Play
     Counting Crows                - Mr. Jones                      Play
     Counting Crows & Vanessa Carl - Big yellow taxi                Play
     Craig David                   - Seven Days                     Play
     Craig Mclachlan               - Mona                           Play
     Cranberries                   - Zombie                         Play
     Crash Test Dummies            - Mmm Mmm Mmm                    Play
     Cream                         - White room                     Play
     Cream                         - Sunshine of your love          Play
     Cream                         - I Feel Free                    Play
     Creedence Clearwater Revival  - I put a spell on you           Play
     Creedence Clearwater Revival  - Have you ever seen the rain    Play
     Creedence Clearwater Revival  - Who'll stop the rain           Play
     Creedence Clearwater Revival  - Bad moon rising                Play
     Creedence Clearwater Revival  - Suzie Q                        Play
     Creedence Clearwater Revival  - Proud Mary                     Play
     Creedence Clearwater Revival  - I heard it through the grapev  Play
     Creedence Clearwater Revival  - Born on the bayou              Play
     Creedence Clearwater Revival  - Long as I can see the light    Play
     Creedence Clearwater Revival  - Down on the corner             Play
     Creedence Clearwater Revival  - Hey tonight                    Play
     Creedence Clearwater Revival  - Travelin' band                 Play
     Creedence Clearwater Revival  - Up around the bend             Play
     Creedence Clearwater Revival  - Sweet hitchhiker               Play
     Crispian St. Peters           - Pied piper                     Play
     Crispian St. Peters           - You were on my mind            Play
     Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young  - Teach your children            Play
     Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young  - Almost cut my hair             Play
     Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young  - Our house                      Play
     Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young  - Suite: Judy blue eyes          Play
     Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young  - Helpless                       Play
     Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young  - Carry on                       Play
     Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young  - Marrakesh express              Play
     Crowded House                 - Four seasons in one day        Play
     Crowded House                 - Don't dream it's over          Play
     Crowded House                 - Into temptation                Play
     Crowded House                 - Weather with you               Play
     Crowded House                 - Better Be Home Soon            Play
     Crusaders                     - Streetlife                     Play
     Crusaders & Randy Crawford    - Street life                    Play
     Crystal Gayle                 - Don't it make my brown eyes b  Play
     Cuby & the Blizzards          - Window of my eyes              Play
     Cuby & the Blizzards          - Appleknockers flophouse        Play
     Cuby & the Blizzards          - Somebody will know someday     Play
     Cuby & the Blizzards          - Another day, another road      Play
     Cuby & the Blizzards          - Back home                      Play
     Cult                          - She Sells Sanctuary            Play
     Culture Club                  - Karma Chameleon                Play
     Culture Club                  - Do you really want to hurt me  Play
     Culture Club                  - Time (Clock Of The Heart)      Play
     Cure                          - A forest                       Play
     Cure                          - Close to me                    Play
     Cure                          - Lullaby                        Play
     Cure                          - The Love Cats                  Play
     Cure                          - Friday I'M In Love             Play
     Cure                          - Boys Don'T Cry                 Play
     Curtis Stigers                - I Wonder Why                   Play
     Cutting Crew                  - I just Died in your arms       Play
     Cyndi Lauper                  - True colors                    Play
     Cyndi Lauper                  - Time after time                Play
     Cyndi Lauper                  - Girls just want to have fun    Play
     D:Ream                        - Things Can Only Get Better     Play
     DC Lewis                      - Mijn gebed                     Play
     DC Talk                       - Awesome God                    Play
     DC Talk                       - Supernatural                   Play
     DC Talk                       - Colored People                 Play
     DC Talk                       - In The Light                   Play
     DC Talk                       - Jesus Freak                    Play
     DNA & Suzanne Vega            - Tom's Diner                    Play
     Dalida                        - Gigi l'amoroso                 Play
     Dalida                        - J'Aittendrai                   Play
     Dalida & Alain Delon          - Paroles                        Play
     Dan Fogelberg                 - Netherlands                    Play
     Dan Fogelberg                 - Longer                         Play
     Dan Hartman                   - Relight my fire                Play
     Dana                          - All kinds of everything        Play
     Daniel Bedingfield            - If You'Re Not The One          Play
     Daniel Powter                 - Bad day                        Play
     Danny de Munk                 - Ik voel me zo verdomd alleen   Play
     Daryl Hall & John Oates       - Maneater                       Play
     Daryl Hall & John Oates       - I Can'T Go For That            Play
     Dave Berry                    - This strange effect            Play
     Dave Berry                    - Now                            Play
     Dave Brubeck Quartet          - Take five                      Play
     Dave Clark Five               - Glad all over                  Play
     Dave Dansez                   - Maintenant                     Play
     Dave Davies                   - Death of a clown               Play
     Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Ti - The legend of Xanadu           Play
     Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Ti - Zabadak                        Play
     Dave Edmunds                  - I Hear You Knocking            Play
     Dave Edmunds                  - Girl Talk                      Play
     David A. Stewart & Candy Dulf - Lily was here                  Play
     David Bowie                   - Heroes                         Play
     David Bowie                   - Space oddity                   Play
     David Bowie                   - Ziggy Stardust                 Play
     David Bowie                   - Life on mars                   Play
     David Bowie                   - Let's dance                    Play
     David Bowie                   - Ashes to ashes                 Play
     David Bowie                   - China girl                     Play
     David Bowie                   - Sound and vision               Play
     David Bowie                   - Golden years                   Play
     David Bowie                   - Rebel rebel                    Play
     David Bowie                   - The Jean Genie                 Play
     David Bowie                   - Absolute beginners             Play
     David Bowie                   - Fame                           Play
     David Bowie                   - Young Americans                Play
     David Bowie & Mick Jagger     - Dancing in the street          Play
     David Bowie & Pat Metheny Gro - This is not America            Play
     David Bowie & Queen           - Under pressure                 Play
     David Bowie & Tina Turner     - Tonight                        Play
     David Cassidy                 - How can I be sure              Play
     David Dundas                  - Jeans On                       Play
     David Garrick                 - Dear Mrs. Applebee             Play
     David McWilliams              - Days of Pearly Spencer         Play
     David Soul                    - Don'T Give Up On Us            Play
     De Dijk                       - Als ze er niet is              Play
     De Dijk                       - Mag het licht uit              Play
     De Dijk                       - Bloedend hart                  Play
     De Dijk                       - Dansen op de vulkaan           Play
     De Dijk                       - Ik kan het niet alleen         Play
     De Dijk                       - Binnen zonder kloppen          Play
     De Dijk                       - Als het golft                  Play
     De Dijk                       - Nergens goed voor              Play
     De Dijk                       - Recht in de ogen               Play
     De Kast                       - In nije dei                    Play
     De Kast                       - Hart van mijn gevoel           Play
     De Kast                       - Woorden zonder woorden         Play
     De Kast                       - Eltse grins foarby             Play
     De Kreuners                   - Layla                          Play
     De Kreuners                   - Ik Wil Je                      Play
     De Poema's                    - Zij maakt het verschil         Play
     De Poema's                    - Mijn houten hart               Play
     Dean Friedman                 - Lydia                          Play
     Dean Martin                   - Everybody loves somebody       Play
     Debarge                       - Rhythm Of The Night            Play
     Deep Blue Something           - Breakfast At Tiffany'S         Play
     Deep Purple                   - Child in time                  Play
     Deep Purple                   - Smoke on the water             Play
     Deep Purple                   - Black night                    Play
     Deep Purple                   - Woman from Tokyo               Play
     Del Shannon                   - Runaway                        Play
     Del Shannon                   - Keep Searching                 Play
     Del Shannon                   - Handy Man                      Play
     Del Shannon                   - Stranger in Town               Play
     Del Shannon                   - Little Town Flirt              Play
     Del Shannon                   - Hey Little Girl                Play
     Demis Roussos                 - My friend the wind             Play
     Demis Roussos                 - Forever and ever               Play
     Deniece Williams              - Let'S Hear It For The Boys     Play
     Dennis Edwards                - Don'T Look Any Further         Play
     Departement S                 - Is Vic There?                  Play
     Depeche Mode                  - Just can't get enough          Play
     Depeche Mode                  - People are people              Play
     Depeche Mode                  - Somebody                       Play
     Depeche Mode                  - Enjoy The Silence              Play
     Derek & The Dominoes          - Layla                          Play
     Des'ree                       - Life                           Play
     Desireless                    - Voyage Voyage                  Play
     Desmond Dekker                - The Israelites                 Play
     Destiny'S Child               - Emotions                       Play
     Detroit Spinners              - Working my way back to you     Play
     Devo                          - Satisfaction (I Can'T Get Me   Play
     Dexy's Midnight Runners       - Come on Eileen                 Play
     Diana Ross                    - Theme from Mahogany            Play
     Diana Ross                    - Ain't no mountain high enough  Play
     Diana Ross                    - My old piano                   Play
     Diana Ross                    - Upside down                    Play
     Diana Ross                    - Why Do Fools Fall In Love      Play
     Diana Ross                    - Chain Reaction                 Play
     Diana Ross & Lionel Richie    - Endless love                   Play
     Dido                          - White flag                     Play
     Dido                          - Life for rent                  Play
     Dido                          - Don'T Leave Home               Play
     Dido                          - Thank You                      Play
     Diesel                        - Sausolito Summernight          Play
     Dillinger                     - Cokane In My Brain             Play
     Dimitri van Toren             - Hé kom aan                     Play
     Dimitri van Toren             - Een lied voor kinderen         Play
     Dinah Washington              - Mad About The Boy              Play
     Dinky Toys                    - My Day Will Come               Play
     Dionne Warwick                - Heartbreaker                   Play
     Dionne Warwick                - Anyone who had a heart         Play
     Dionne Warwick                - What The World Needs Now       Play
     Dionne Warwick                - All The Love In The World      Play
     Dire Straits                  - Brothers in arms               Play
     Dire Straits                  - Sultans of swing               Play
     Dire Straits                  - Private investigations         Play
     Dire Straits                  - Walk of life                   Play
     Dire Straits                  - Money for nothing              Play
     Dire Straits                  - Romeo and Juliet               Play
     Dire Straits                  - Telegraph road                 Play
     Dire Straits                  - Tunnel of love                 Play
     Dire Straits                  - Why worry                      Play
     Dire Straits                  - On every street                Play
     Dire Straits                  - Water of love                  Play
     Dire Straits                  - Calling Elvis                  Play
     Dire Straits                  - Twisting by the pool           Play
     Dire Straits                  - So Far Away                    Play
     Dire Straits                  - Your Latest Trick              Play
     Dire Straits                  - Theme Of The Local Hero        Play
     Dire Straits                  - The Way It Always Starts       Play
     Dire Straits                  - The Man's Too Strong           Play
     Dizzy Man's Band              - The opera                      Play
     Dizzy Man's Band              - The show                       Play
     Do                            - Heaven                         Play
     Doe Maar                      - 32 jaar                        Play
     Doe Maar                      - Is dit alles                   Play
     Doe Maar                      - De bom                         Play
     Doe Maar                      - Belle Helene                   Play
     Doe Maar                      - Smoorverliefd                  Play
     Doe Maar                      - Pa                             Play
     Doe Maar                      - 1 Nacht alleen                 Play
     Doe Maar                      - Doris Day                      Play
     Dolly Dots                    - Love me just a little bit      Play
     Dolly Parton                  - Jolene                         Play
     Dolly Parton                  - I will always love you         Play
     Dolly Parton                  - You are                        Play
     Dolly Parton                  - 9 to 5                         Play
     Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers   - Islands in the stream          Play
     Don Henley                    - The boys of summer             Play
     Don Henley                    - New York minute                Play
     Don McLean                    - Vincent                        Play
     Don McLean                    - American pie                   Play
     Don McLean                    - Crying                         Play
     Don Mercedes                  - Rocky                          Play
     Don Rosenbaum                 - Swimming into deep water       Play
     Donald Fagen                  - The Nightfly                   Play
     Donald Fagen                  - New frontier                   Play
     Donald Fagen                  - I.G.Y.                         Play
     Donna Lewis                   - I Love You Always Forever      Play
     Donna Summer                  - MacArthur park                 Play
     Donna Summer                  - State of independence          Play
     Donna Summer                  - I feel love                    Play
     Donna Summer                  - Last dance                     Play
     Donna Summer                  - Could It Be Magic              Play
     Donna Summer                  - On The Radio                   Play
     Donovan                       - Atlantis                       Play
     Donovan                       - Universal soldier              Play
     Donovan                       - Mellow Yellow                  Play
     Doobie Brothers               - Listen to the music            Play
     Doobie Brothers               - Long train running             Play
     Doobie Brothers               - What a fool believes           Play
     Doobie Brothers               - China Grove                    Play
     Doors                         - Riders on the storm            Play
     Doors                         - The end                        Play
     Doors                         - Light my fire                  Play
     Doors                         - L.A. Woman                     Play
     Doors                         - Touch me                       Play
     Doors                         - People are strange             Play
     Doors                         - Love her madly                 Play
     Doors                         - Waiting For The Sun            Play
     Doris Day                     - Que sera sera                  Play
     Dorus                         - Twee motten                    Play
     Doug Ashdown                  - Winter in America              Play
     Dr. Alban                     - It'S My Life                   Play
     Dr. Buzzard Or. Savannah Band - Cherchez la femme              Play
     Dr. Hook                      - Sylvia's mother                Play
     Dr. Hook                      - Baby makes her blue jeans      Play
     Dr. Hook                      - When you're in love with a be  Play
     Drafi Deutscher               - Marmor, Stein und Eisen brich  Play
     Dream Academy                 - Life In A Northern Town        Play
     Drifters                      - Save the last dance for me     Play
     Drifters                      - Under the boardwalk            Play
     Drifters                      - Kissin' In The Backrow         Play
     Drs. P                        - Dodenrit                       Play
     Drs. P                        - Veerpont                       Play
     Drukwerk                      - Je loog tegen mij              Play
     Dubliners                     - Wild rover                     Play
     Duncan Browne                 - Wild places                    Play
     Duran Duran                   - The reflex                     Play
     Duran Duran                   - Save a prayer                  Play
     Duran Duran                   - The wild boys                  Play
     Duran Duran                   - A view to a kill               Play
     Duran Duran                   - Girls On Film                  Play
     Duran Duran                   - Ordinary World                 Play
     Dusty Springfield             - Son of a preacher man          Play
     Dusty Springfield             - I close my eyes                Play
     Dusty Springfield             - Summer is over                 Play
     Dusty Springfield             - You don't have to say you lov  Play
     Dusty Springfield             - I just don't know what to do   Play
     Dusty Springfield             - The look of love               Play
     Dusty Springfield             - I Only Want To Be With You     Play
     Dusty Springfield             - Will You Love Me Tomorrow      Play
     Dusty Springfield             - Anyone Who Had A Heart         Play
     Döf                           - Codo                           Play
     E.M.F.                        - It'S Unbelievable              Play
     Eagles                        - Hotel California               Play
     Eagles                        - The last resort                Play
     Eagles                        - Desperado                      Play
     Eagles                        - One of these nights            Play
     Eagles                        - New kid in town                Play
     Eagles                        - Lyin' eyes                     Play
     Eagles                        - Tequila sunrise                Play
     Eagles                        - Take it easy                   Play
     Eagles                        - Peaceful easy feeling          Play
     Eagles                        - Witchy woman                   Play
     Earth & Fire                  - Song of the marching children  Play
     Earth & Fire                  - Storm and thunder              Play
     Earth & Fire                  - Memories                       Play
     Earth & Fire                  - Weekend                        Play
     Earth & Fire                  - Seasons                        Play
     Earth & Fire                  - Maybe tomorrow maybe tonight   Play
     Earth & Fire                  - Ruby is the one                Play
     Earth & Fire                  - Theme from Atlantis            Play
     Earth & Fire                  - Atlantis                       Play
     Earth & Fire                  - Fanfare                        Play
     Earth Wind & Fire             - Fantasy                        Play
     Earth Wind & Fire             - September                      Play
     Earth Wind & Fire             - Boogie Wonderland              Play
     Earth Wind & Fire             - After the love has gone        Play
     Earth Wind & Fire             - Star                           Play
     Earth Wind & Fire             - Shining Star                   Play
     Easybeats                     - Friday on my mind              Play
     Easybeats                     - Hello how are you              Play
     Eddie Cochran                 - Three steps to heaven          Play
     Eddie Cochran                 - C'mon everybody                Play
     Eddie Hodges                  - I'm gonna knock on your door   Play
     Eddy Floyd                    - Knock On Wood                  Play
     Eddy Grant                    - I Don'T Wanna Dance            Play
     Eddy Grant                    - Electric Avenue                Play
     Eddy Grant                    - Gimme Hope Joanna              Play
     Edith Piaf                    - Non je ne regrette rien        Play
     Edith Piaf                    - Milord                         Play
     Edoardo Bennato               - La Ragazze Fanno Grandi Sogni  Play
     Edwin Hawkins Singers         - Oh happy day                   Play
     Edwin Starr                   - War                            Play
     Edwyn Collins                 - A Girl Like You                Play
     Egbert Douwe                  - Kom Uit De Bedstee, M'n Liefs  Play
     Ekseption                     - Air                            Play
     Ekseption                     - The 5th                        Play
     Ekseption                     - Toccata                        Play
     Ekseption                     - Sabre Dance                    Play
     Ekseption                     - Rhapsody In Blue               Play
     Ekseption                     - Adagio                         Play
     Ekseption                     - Concerto                       Play
     Ekseption                     - Improvisation                  Play
     Ekseption                     - Peruvian Flute                 Play
     Ekseption                     - Peace Planet                   Play
     Ekseption                     - A la Turka                     Play
     Ekseption                     - On a Sunday they will kill th  Play
     Ekseption                     - Flight of the Bumble Bee       Play
     Ekseption                     - Italian Concerto               Play
     El Debarge                    - Who'S Johnny                   Play
     Elaine Paige & Barbara Dickso - I know him so well             Play
     Electric Light Orchestra      - Mr. Blue sky                   Play
     Electric Light Orchestra      - Can't get it out of my head    Play
     Electric Light Orchestra      - Don't bring me down            Play
     Electric Light Orchestra      - Eldorado                       Play
     Electric Light Orchestra      - Roll over Beethoven            Play
     Electric Light Orchestra      - Livin' Thing                   Play
     Electric Light Orchestra      - Turn to stone                  Play
     Electric Light Orchestra      - Showdown                       Play
     Electric Light Orchestra      - Evil woman                     Play
     Electric Light Orchestra      - Twilight                       Play
     Electric Light Orchestra      - Sweet Talking Woman            Play
     Electronica's                 - De Vogeltjesdans               Play
     Elkie Brooks                  - Pearl's a singer               Play
     Ella Fitzgerald               - Ev'ry time we say goodbye      Play
     Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armst - Summertime                     Play
     Ellen Foley                   - We belong to the night         Play
     Ellen Foley                   - What's a matter baby           Play
     Elliott, Shawn                - Shame And Scandal In The Fami  Play
     Ellis, Buggs & Howard         - Big Bubbles No Troubles        Play
     Elton John                    - Nikita                         Play
     Elton John                    - Candle in the wind '97         Play
     Elton John                    - Your song                      Play
     Elton John                    - Circle of life                 Play
     Elton John                    - Daniel                         Play
     Elton John                    - Sorry seems to be the hardest  Play
     Elton John                    - Can you feel the love tonight  Play
     Elton John                    - Song for guy                   Play
     Elton John                    - Sacrifice                      Play
     Elton John                    - I'm still standing             Play
     Elton John                    - Goodby yellow brick road       Play
     Elton John                    - Don't let the sun go down on   Play
     Elton John                    - Blue eyes                      Play
     Elton John                    - Rocket Man                     Play
     Elton John & Kiki Dee         - Don't go breaking my heart     Play
     Elvin Bishop                  - Fooled around and fell in      Play
     Elvis Costello                - I want you                     Play
     Elvis Costello                - She                            Play
     Elvis Costello                - Good year for the roses        Play
     Elvis Costello                - Oliver's army                  Play
     Elvis Costello                - Veronica                       Play
     Elvis Presley                 - Suspicious minds               Play
     Elvis Presley                 - In the ghetto                  Play
     Elvis Presley                 - Always on my mind              Play
     Elvis Presley                 - My boy                         Play
     Elvis Presley                 - I just can't help believing    Play
     Elvis Presley                 - Jailhouse rock                 Play
     Elvis Presley                 - Can't help falling in love     Play
     Elvis Presley                 - Love me tender                 Play
     Elvis Presley                 - Are you lonesome tonight       Play
     Elvis Presley                 - Burning love                   Play
     Elvis Presley                 - One night with you             Play
     Elvis Presley                 - Heartbreak hotel               Play
     Elvis Presley                 - It's now or never              Play
     Elvis Presley                 - You're the devil in disguis    Play
     Elvis Presley                 - Wooden heart                   Play
     Elvis Presley                 - Don't be cruel                 Play
     Elvis Presley                 - Little sister                  Play
     Elvis Presley                 - Kiss me quick                  Play
     Elvis Presley                 - Good luck charm                Play
     Emerson, Lake & Palmer        - Peter Gunn Theme               Play
     Emerson, Lake & Palmer        - Lucky man                      Play
     Emilia                        - Big Big World                  Play
     Emmylou Harris                - You never can tell             Play
     Emotions                      - Best Of My Love                Play
     En Vogue                      - Free Your Mind                 Play
     Engelbert Humperdinck         - Release me                     Play
     Enigma                        - Sadeness                       Play
     Ennio Morricone               - Once upon a time in the west   Play
     Ennio Morricone               - L'Arena                        Play
     Ennio Morricone               - The Trio                       Play
     Ennio Morricone               - Sixty Seconds To What?         Play
     Ennio Morricone               - Ringo Rides Again              Play
     Ennio Morricone               - Lonesome Billy                 Play
     Ennio Morricone               - Goodbye Colonel                Play
     Ennio Morricone               - A Gun for Ringo                Play
     Ennio Morricone               - Guns Don't Argue               Play
     Ennio Morricone               - Angel Face                     Play
     Ennio Morricone               - The Vice Of Killing            Play
     Ennio Morricone               - The Ecstasy Of Gold            Play
     Ennio Morricone               - Moses The Lawgiver             Play
     Ennio Morricone               - For A Few Dollars More         Play
     Ennio Morricone               - The Good The Bad And The Ugly  Play
     Ennio Morricone               - Here's To You                  Play
     Ennio Morricone               - A Fistfull of Dollars          Play
     Ennio Morricone               - Israel                         Play
     Enrique Iglesias              - Not In Love                    Play
     Enrique Iglesias              - Could I Have This Kiss Foreve  Play
     Enya                          - Orinoco flow (Sail away)       Play
     Equals                        - Baby Come Back                 Play
     Erasure                       - Sometimes                      Play
     Eric Carmen                   - All by myself                  Play
     Eric Carmen                   - Hungry Eyes                    Play
     Eric Clapton                  - Tears in heaven                Play
     Eric Clapton                  - Wonderful tonight              Play
     Eric Clapton                  - Layla                          Play
     Eric Clapton                  - Let it grow                    Play
     Eric Clapton                  - After midnight                 Play
     Eric Clapton                  - Forever man                    Play
     Eric Clapton                  - I shot the sheriff             Play
     Eros Ramazzotti               - Musica e                       Play
     Eros Ramazzotti               - Se bastasse una canzone        Play
     Eros Ramazzotti               - Un Altra Te'                   Play
     Eros Ramazzotti               - Ma Che Bello Questo Amore      Play
     Eros Ramazzotti               - Un´Emozione Per Sempre         Play
     Eros Ramazzotti & Anastacia   - I Belong To You                Play
     Eros Ramazzotti & Tina Turner - Cose della vita                Play
     Eruption                      - I Can'T Stand The Rain         Play
     Espen Lind                    - When Suzannah Cries            Play
     Esther & Abi Orafim           - Cinderella, Rockefeller        Play
     Europe                        - The final countdown            Play
     Europe                        - Carrie                         Play
     Eurythmics                    - Sweet dreams                   Play
     Eurythmics                    - There must be an angel         Play
     Eurythmics                    - Love is a stranger             Play
     Eurythmics                    - Here Comes The Rain Again      Play
     Eurythmics & Aretha Franklin  - Sisters Are Doing It For Them  Play
     Euson                         - Both sides now                 Play
     Eva Cassidy                   - Fields of gold                 Play
     Eva Cassidy                   - Songbird                       Play
     Evanescence                   - My immortal                    Play
     Everly Brothers               - On the wings of a nightingale  Play
     Everly Brothers               - Ebony eyes                     Play
     Everly Brothers               - Let it be me                   Play
     Everly Brothers               - Bye bye love                   Play
     Everly Brothers               - Crying in the rain             Play
     Everly Brothers               - All I have to do is dream      Play
     Everly Brothers               - Cathy's clown                  Play
     Everly Brothers               - Wake up little Susie           Play
     Everly Brothers               - Temptation                     Play
     Everything But The Girl       - Missing                        Play
     Everything But The Girl       - Each And Everyone              Play
     Exile                         - Kiss you all over              Play
     Extreme                       - More than words                Play
     F.R. David                    - Words                          Play
     Face To face                  - Lord of Majesty                Play
     Faces                         - Stay with me                   Play
     Fad Gadget                    - Coïtus Interruptus             Play
     Fairground Attraction         - Perfect                        Play
     Faith No More                 - I'M Easy                       Play
     Falco                         - Jeanny                         Play
     Falco                         - Rock me Amadeus                Play
     Falco                         - Der Kommisar                   Play
     Farm                          - All Together Now               Play
     Fats Domino                   - Blueberry hill                 Play
     Fats Domino                   - I'm walking                    Play
     Fats Domino                   - Red sails in the sunset        Play
     Fats Domino                   - There goes my heart again      Play
     Fats Domino                   - Blue Monday                    Play
     Fats Domino                   - Be My Guest                    Play
     Fay Lovski                    - Christmas was a friend of min  Play
     Feargal Sharkey               - A good heart                   Play
     Feargal Sharkey               - You Little Thief               Play
     Ferre Grignard                - Ring ring I've got to sing     Play
     Fiction Factory               - Feels like Heaven              Play
     Fine Young Cannibals          - She drives me crazy            Play
     Fine Young Cannibals          - Good Thing                     Play
     Fischer Z                     - So long                        Play
     Fischer Z                     - The worker                     Play
     Fischer Z                     - Marliese                       Play
     Flash & The Pan               - Hey St. Peter                  Play
     Flash & The Pan               - Waiting For A Train            Play
     Fleetwood Mac                 - Go your own way                Play
     Fleetwood Mac                 - Albatross                      Play
     Fleetwood Mac                 - Need your love so bad          Play
     Fleetwood Mac                 - Sara                           Play
     Fleetwood Mac                 - Oh well (Part I)               Play
     Fleetwood Mac                 - Tusk                           Play
     Fleetwood Mac                 - Don't stop                     Play
     Fleetwood Mac                 - Rhiannon                       Play
     Fleetwood Mac                 - Dreams                         Play
     Fleetwood Mac                 - Little lies                    Play
     Fleetwood Mac                 - Green Manalishi                Play
     Fleetwood Mac                 - Everywhere                     Play
     Fleetwood Mac                 - Man of the world               Play
     Fleetwood Mac                 - As long as you follow          Play
     Fleetwood Mac                 - You make loving fun            Play
     Fleetwood Mac                 - Big love                       Play
     Fleetwood Mac                 - Seven Wonders                  Play
     Flowerpot Men                 - Let's Go To San Francisco      Play
     Fluitsma & Van Tijn           - 15 Miljoen mensen              Play
     Flying Picketts               - Only you                       Play
     Focus                         - Hocus pocus                    Play
     Focus                         - Sylvia                         Play
     Focus                         - House of the king              Play
     Fools Garden                  - Lemon tree                     Play
     Foreigner                     - I want to know what love is    Play
     Foreigner                     - Cold as ice                    Play
     Foreigner                     - That was yesterday             Play
     Foreigner                     - Waiting for a girl like you    Play
     Fortunes                      - You've got your troubles       Play
     Fortunes                      - Here it comes again            Play
     Fortunes                      - Here Comes That Rainy Day      Play
     Fortunes                      - This Golden Ring               Play
     Four Seasons                  - December 1963                  Play
     Four Seasons                  - Rag Doll                       Play
     Four Tops                     - Reach out I'll be there        Play
     Four Tops                     - If I were a carpenter          Play
     Four Tops                     - Bernadette                     Play
     Four Tops                     - Walk Away Renee                Play
     Four Tops                     - Cherish                        Play
     France Gall                   - Poupée de cire, poupée de son  Play
     France Gall                   - Il Jouait Du Piano Debout      Play
     France Gall                   - Ella Elle L'a                  Play
     France Gall                   - Babacar                        Play
     Frank Boeijen Groep           - Kronenburg Park                Play
     Frank Boeijen Groep           - Zeg me dat het niet zo is      Play
     Frank Boeijen Groep           - De verzoening                  Play
     Frank Boeijen Groep           - Zwart-wit                      Play
     Frank Boeijen Groep           - Linda                          Play
     Frank Boeijen Groep           - Koud In Mijn Hart              Play
     Frank Sinatra                 - My way                         Play
     Frank Sinatra                 - It was a very good year        Play
     Frank Sinatra                 - Fly me to the moon             Play
     Frank Sinatra                 - New York New York              Play
     Frank Sinatra                 - Strangers in the night         Play
     Frank Sinatra                 - I've got you under my skin     Play
     Frank Sinatra                 - Love And Marriage              Play
     Frank Stallone                - Far From Over                  Play
     Frank Zappa                   - Dancin' fool                   Play
     Frankie Goes to Hollywood     - Two Tribes                     Play
     Frankie Laine                 - Rawhide                        Play
     Frankie Laine                 - High noon                      Play
     Frankie Valli                 - Grease                         Play
     Frankie Valli                 - Can't Take My Eyes Off You     Play
     Frankie goes to Hollywood     - The power of love              Play
     Frankie goes to Hollywood     - Relax                          Play
     Frans Bauer                   - Heb je even voor mij           Play
     Frans Bauer & Marianne Weber  - De regenboog                   Play
     Frans Halsema                 - Voor haar                      Play
     Frans Halsema                 - Zondagmiddag Buitenveldert     Play
     Frans Halsema & Jenny Arean   - Vluchten kan niet meer         Play
     Françoise Hardy               - Tous les garçons et les fille  Play
     Freddie Aguilar               - Anak                           Play
     Freddie Mercury               - The great pretender            Play
     Freddie Mercury & Montserrat  - Barcelona                      Play
     Freddy Quinn                  - Junge komm bald wieder         Play
     Free                          - All right now                  Play
     Free                          - Allright Now                   Play
     Freek de Jonge & Stips        - Leven na de dood               Play
     Freiheit                      - Keeping the dream alive        Play
     Freiheit                      - Play It Cool                   Play
     Frida                         - I Know There'S Something Goin  Play
     Frida Boccara                 - Cent mille chansons            Play
     Fugees                        - Killing Me Softly              Play
     Fun Fun                       - Happy Station                  Play
     Fungus                        - Kaap'ren vaaren                Play
     Gabrielle                     - Out Of Reach                   Play
     Gang Of Four                  - I Love A Man In A Uniform      Play
     Garland Jeffreys              - Matador                        Play
     Garland Jeffreys              - Hail Hail Rock & Roll          Play
     Garry Puckett                 - Young Girl                     Play
     Gary Barlow                   - Forever Love                   Play
     Gary Brooker                  - No More Fear Of Flying         Play
     Gary Moore                    - Still got the blues            Play
     Gary Numan                    - Are Friends Electric           Play
     Gary Puckett & Union          - Young Girl                     Play
     Gazebo                        - I Like Chopin                  Play
     Gene Kelly                    - Singing in the rain            Play
     Gene Pitney                   - Something's gotten hold of my  Play
     Gene Pitney                   - 24 hours from Tulsa            Play
     Gene Pitney                   - I Must be Seeing Things        Play
     Gene Pitney                   - I Am Gonna Be Strong           Play
     Gene Thomas                   - Ik Wil Jou                     Play
     Genesis                       - Mama                           Play
     Genesis                       - Follow you follow me           Play
     Genesis                       - Land of confusion              Play
     Genesis                       - I can't dance                  Play
     Genesis                       - Hold on my heart               Play
     Genesis                       - In Too Deep                    Play
     George Baker Selection        - Little green bag               Play
     George Baker Selection        - Paloma blanca                  Play
     George Baker Selection        - Fly Away Little Paraquayo      Play
     George Baker Selection        - Sing A Song Of Love            Play
     George Baker Selection        - Over and Over                  Play
     George Baker Selection        - Dear Ann                       Play
     George Baker Selection        - I'm On My Way                  Play
     George Benson                 - Give me the night              Play
     George Gershwin               - Rhapsody in blue               Play
     George Harrison               - My sweet lord                  Play
     George Harrison               - Bangladesh                     Play
     George Harrison               - What is life                   Play
     George Harrison               - Got my mind set on you         Play
     George Harrison               - Give me love (give me peace o  Play
     George McCrae                 - Rock your baby                 Play
     George Michael                - Careless whisper               Play
     George Michael                - Jesus to a child               Play
     George Michael                - Cowboys and angels             Play
     George Michael                - A different corner             Play
     George Michael                - Faith                          Play
     George Michael                - Too Funky                      Play
     George Michael                - Father Figure                  Play
     George Michael                - Kissing A Fool                 Play
     George Michael                - Freedom (1990)                 Play
     George Michael & Aretha Frank - I knew you were waiting        Play
     George Michael & Elton John   - Don't let the sun go down on   Play
     Georges Moustaki              - Le meteque                     Play
     Gerard Cox                    - t Is weer voorbij die mooie    Play
     Gerard Cox                    - 1948                           Play
     Gerard Joling                 - No More Boleros                Play
     Gerard Lenorman               - La ballade des gens heureux    Play
     Gerard Lenorman               - Voici les cles                 Play
     Gerhard Wendland              - Tanze Mit Mit In Den Morgen    Play
     Geri Halliwell                - It'S Raining Men               Play
     Gerry & The Pacemakers        - You'll never walk alone        Play
     Gerry & The Pacemakers        - Ferry 'cross the Mersey        Play
     Gerry Rafferty                - Baker street                   Play
     Gerry Rafferty                - City to city                   Play
     Gianna Nannini                - I Maschi                       Play
     Gibson Brothers               - Non Stop Dance                 Play
     Gibson Brothers               - Que Sera Me Vida               Play
     Gilbert Becaud                - Nathalie                       Play
     Gilbert Becaud                - L'important c'est la rose      Play
     Gilbert O'Sullivan            - Nothing rhymed                 Play
     Gilbert O'Sullivan            - Matrimony                      Play
     Gilbert O'Sullivan            - Clair                          Play
     Gilbert O'Sullivan            - Alone again                    Play
     Gilbert O'Sullivan            - Get Down                       Play
     Gino Vannelli                 - People gotta move              Play
     Gino Vannelli                 - Powerful people                Play
     Gino Vannelli                 - Hurts to be in love            Play
     Gino Vannelli                 - Wild horses                    Play
     Gipsy Kings                   - Bamboleo                       Play
     Gladys Knight                 - Licence To Kill                Play
     Gladys Knight & the Pips      - Help me make it through the    Play
     Gladys Knight & the Pips      - Midnight train to Georgia      Play
     Glenn Frey                    - The Heat Is On                 Play
     Glenn Medeiros                - Nothing'S Gonna Change My Lov  Play
     Glenn Miller                  - In the mood                    Play
     Glenn Miller                  - Moonlight serenade             Play
     Gloria Estefan                - Anything For You               Play
     Gloria Estefan                - Don'T Wanna Lose You           Play
     Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound  - Can't stay away from you       Play
     Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound  - Dr. Beat                       Play
     Gloria Gaynor                 - I will survive                 Play
     Gloria Gaynor                 - Reach Out I'Ll Be There        Play
     Gloria Gaynor                 - Never Can Say Goodbye          Play
     Go West                       - We Close Our Eyes              Play
     Godley & Creme                - An Englishman in New York      Play
     Godley & Creme                - Cry                            Play
     Godley & Crème                - A Little Piece Of Heaven       Play
     Goede Doel                    - Alles geprobeerd               Play
     Goede Doel                    - Vriendschap                    Play
     Goede Doel                    - Belgie                         Play
     Goede Doel                    - Hou van mij                    Play
     Golden Earring                - Radar love                     Play
     Golden Earring                - When the lady smiles           Play
     Golden Earring                - Twilight zone                  Play
     Golden Earring                - Another 45 miles               Play
     Golden Earring                - She flies on strange wings     Play
     Golden Earring                - Back home                      Play
     Golden Earring                - Weekend love                   Play
     Golden Earring                - Bombay                         Play
     Golden Earring                - Buddy Joe                      Play
     Golden Earring                - Dong-Dong-Di-Ki-Di-Gi-Dong     Play
     Golden Earring                - Where Will I Be                Play
     Golden Earring                - Gipsy Rhapsody                 Play
     Golden Earring                - Going to the Run               Play
     Golden Earring                - Mad Love's Comin'              Play
     Golden Earring                - I Can't Sleep Without You      Play
     Golden Earring                - Why Do I                       Play
     Golden Earring                - Long Blond Animal              Play
     Golden Earring                - One Shot Away From Paradise    Play
     Golden Earring                - Pouring My Heart Out Again     Play
     Golden Earrings               - Just a little bit of peace in  Play
     Golden Earrings               - I've just lost somebody        Play
     Golden Earrings               - Sound of the screaming day     Play
     Golden Earrings               - That day                       Play
     Golden Earrings               - Please go                      Play
     Goo Goo Dolls                 - Iris                           Play
     Goombay Dance Band            - Sun Of Jamaica                 Play
     Gordon                        - Kon ik maar even bij je zijn   Play
     Gordon Lightfoot              - If you could read my mind      Play
     Gordon Lightfoot              - Sundown                        Play
     Gorki                         - Mia                            Play
     Grace Jones                   - La vie en rose                 Play
     Grace Jones                   - I've Seen That Face Before     Play
     Grace Kelly & Bing Crosby     - True love                      Play
     Graham Nash                   - Chicago                        Play
     Grand Funk Rail Road          - Some kind of wonderful         Play
     Grapefruit                    - Deep water                     Play
     Grauzone                      - Eisbaer                        Play
     Greenfield & Cook             - Only lies                      Play
     Greenfield & Cook             - The End                        Play
     Greenfield & Cook             - Don't Turn Me Loose            Play
     Greenfield & Cook             - Easy boy                       Play
     Gruppo Sportivo               - Beep beep love                 Play
     Guess Who                     - American woman                 Play
     Guns n' Roses                 - November rain                  Play
     Guns n' Roses                 - Knocking on heaven's door      Play
     Guns n' Roses                 - Don'T Cry                      Play
     Guns n' Roses                 - Patience                       Play
     Guns n' Roses                 - Sweet Child O' Mine            Play
     Guns n' Roses                 - Paradise City                  Play
     Guns n' Roses                 - Civil War                      Play
     Guus Meeuwis                  - Brabant                        Play
     Guus Meeuwis                  - Geef mij je angst              Play
     Guus Meeuwis & Vagant         - Het is een nacht               Play
     Guus Meeuwis & Vagant         - Per spoor (kedeng kedeng)      Play
     Guy Fletcher                  - Mary in the morning            Play
     Guy Mitchell                  - My truly, truly fair           Play
     Gé Reinders                   - Bloasmuziek                    Play
     Hall & Oates                  - Rich Girl                      Play
     Hall & Oates                  - Kiss On My List                Play
     Hank the Knife & the Jets     - Guitar king                    Play
     Hans de Booij                 - Annabel                        Play
     Hans de Booij                 - Een vrouw zoals jij            Play
     Hans de Booij                 - Thuis Ben                      Play
     Hanson                        - Mmmbop                         Play
     Harold Faltermeyer            - Axel F                         Play
     Harold Melvin & Blue Notes    - Satisfaction Guaranteed        Play
     Harpo                         - Moviestar                      Play
     Harry Belafonte               - Island in the sun              Play
     Harry Chapin                  - W.O.L.D (I am the morning DJ)  Play
     Harry Jekkers                 - Koos Werkeloos                 Play
     Harry Klorkestein             - O, o, Den Haag                 Play
     Heart                         - Alone                          Play
     Heart                         - Crazy on you                   Play
     Heaven 17                     - Temptation                     Play
     Heddy Lester                  - De Malle Molen                 Play
     Helen Shapiro                 - Queen for tonight              Play
     Helen Shapiro                 - Walking back to happiness      Play
     Henk Westbroek                - Zelfs je naam is mooi          Play
     Henk Wijngaard                - Met de vlam in de pijp         Play
     Henny Vrienten & Herman Brood - Als je wint                    Play
     Hepstars                      - Sunny girl                     Play
     Herb Alpert                   - This guy's in love with you    Play
     Herbert Grönemeyer            - Halt mich                      Play
     Herbert Grönemeyer            - Der Weg                        Play
     Herbert Grönemeyer            - Mensch                         Play
     Herd                          - From the underworld            Play
     Herman Brood & His wild roman - Saturday night                 Play
     Herman Brood & His wild roman - Never be clever                Play
     Herman van Keeken             - Pappie loop toch niet zo snel  Play
     Herman van Veen               - Suzanne                        Play
     Herman van Veen               - Liefde van later               Play
     Herman van Veen               - Anne                           Play
     Herman van Veen               - Hilversum 3                    Play
     Herman van Veen               - Toveren                        Play
     Herman van Veen               - Opzij                          Play
     Herman's Hermits              - No milk today                  Play
     Herman's Hermits              - There'S A Kind Of Hush         Play
     Hermes House Band             - I Will Survive                 Play
     Het                           - Ik heb geen zin om op te staa  Play
     Hevia                         - Busindre Reel                  Play
     Hollenboer                    - Busje Komt Zo                  Play
     Hollies                       - The air that I breathe         Play
     Hollies                       - He ain't heavy, he's my        Play
     Hollies                       - Bus stop                       Play
     Hollies                       - The day that curly Billy shot  Play
     Hollies                       - The baby                       Play
     Hollies                       - Carrie Anne                    Play
     Hollies                       - Look through any window        Play
     Hollies                       - I'm Alive                      Play
     Hollies                       - Stop Stop Stop                 Play
     Hollies                       - Sandy                          Play
     Hollies                       - Sorry Suzanne                  Play
     Hollies                       - King Midas In Reverse          Play
     Hollies                       - We Are Through                 Play
     Hollies                       - Yes I Will                     Play
     Hollies                       - Here I Go Again                Play
     Hollies                       - I Can't Let Go                 Play
     Hollies                       - Stay                           Play
     Hollies                       - Jennifer Eccles                Play
     Hollies                       - Just One Look                  Play
     Hollies                       - Listen to me                   Play
     Honeybus                      - I can't let Maggie go          Play
     Honeycombs                    - Have I the right               Play
     Hoobastank                    - The Reason                     Play
     Hooverphonic                  - Eden                           Play
     Hooverphonic                  - Mad About You                  Play
     Hot Chocolate                 - Emma                           Play
     Hot Chocolate                 - It started with a kiss         Play
     Hot Chocolate                 - You sexy thing                 Play
     Hot Chocolate                 - So You Win Again               Play
     Hot Chocolate                 - Girl Crazy                     Play
     Housemartins                  - Caravan of love                Play
     Howard Jones                  - What Is Love                   Play
     Hues Corporation              - Rock The Boat                  Play
     Huey Lewis & the News         - The power of love              Play
     Huey Lewis & the News         - Stuck With You                 Play
     Human League                  - Don't you want me              Play
     Human League                  - Louise                         Play
     Human League                  - The Lebanon                    Play
     Human League                  - The Sound Of The Crowd         Play
     Human League                  - Keep Feeling Fascination       Play
     Hunters                       - Russian spy and I              Play
     INXS                          - Never tear us apart            Play
     INXS                          - Need you tonight               Play
     INXS                          - Suicide Blonde                 Play
     INXS                          - Original Sin                   Play
     Ian Dury & Blockheads         - Hit me with your rhythm stick  Play
     Ian Dury & Blockheads         - Sex and drugs and rock'n roll  Play
     Icehouse                      - Crazy                          Play
     Icehouse                      - Hey Little Girl                Play
     Iggy Pop                      - Lust for life                  Play
     Iggy Pop                      - The Passenger                  Play
     Ike & Tina Turner             - Proud Mary                     Play
     Ike & Tina Turner             - River deep mountain high       Play
     Ike & Tina Turner             - Nutbush city limits            Play
     Ilse Delange                  - I still cry                    Play
     Ilse Delange                  - World of hurt                  Play
     Ilse Delange                  - I'm not so tough               Play
     Imagination                   - Just An Illusion               Play
     In-Grid                       - Tu Es Foutu                    Play
     Incognito                     - Don'T You Worry Bout A Thing   Play
     Indeep                        - Last Night A Dj Saved My Life  Play
     Inker & Hamilton              - Poetry In Motion               Play
     Irene Cara                    - Flashdance (what a feeling)    Play
     Irene Cara                    - Fame                           Play
     Iron Butterfly                - In a gadda da vida             Play
     Isaac Hayes                   - Theme from 'Shaft'             Play
     Isley Brothers                - That Lady                      Play
     It'S Immaterial               - Driving Away From Home         Play
     Ivan                          - Fotonovella                    Play
     J. Geils Band                 - Centerfold                     Play
     J. Geils Band                 - Freeze Frame                   Play
     J.J. Cale                     - After midnight                 Play
     J.J. Cale                     - Cocaine                        Play
     Jackie Wilson                 - Reet Petite                    Play
     Jackson 5                     - ABC                            Play
     Jackson Browne                - The load out/Stay              Play
     Jackson Browne                - The pretender                  Play
     Jackson Browne                - Doctor my eyes                 Play
     Jackson Browne                - Running On Empty               Play
     Jackson Browne                - Stay                           Play
     Jacksons                      - Can you feel it                Play
     Jacksons                      - Blame It On The Boogie         Play
     Jacques Brel                  - Ne me quitte pas               Play
     Jacques Brel                  - Mijn vlakke land               Play
     Jacques Brel                  - Voir un ami pleurer            Play
     Jacques Brel                  - Marieke                        Play
     Jacques Brel                  - Le moribond                    Play
     Jacques Dutronc               - Il est cinq heures Paris       Play
     Jacques Herb                  - Manuela                        Play
     Jam                           - A Town Called Malice           Play
     Jamelia                       - Superstar                      Play
     James Blunt                   - You're beautiful               Play
     James Brown                   - Sex machine                    Play
     James Brown                   - It's a man's man's world       Play
     James Brown                   - I feel good                    Play
     James Brown                   - Living In America              Play
     James Ingram & Michael Mcdona - Yah Mo Be There                Play
     James Last                    - Capriccio Italien              Play
     James Last                    - Mondscheinsonate               Play
     James Last                    - Schubert - Impromptu No.3      Play
     James Last                    - Biscaya                        Play
     James Last                    - Lara's Theme                   Play
     James Last                    - Der einsame Hirte              Play
     James Taylor                  - You've got a friend            Play
     James Taylor                  - Fire and rain                  Play
     James Taylor                  - Sweet Baby James               Play
     Jamie Cullum                  - Everlasting love               Play
     Jamie Cullum                  - All at sea                     Play
     Jan & Dean                    - The little old Lady From Pasa  Play
     Jan & Dean                    - Surf City                      Play
     Jan Hammer                    - Crockett's Theme               Play
     Jan Leyers                    - Only Your Love Will Do         Play
     Jan Smit                      - Als de morgen is gekomen       Play
     Janet Jackson                 - That'S The Way Love Goes       Play
     Janis Ian                     - At seventeen                   Play
     Janis Ian                     - Fly too high                   Play
     Janis Joplin                  - Me and Bobby mcGee             Play
     Janis Joplin                  - Mercedes Benz                  Play
     Japan                         - Nightporter                    Play
     Japan                         - Adolescent Sex                 Play
     Jason Donovan                 - Too Many Broken Hearts In The  Play
     Jason Donovan & Kylie Minogue - Especially For You             Play
     Jasper Steverlinck            - Life On Mars                   Play
     Jazzpolitie                   - Liefdesliedjes                 Play
     Jean Michel Jarre             - Oxygene IV                     Play
     Jeff Beck                     - Hi ho silver lining            Play
     Jeff Buckley                  - Hallelujah                     Play
     Jeff Wayne & Justin Hayward   - Forever autumn                 Play
     Jeff Wayne & Justin Hayward   - The eve of the war             Play
     Jefferson Airplane            - White rabbit                   Play
     Jefferson Airplane            - Somebody to love               Play
     Jennifer Lopez                - Let's get loud                 Play
     Jennifer Lopez                - Ain't It Funny                 Play
     Jennifer Lopez                - Love Don'T Cost A Thing        Play
     Jennifer Rush                 - The power of love              Play
     Jermaine Jackson              - Do What You Do                 Play
     Jermaine Jackson & Pia Zadora - When the rain begins to fall   Play
     Jerry Lee Lewis               - Great balls of fire            Play
     Jerry Lee Lewis               - Whole lotta shakin' going on   Play
     Jesus Loves You               - Generations Of Love            Play
     Jethro Tull                   - Locomotive breath              Play
     Jethro Tull                   - Bourée                         Play
     Jewel                         - Foolish games                  Play
     Jim Croce                     - Time in a bottle               Play
     Jim Croce                     - I'll have to say I love you    Play
     Jim Croce                     - I got a name                   Play
     Jim Croce                     - Bad bad Leroy Brown            Play
     Jim Reeves                    - I love you because             Play
     Jim Reeves                    - He'll have to go               Play
     Jim Reeves                    - Distant drums                  Play
     Jimi Hendrix Experience       - All along the watchtower       Play
     Jimi Hendrix Experience       - Hey Joe                        Play
     Jimi Hendrix Experience       - The wind cries mary            Play
     Jimi Hendrix Experience       - Purple haze                    Play
     Jimmy Bo Horne                - Dance Across The Floor         Play
     Jimmy Cliff                   - Wild World                     Play
     Jimmy Cliff                   - Reggae Night                   Play
     Jo Lemaire & Flouze           - Je Suis Venue Te Dire Que      Play
     Joan Armatrading              - Rosie                          Play
     Joan Baez                     - The night they drove ol'       Play
     Joan Jett & the Blackhearts   - I love rock ' n roll           Play
     Joan Osborne                  - One Of Us                      Play
     Joe Cocker                    - With a little help from my fr  Play
     Joe Cocker                    - You are so beautiful           Play
     Joe Cocker                    - N'oubliez jamais               Play
     Joe Cocker                    - Unchain my heart               Play
     Joe Cocker                    - You can leave your hat on      Play
     Joe Cocker                    - Summer in the city             Play
     Joe Cocker                    - Many rivers to cross           Play
     Joe Cocker                    - The letter                     Play
     Joe Cocker                    - Delta Lady                     Play
     Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes  - Up where we belong             Play
     Joe Dassin                    - L'été Indien                   Play
     Joe Dassin                    - Les Champs Elysées             Play
     Joe Jackson                   - Is she really going out with   Play
     Joe Jackson                   - Be my number two               Play
     Joe Jackson                   - Real men                       Play
     Joe Jackson                   - Breaking Us In Two             Play
     Joe Jackson                   - Stepping Out                   Play
     Joeri Fransen                 - High And Alive                 Play
     Joey Dyser                    - 100 Years                      Play
     Johan Verminnen               - 'K Voel Me Goed                Play
     Johan Verminnen               - Laat Me Nu Toch Niet Alleen    Play
     John Anderson                 - Surrender                      Play
     John Denver                   - Take me home, country roads    Play
     John Denver                   - Leaving on a jetplane          Play
     John Denver                   - Annie's Song                   Play
     John Denver                   - Calypso                        Play
     John Denver                   - Perhaps love                   Play
     John Denver                   - Thank God I'm a country boy    Play
     John Farnham                  - You're the voice               Play
     John Hiatt                    - Have a little faith in me      Play
     John Legend                   - Ordinary people                Play
     John Lennon                   - Imagine                        Play
     John Lennon                   - Working class hero             Play
     John Lennon                   - Woman                          Play
     John Lennon                   - Jealous guy                    Play
     John Lennon                   - Mother                         Play
     John Lennon                   - Instant karma                  Play
     John Lennon                   - Just Like Starting Over        Play
     John Lennon & Plastic Ono Ban - Give peace a chance            Play
     John Lennon & Yoko Ono & Plas - Happy X-mas                    Play
     John Mayall                   - Room to move                   Play
     John Mayer                    - Daughters                      Play
     John Miles                    - Music                          Play
     John Parr                     - St. Elmo'S Fire                Play
     John Paul Young               - Love is in the air             Play
     John Rowles                   - If I Only Had Time             Play
     John Travolta                 - You're the one that I want     Play
     John Travolta                 - Greased lightning              Play
     John Travolta & Olivia Newton - Summer nights                  Play
     John Waite                    - Missing You                    Play
     Johnny & Orquestra Rodrigues  - Hey mal yo                     Play
     Johnny & the Hurricanes       - Red river rock                 Play
     Johnny Cash                   - Ring of fire                   Play
     Johnny Cash                   - A boy named Sue                Play
     Johnny Cash                   - A thing called love            Play
     Johnny Guitar Watson          - A real mother for ya           Play
     Johnny Hallyday               - Pour moi la vie va commencer   Play
     Johnny Hates Jazz             - Turn Back The Clock            Play
     Johnny Kendall and the Herald - Saint James Infirmary          Play
     Johnny Lion                   - Sophietje                      Play
     Johnny Logan                  - What's another year            Play
     Johnny Logan                  - Hold me now                    Play
     Johnny Mathis & Deniece Willi - Too Much, Too Little, Too Lat  Play
     Jon & Vangelis                - I'll find my way home          Play
     Jon & Vangelis                - I hear you now                 Play
     Jon Secada                    - Just another day               Play
     Jona Lewie                    - Stop The Cavalry               Play
     Jonathan Richman & the Modern - Egyptian reggae                Play
     Joni Mitchell                 - Big yellow taxi                Play
     Joost Nuissl                  - Ik ben blij dat ik je niet     Play
     Jose Feliciano                - The windmills of your mind     Play
     Jose Feliciano                - Che Sara                       Play
     Jose Feliciano                - Listen to the Rain             Play
     Joshua Kadison                - Jessie                         Play
     Joss Stone                    - You Had Me                     Play
     Joss Stone                    - Don'T Cha Wanna Ride           Play
     Joss Stone                    - Spoiled                        Play
     Juanes                        - La camisa negra                Play
     Judy Garland                  - Somewhere over the rainbow     Play
     Juice Newton                  - Angel Of The Morning           Play
     Julee Cruise                  - Falling                        Play
     Jules de Corte                - Ik zou wel eens willen weten.  Play
     Julian Lennon                 - Too Late For Goodbyes          Play
     Juliane Werding               - Stimmen im Wind                Play
     Juliane Werding               - Geh' Nicht In Die Stadt        Play
     Julie Covington               - Don't cry for me Argentina     Play
     Julie Rogers                  - The wedding                    Play
     Julien Clerc                  - This melody                    Play
     Julien Clerc                  - Ma préference                  Play
     Julien Clerc                  - Helene                         Play
     Julien Clerc                  - Ce n'est rien                  Play
     Julien Clerc                  - Venise (Elle voulait qu'on l'  Play
     Julien Clerc                  - Si on chantait                 Play
     Julio Iglesias                - Un canto a Galicia             Play
     Julio Iglesias                - Quiereme mucho                 Play
     Julio Iglesias                - Quiero                         Play
     Julio Iglesias & Willie Nelso - To all the girls I've loved    Play
     June Lodge & Prince Mohammed  - Someone Loves You Honey        Play
     K'S Choice                    - Not An Addict                  Play
     K-Maro                        - Femme like you                 Play
     KC & the Sunshine Band        - Please don't go                Play
     KC & the Sunshine Band        - That's the way I like it       Play
     KC & the Sunshine Band        - I'm Your Boogie Man            Play
     KISS                          - I was made for loving you      Play
     KISS                          - Sure know something            Play
     Kadanz                        - Intimiteit                     Play
     Kadanz                        - Dagen dat ik je vergeet        Play
     Kadanz                        - In het donker                  Play
     Kajagoogoo                    - Too shy                        Play
     Kamahl                        - Elephant song                  Play
     Kansas                        - Dust in the wind               Play
     Kaoma                         - Lambada                        Play
     Karen Young                   - Hot shot                       Play
     Karin Bloemen                 - Geen kind meer                 Play
     Karin Bloemen                 - Zuid-afrika                    Play
     Kate Bush                     - Wuthering heights              Play
     Kate Bush                     - The man with the child in his  Play
     Kate Bush                     - Cloudbusting                   Play
     Kate Bush                     - Running up that hill           Play
     Kate Bush                     - Babooshka                      Play
     Kate Bush                     - Them heavy people              Play
     Kate Bush & Peter Gabriel     - Don't give up                  Play
     Kate Ryan                     - Désenchantée                   Play
     Katie Melua                   - Nine million bicycles          Play
     Katie Melua                   - The closest thing to crazy     Play
     Katie Melua                   - Belfast                        Play
     Katrina & the Waves           - Walking on sunshine            Play
     Katrina & the Waves           - Love shine a light             Play
     Kayak                         - Ruthless queen                 Play
     Kayak                         - Starlight dancer               Play
     Kayak                         - Wintertime                     Play
     Kayak                         - Lyrics                         Play
     Kayak                         - Mammoth                        Play
     Keane                         - Somewhere only we know         Play
     Keane                         - Everybody's changing           Play
     Keane                         - The Last Time                  Play
     Keith West                    - Excerpt from a teenage opera   Play
     Kelly Family                  - David's song                   Play
     Kelly Family                  - An Angel                       Play
     Kelly Family                  - I Can't Help Myself            Play
     Kenny Loggins                 - Footloose                      Play
     Kenny Loggins & Stevie Nicks  - Whenver I Call You Friend      Play
     Kenny Rogers                  - Coward Of The County           Play
     Kenny Rogers & First Edition  - Ruby, don't take your love to  Play
     Kid Creole & Coconuts         - Annie I'M Not Your Daddy       Play
     Kids                          - There Will Be No Next Time     Play
     Kiki Dee                      - I've got the music in me       Play
     Killing Joke                  - Love Like Blood                Play
     Kim Carnes                    - Universal Song                 Play
     Kim Carnes                    - Bette Davis' Eyes              Play
     Kim Wilde                     - Cambodia                       Play
     Kim Wilde                     - Kids in America                Play
     Kim Wilde                     - Never Trust A Stranger         Play
     Kim Wilde                     - Chequered Love                 Play
     Kim Wilde                     - You Keep Me Hanging On         Play
     Kinderen voor Kinderen        - Ik heb zo waanzinnig gedroomd  Play
     King                          - Love and pride                 Play
     Kingston Trio                 - Tom Dooley                     Play
     Kinks                         - Lola                           Play
     Kinks                         - Celluloid heroes               Play
     Kinks                         - Waterloo sunset                Play
     Kinks                         - Sunny afternoon                Play
     Kinks                         - Days                           Play
     Kinks                         - You really got me              Play
     Kinks                         - Dedicated follower of fashion  Play
     Kinks                         - Mr. Pleasant                   Play
     Kinks                         - Dead end street                Play
     Kinks                         - All day and all of the night   Play
     Kinks                         - Till the end of the day        Play
     Kinks                         - Tired Of Waiting For You       Play
     Kinks                         - Dandy                          Play
     Kinks                         - Come Dancing                   Play
     Klaatu                        - A routine day                  Play
     Klein Orkest                  - Over de muur                   Play
     Klein Orkest                  - Laat mij maar alleen           Play
     Klein Orkest                  - De Leugenaar                   Play
     Knack                         - My sharona                     Play
     Knack                         - My Sherona                     Play
     Kokomo                        - A Little Bit Further Away      Play
     Kool & The Gang               - Celebration                    Play
     Kool & The Gang               - Cherish                        Play
     Kool & The Gang               - Joanna                         Play
     Kool Moe Dee                  - Go See The Doctor              Play
     Koot & Bie                    - Zoek jezelf                    Play
     Korgis                        - Everybody's got to learn some  Play
     Kraftwerk                     - Autobahn                       Play
     Kraftwerk                     - The Model                      Play
     Krezip                        - I would stay                   Play
     Kris Debruyne                 - Amsterdam                      Play
     Kristin Hersh                 - Your Ghost                     Play
     Kylie Minogue                 - I Should Be So Lucky           Play
     Kylie Minogue                 - Can'T Get You Out Of My Head   Play
     Kyu Sakamoto                  - Sukiyaki                       Play
     La Compagnie Creole           - C'Est Bon Pour Le Moral        Play
     Labelle                       - Lady Marmalade (Voulez vous..  Play
     Labi Siffre                   - (Something inside) So strong   Play
     Labi Siffre                   - It must be love                Play
     Lace                          - I'm a gambler                  Play
     Laid Back                     - Sunshine Reggae                Play
     Las Ketchup                   - The Ketchup Song               Play
     Laura Pausini                 - La solitudine                  Play
     Laurie Anderson               - Oh Superman                    Play
     Leann Rimes                   - Can'T Fight The Moonlight      Play
     Led Zeppelin                  - Stairway to heaven             Play
     Led Zeppelin                  - Whole lotta love               Play
     Lee Towers                    - You'll never walk alone        Play
     Leen Jongewaard & André van d - Op een mooie Pinksterdag       Play
     Lene Lovich                   - Lucky Number                   Play
     Lene Marlin                   - Sitting Down Here              Play
     Lenny Kravitz                 - Let love rule                  Play
     Lenny Kravitz                 - It Ain'T Over 'Till It'S Over  Play
     Lenny Kuhr                    - De troubadour                  Play
     Leo Sayer                     - Orchard road                   Play
     Leo Sayer                     - When I need you                Play
     Leo Sayer                     - Long Tall Glasses              Play
     Leonard Cohen                 - Suzanne                        Play
     Leonard Cohen                 - So long Marianne               Play
     Leonard Cohen                 - First We Take Manhattan        Play
     Leopold Nord & Vous           - C'Est L' Amour                 Play
     Les Baroques                  - Such A Cad                     Play
     Les Humphries Singers         - To my father's house           Play
     Les Humphries Singers         - Mexico                         Play
     Les Reed Orchestra            - Man of action                  Play
     Level 42                      - Lessons in love                Play
     Level 42                      - It's over                      Play
     Level 42                      - Love games                     Play
     Level 42                      - Running in the family          Play
     Level 42                      - Hot Water                      Play
     Levellers                     - One Way                        Play
     Liberty X                     - Just A Little                  Play
     Liesbeth List                 - Te veel te vaak                Play
     Lighthouse Family             - High                           Play
     Limahl                        - Never Ending Story             Play
     Limp Bizkit                   - Behind Blue Eyes               Play
     Linda Ronstadt                - Blue bayou                     Play
     Linda Ronstadt                - It'S So Easy                   Play
     Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Nevill - Don't know much                Play
     Linda, Roos & Jessica         - Ademnood                       Play
     Lio                           - Le Banana Split                Play
     Lionel Richie                 - Hello                          Play
     Lionel Richie                 - All night long                 Play
     Lionel Richie                 - Stuck on you                   Play
     Lionel Richie                 - Dancing On The Ceiling         Play
     Lionel Richie                 - My Destiny                     Play
     Lionel Richie                 - Penny Lover                    Play
     Lipps Inc                     - Funky town                     Play
     Lisa Stansfield               - All Around The World           Play
     Little Richard                - Tutti frutti                   Play
     Little River Band             - It's a long way there          Play
     Little River Band             - Forever blue                   Play
     Little River Band             - Home on a Monday               Play
     Live                          - Overcome                       Play
     Live                          - They Stood Up For Love         Play
     Liverpool Express             - You are my love                Play
     Livin' Blues                  - Wang dang doodle               Play
     Living In A Box               - Room In Your Heart             Play
     Ll Cool J                     - I Need Love                    Play
     Lloyd Cole & The Commotions   - Rattlesnakes                   Play
     Lloyd Price                   - Personality                    Play
     Lobo                          - Me and you and a dog named     Play
     Lois Lane                     - It's The First Time            Play
     London Beat                   - I've been thinking about you   Play
     London Beat                   - You Bring On The Sun           Play
     Long John Baldry              - Walk me out in the Morning     Play
     Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers - Do You Remember                Play
     Lori Spee                     - How many times                 Play
     Los Bravos                    - Black is black                 Play
     Los Incas                     - El condor pasa                 Play
     Los Indios Tabajaras          - Maria Elena                    Play
     Los Lobos                     - La bamba                       Play
     Lou Rawls                     - You'll Never Find Another      Play
     Lou Rawls                     - Lady Love                      Play
     Lou Rawls                     - See You When I Get There       Play
     Lou Reed                      - Perfect day                    Play
     Lou Reed                      - Walk on the wild side          Play
     Lou Reed                      - Intro (Rock and Roll Animal)   Play
     Lou Reed                      - Satellite Of Love              Play
     Louis Armstrong               - What a wonderful world         Play
     Louis Armstrong               - Hello Dolly                    Play
     Louis Neefs                   - Margrietje                     Play
     Louis Neefs                   - Laat Ons Een Bloem             Play
     Louis Prima                   - Buona sera                     Play
     Love Affair                   - Everlasting love               Play
     Love Unlimited                - I'M So Glad To Be A Woman      Play
     Lovin' Spoonful               - Summer in the city             Play
     Lovin' Spoonful               - Darling be home soon           Play
     Lovin' Spoonful               - Daydream                       Play
     Lovin' Spoonful               - Six O'Clock                    Play
     Lovin' Spoonful               - Did You Ever Have to Make Up   Play
     Lovin' Spoonful               - Rain On The Roof               Play
     Lowell George                 - Cheek to cheek                 Play
     Ltd                           - Back In Love Again             Play
     Lucie Silvas                  - What you're made of            Play
     Lucifer                       - House for sale                 Play
     Lucille Starr                 - French song                    Play
     Lulu                          - The Boat That I Row            Play
     Lulu & David Bowie            - The man who sold the world     Play
     Luna Twist                    - Look Out                       Play
     Luv'                          - You're the greatest lover      Play
     Lynn Anderson                 - Rosegarden                     Play
     Lynsey de Paul                - Sugar me                       Play
     Lynyrd Skynyrd                - Sweet home Alabama             Play
     Lynyrd Skynyrd                - Freebird                       Play
     M                             - Popmuzik                       Play
     M.A.R.S.S.                    - Pump Up The Volume             Play
     M.A.S.H.                      - Suicide is painless            Play
     Machiavel                     - Fly                            Play
     Maddaway                      - What is Love                   Play
     Madness                       - One step beyond                Play
     Madness                       - Nightboat to Cairo             Play
     Madness                       - Baggy trousers                 Play
     Madness                       - Embarrassment                  Play
     Madness                       - Night Boat To Caïro            Play
     Madness                       - Our House                      Play
     Madness                       - It Must Be Love                Play
     Madonna                       - Frozen                         Play
     Madonna                       - Like a prayer                  Play
     Madonna                       - Live to tell                   Play
     Madonna                       - La isla bonita                 Play
     Madonna                       - Like a virgin                  Play
     Madonna                       - Borderline                     Play
     Madonna                       - Papa don't preach              Play
     Madonna                       - Holiday                        Play
     Madonna                       - Material girl                  Play
     Madonna                       - Into the groove                Play
     Madonna                       - Express Yourself               Play
     Madonna                       - American Pie                   Play
     Madonna                       - Justify My Love                Play
     Madonna                       - Cherish                        Play
     Maggie MacNeal                - Terug naar de kust             Play
     Maggie MacNeal                - When you're gone               Play
     Magna Carta                   - Airport song                   Play
     Mai Tai                       - Am I Losing You Forever        Play
     Maisonettes                   - Heartache Avenue               Play
     Majority One                  - Because I love                 Play
     Malando                       - Ole Guapa                      Play
     Malcolm Mclaren               - Something'S Jumpin' In Your    Play
     Mama Cass                     - Dream a little dream           Play
     Mama'S Jasje                  - Zo Ver Weg                     Play
     Mama's & Papa's               - California dreamin'            Play
     Mama's & Papa's               - Monday monday                  Play
     Mama's & Papa's               - Twelve thirty                  Play
     Mama's & Papa's               - Dedicated to the one I love    Play
     Mama's & Papa's               - I saw her again                Play
     Mama's & Papa's               - Dream a little dream of me     Play
     Mama's & Papa's               - Words of Love                  Play
     Manfred Mann                  - Ha ha, said the clown          Play
     Manfred Mann                  - Mighty Quinn                   Play
     Manfred Mann                  - Pretty Flamingo                Play
     Manfred Mann                  - Do Wah Diddy                   Play
     Manfred Mann's Earth Band     - Blinded by the light           Play
     Manfred Mann's Earth Band     - Davy's on the road again       Play
     Manhattans                    - Kiss and say goodbye           Play
     Mano Negra                    - King Kong Five                 Play
     Marbles                       - Only one woman                 Play
     Marbles                       - The walls fell down            Play
     Marc Cohn                     - Walking in Memphis             Play
     Marco Borsato                 - Rood                           Play
     Marco Borsato                 - Margherita                     Play
     Marco Borsato                 - Afscheid nemen bestaat niet    Play
     Marco Borsato                 - Dromen zijn bedrog             Play
     Marco Borsato                 - Binnen                         Play
     Marco Borsato                 - Speeltuin                      Play
     Marco Borsato                 - Ik leef niet meer voor jou     Play
     Marco Borsato                 - De waarheid                    Play
     Marco Borsato                 - Waarom nou jij                 Play
     Marco Borsato                 - De bestemming                  Play
     Marco Borsato                 - Je hoeft niet naar huis vanna  Play
     Marco Borsato                 - Zij                            Play
     Marco Borsato & Ali B         - Wat zou je doen                Play
     Marco Borsato & Andrea Bocell - Because We Believe             Play
     Marco Borsato & Trijntje Oost - Wereld zonder jou              Play
     Margie Ball                   - Goodbye to love                Play
     Margriet Eshuijs Band         - Black pearl                    Play
     Maria McKee                   - Show Me Heaven                 Play
     Mariah Carey                  - All I want for Christmas is    Play
     Mariah Carey                  - Hero                           Play
     Mariah Carey                  - Without you                    Play
     Mariah Carey                  - I'll be there                  Play
     Mariah Carey                  - We Belong Together             Play
     Marianne Faithfull            - The ballad of Lucy Jordan      Play
     Marianne Faithfull            - As tears go by                 Play
     Marianne Faithfull            - Summer nights                  Play
     Marianne Rosenberg            - Ich bin wie du                 Play
     Maribelle                     - Ik Hou Van Jou                 Play
     Marillion                     - Kayleigh                       Play
     Marilyn Martin                - Move Closer                    Play
     Mark & Clark Band             - Worn down piano                Play
     Mark Knopfler                 - What it is                     Play
     Mark Knopfler & James Taylor  - Sailing to Philadelphia        Play
     Marlene Dietrich              - Sag mir wo die Blumen sind     Play
     Marlene Dietrich              - Lili Marlene                   Play
     Marlene Dietrich              - Where have all the flowers go  Play
     Marmalade                     - Reflections of my life         Play
     Maroon 5                      - This love                      Play
     Martha & The Muffins          - Echo Beach                     Play
     Martika                       - Love Thy Will Be Done          Play
     Marvin Gaye                   - What's going on                Play
     Marvin Gaye                   - Sexual healing                 Play
     Marvin Gaye                   - I heard it through the grapev  Play
     Marvin, Welch & Farrar        - Faithfull                      Play
     Mary Hopkin                   - Those were the days            Play
     Mary Hopkin                   - Goodbye                        Play
     Mary Mac Gregor               - Torn Between Two Lovers        Play
     Mary Mary                     - Shackles (Praise You)          Play
     Mary Wells                    - My Guy                         Play
     Mash                          - Suicide Is Painless            Play
     Massada                       - Sajang E                       Play
     Massive                       - Unfinished Sympathy            Play
     Matia Bazar                   - Ti sento                       Play
     Matt Bianco                   - More Than I Can Bear           Play
     Matt Bianco                   - Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed       Play
     Matt Dusk                     - Two shots of happy one shot    Play
     Matthew Wilder                - Break My Stride                Play
     Matthew's Southern Comfort    - Woodstock                      Play
     Matthias Reim                 - Verdammt ich lieb' dich        Play
     Mavericks                     - Dance the night away           Play
     Max Werner                    - Rain In May                    Play
     Maxine Nightingale            - Right Back Where We Started    Play
     Maywood                       - Rio                            Play
     Maywood                       - Give Me Back My Love           Play
     Maywood                       - Mother how are you today       Play
     Mc Hammer                     - Can'T Touch This               Play
     Meat Loaf                     - Paradise by the dashboard lig  Play
     Meat Loaf                     - Bat out of hell                Play
     Meat Loaf                     - I'd do anything for love       Play
     Meat Loaf                     - You took the words right out   Play
     Meat Loaf                     - Two out of three ain't bad     Play
     Mecano                        - Hijo de la luna                Play
     Meja                          - All About The Money            Play
     Melanie                       - Beautiful people               Play
     Melanie                       - Ruby tuesday                   Play
     Melanie                       - Lay down                       Play
     Melanie & Edwin Hawkins singe - Lay down                       Play
     Melanie C                     - Never Be The Same Again        Play
     Melissa Etheridge             - Like the way I do              Play
     Men At Work                   - Down under                     Play
     Men Without Hats              - Safety Dance                   Play
     Metallica                     - Nothing else matters           Play
     Metallica                     - One                            Play
     Mezzoforte                    - Garden Party                   Play
     Michael Bolton                - How am I supposed to live wit  Play
     Michael Bublé                 - Home                           Play
     Michael Bublé                 - Feeling good                   Play
     Michael Jackson               - Thriller                       Play
     Michael Jackson               - Billie Jean                    Play
     Michael Jackson               - Earth song                     Play
     Michael Jackson               - Beat it                        Play
     Michael Jackson               - Ben                            Play
     Michael Jackson               - Heal the world                 Play
     Michael Jackson               - Bad                            Play
     Michael Jackson               - Don't stop 'til you get enoug  Play
     Michael Jackson               - One day in your life           Play
     Michael Jackson               - Wanna Be Starting Something    Play
     Michael Jackson               - Smooth Criminal                Play
     Michael Jackson               - You Are Not Alone              Play
     Michael Jackson               - Give it to Me                  Play
     Michael Jackson               - Will You Be There              Play
     Michael Jackson               - The Way You Make Me Feel       Play
     Michael Jackson & Paul McCart - The girl is mine               Play
     Michael Mcdonald              - Sweet Freedom                  Play
     Michael Mcdonald & Patti Labe - On My Own                      Play
     Michael Zager Band            - Let'S All Chant                Play
     Michel Delpech                - Pour un flirt                  Play
     Michel Fugain                 - Une belle histoire             Play
     Michel Fugain                 - Le printemps                   Play
     Michel Sardou                 - Les lacs du Connemara          Play
     Mick Jagger                   - Let'S Work                     Play
     Middle Of The Road            - Sacramento (A wonderful town)  Play
     Middle Of The Road            - Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep      Play
     Middle Of The Road            - Soley Soley                    Play
     Midge Ure                     - If I Was                       Play
     Midnight Oil                  - Beds are burning               Play
     Mighty Sparrow & Byron Lee    - Only a fool                    Play
     Mike & the Mechanics          - The living years               Play
     Mike & the Mechanics          - Silent Running                 Play
     Mike Batt                     - Lady of the dawn               Play
     Mike Oldfield                 - Tubular Bells                  Play
     Mike Oldfield                 - In dulci Jubilo                Play
     Mike Oldfield                 - Shadow On The Wall             Play
     Mike Oldfield & Maggie Reilly - Moonlight shadow               Play
     Mike Oldfield & Maggie Reilly - To France                      Play
     Milli Vanilli                 - Girl I'M Gonna Miss You        Play
     Millie Small                  - My Boy Lollipop                Play
     Mink Deville                  - Spanish stroll                 Play
     Mink Deville                  - Demasiado corazon              Play
     Minnie Riperton               - Lovin' you                     Play
     Miriam Makeba                 - Pata pata                      Play
     Mo                            - Fred Astaire                   Play
     Moby                          - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad  Play
     Mocedades                     - Eres tu                        Play
     Modern Talking                - You're my heart, you're my so  Play
     Moments & Whatnauts           - Girls                          Play
     Monkees                       - I'm a believer                 Play
     Monkees                       - Daydream believer              Play
     Monty Python                  - Always look on the bright      Play
     Moody Blues                   - Nights in white satin          Play
     Moody Blues                   - Question                       Play
     Moody Blues                   - Tuesday afternoon              Play
     Moody Blues                   - Boulevard de la Madeleine      Play
     Moody Blues                   - I'm just a singer              Play
     Moody Blues                   - Had to fall in love            Play
     Moody Blues                   - Go now                         Play
     Moody Blues                   - The story in your eyes         Play
     Moody Blues                   - Ride my see-saw                Play
     Mort Shuman                   - Le lac majeur                  Play
     Mory Kante                    - Yeke Yeke                      Play
     Mother's Finest               - Piece of the rock              Play
     Motions                       - Wasted words                   Play
     Motors                        - Airport                        Play
     Mott the Hoople               - All the young dudes            Play
     Mouth & MacNeal               - How do you do                  Play
     Move                          - Flowers in the rain            Play
     Move                          - Blackberry way                 Play
     Mr. Big                       - To be with you                 Play
     Mr. Mister                    - Broken wings                   Play
     Mr. Mister                    - Kyrie                          Play
     Mud                           - Dynamite                       Play
     Mud                           - Lonely this christmas          Play
     Mud                           - Tigerfeet                      Play
     Muddy Waters                  - Mannish boy                    Play
     Mungo Jerry                   - In the summertime              Play
     Murray Head                   - One night in Bangkok           Play
     Musical Youth                 - Pass The Dutchie               Play
     Nacht Und Nebel               - Beats Of Love                  Play
     Nadieh                        - Windforce 11                   Play
     Nana Mouskouri                - Only Love                      Play
     Nancy & Frank Sinatra         - Something stupid               Play
     Nancy Sinatra                 - These boots are made for walk  Play
     Nat 'King' Cole               - Unforgettable                  Play
     Nat 'King' Cole               - When I fall in love            Play
     Natalia                       - Risin'                         Play
     Natalia                       - Fragile Not Broken             Play
     Natalia                       - Ridin' By                      Play
     Natalia                       - I Only Just Begun To Fight     Play
     Natalia                       - I Want You Back                Play
     Nathalie Imbruglia            - Torn                           Play
     Nazareth                      - Love hurts                     Play
     Neet oet Lottum               - Hald mich 's vas               Play
     Neil Diamond                  - Beautiful noise                Play
     Neil Diamond                  - I am..... I said               Play
     Neil Diamond                  - Longfellow serenade            Play
     Neil Diamond                  - September morn'                Play
     Neil Diamond                  - Song sung blue                 Play
     Neil Diamond                  - Girl you'll be a woman soon    Play
     Neil Diamond                  - Love on the rocks              Play
     Neil Diamond                  - Sweet Caroline                 Play
     Neil Diamond                  - Hello again                    Play
     Neil Diamond                  - Cracklin' Rosie                Play
     Neil Diamond                  - Holly holy                     Play
     Neil Diamond                  - Play Me                        Play
     Neil Diamond & Barbra Streisa - You don't bring me flowers     Play
     Neil Sedaka                   - Oh! Carol                      Play
     Neil Young                    - Like a hurricane               Play
     Neil Young                    - Heart of gold                  Play
     Neil Young                    - Old man                        Play
     Neil Young                    - Harvest                        Play
     Neil Young                    - Only love can break your hear  Play
     Neil Young                    - Alabama                        Play
     Neil Young                    - Helpless                       Play
     Nelly Furtado                 - I'M Like A Bird                Play
     Nena                          - 99 Luftballons                 Play
     Nena & Kim Wilde              - Anyplace anywhere anytime      Play
     New Musik                     - This World Of Water            Play
     New Order                     - Blue monday                    Play
     New Seekers                   - Beg , Steal Or Borrow          Play
     Nick Kamen                    - I Promised Myself              Play
     Nick Kave & Kylie Minogue     - Where The Wild Roses Grow      Play
     Nick Lowe                     - I Love The Sound Of Breaking   Play
     Nicole                        - Ein Bisschen Friede            Play
     Nik Kershaw                   - The riddle                     Play
     Nik Kershaw                   - Wouldn't It Be Good            Play
     Nik Kershaw                   - I Won'T Let The Sun Go Down    Play
     Nils Lofgren                  - Shine silently                 Play
     Nilsson                       - Without you                    Play
     Nilsson                       - Everybody's talking            Play
     Nina Hagen                    - Unbeschreiblich weiblich       Play
     Nina Simone                   - Ain't got no - I got life      Play
     Nina Simone                   - My baby just cares for me      Play
     Nina Simone                   - Don't let me be misunderstood  Play
     Nini Rosso                    - Il Silenzio                    Play
     Nirvana                       - Smells like teen spirit        Play
     Nits                          - In the Dutch mountains         Play
     Nits                          - Nescio                         Play
     Nitty Gritty Dirt Band        - Mr. Bojangles                  Play
     No Doubt                      - Don't speak                    Play
     No Doubt                      - It'S My Life                   Play
     Noordkaap                     - Ik Hou Van U                   Play
     Norah Jones                   - Don't know why                 Play
     Norah Jones                   - Sunrise                        Play
     Norah Jones                   - Come Away With Me              Play
     Normaal                       - Oerend hard                    Play
     Norman Greenbaum              - Spirit in the sky              Play
     Nova                          - Aurora                         Play
     Novastar                      - Never Back Down                Play
     Novastar                      - The Best Is Yet To Come        Play
     Novastar                      - Wrong                          Play
     O'Jays                        - Back stabbers                  Play
     O'Jays                        - Love Train                     Play
     O.M.D.                        - Maid of Orleans                Play
     O.M.D.                        - Enola Gay                      Play
     O.M.D.                        - Electricity                    Play
     Oasis                         - Wonderwall                     Play
     Odyssey                       - Going Back To My Roots         Play
     Oleta Adams                   - Get here                       Play
     Oleta Adams                   - Window of hope                 Play
     Olivia Newton John            - Hopelessly devoted to you      Play
     Olivia Newton John            - Physical                       Play
     Olivia Newton John & E.L.O.   - Xanadu                         Play
     One More Time                 - Highland                       Play
     Opus                          - Live is life                   Play
     Osmonds                       - Crazy horses                   Play
     Osmonds                       - Down by the lazy river         Play
     Otis Redding                  - The dock of the bay            Play
     Otis Redding                  - I've got dreams to remember    Play
     Otis Redding                  - I've been loving you too long  Play
     Otis Redding                  - These Arms Of Mine             Play
     Ottawan                       - D.I.S.C.O.                     Play
     Outfield                      - Your Love                      Play
     Outsiders                     - Lying all the time             Play
     Outsiders                     - Touch                          Play
     Outsiders                     - The summer is here             Play
     Outsiders                     - Monkey on your Back            Play
     Owen Paul                     - My Favourite Waste Of Time     Play
     PHD                           - I won't let you down           Play
     Pacific Gas & Electric        - Are you ready                  Play
     Paolo Conte                   - Max                            Play
     Partner                       - Kayuta Hill                    Play
     Partridge familiy             - I think I love you             Play
     Pasadenas                     - Riding On A Train              Play
     Passengers                    - Miss Sarajevo                  Play
     Passepartout                  - De Doodgewoonste Dingen        Play
     Pat Benatar                   - Love is a battlefield          Play
     Pat Boone                     - Love letters in the sand       Play
     Pat Boone                     - Bernadine                      Play
     Patrick Bruel                 - Je n'attendais pas à toi       Play
     Patrick Bruel                 - Casser la voix (live)          Play
     Patrick Cowley                - Do You Wanna Funk              Play
     Patrick Hernandez             - Born to be alive               Play
     Patrick Swayze                - She'S Like The Wind            Play
     Patsy Cline                   - Crazy                          Play
     Patti Smith                   - Because the night              Play
     Patty Pravo                   - La bambola                     Play
     Paul Anka                     - Diana                          Play
     Paul Anka                     - Put your head on my shoulder   Play
     Paul Anka                     - Lonely boy                     Play
     Paul Carrack                  - I Need You                     Play
     Paul Hardcastle               - Nineteen                       Play
     Paul McCartney                - Another day                    Play
     Paul McCartney                - Hi Hi Hi                       Play
     Paul McCartney & Frog Chorus  - We all stand together          Play
     Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonde - Ebony And Ivory                Play
     Paul McCartney & Wings        - Mull of Kintyre                Play
     Paul McCartney & Wings        - Band on the run                Play
     Paul McCartney & Wings        - Live and let die               Play
     Paul McCartney & Wings        - My love                        Play
     Paul McCartney & Wings        - Jet                            Play
     Paul McCartney & Wings        - Mrs. Vandebilt                 Play
     Paul McCartney & Wings        - Listen to what the man said    Play
     Paul McCartney & Wings        - London Town                    Play
     Paul Mccartney                - Hope Of Deliverance            Play
     Paul Revere & The Raiders     - Him Or Me                      Play
     Paul Simon                    - Graceland                      Play
     Paul Simon                    - You can call me Al             Play
     Paul Simon                    - Still crazy after all these    Play
     Paul Simon                    - 50 Ways to leave your lover    Play
     Paul Simon                    - Late in the evening            Play
     Paul Simon                    - Kodachrome                     Play
     Paul Simon                    - Mother and child reunion       Play
     Paul Weller                   - You do something to me         Play
     Paul Young                    - Love of the common people      Play
     Paul Young                    - Come back and stay             Play
     Paul Young                    - Everytime You Go Away          Play
     Paul de Leeuw                 - Ik heb je lief                 Play
     Paul de Leeuw                 - Vlieg met me mee               Play
     Paul de Leeuw & André Hazes   - Droomland                      Play
     Paul de Leeuw & Ruth Jacott   - Blijf bij mij                  Play
     Paul de Leeuw & Simone Kleins - Zonder jou                     Play
     Pavarotti                     - Certe notti                    Play
     Pavarotti                     - Se Bastasse Una Canzone        Play
     Pavarotti                     - Gesu Bambino                   Play
     Pavarotti                     - Live like horses               Play
     Pavarotti                     - Let It Rain                    Play
     Pavarotti                     - New York New York              Play
     Pavarotti                     - Please Forgive Me              Play
     Peabo Bryson& Roberta Flack   - Tonight I Celebrate My Love    Play
     Peaches & Herb                - Reunited                       Play
     Pearl Jam                     - Alive                          Play
     Pebbles                       - Seven Horses In The Sky        Play
     Peggy Lee                     - Fever                          Play
     Peggy Lee                     - Is that all there is?          Play
     Percy Sledge                  - My special prayer              Play
     Percy Sledge                  - When a man loves a woman       Play
     Pet Shop Boys                 - It's a sin                     Play
     Pet Shop Boys                 - West End girls                 Play
     Pet Shop Boys                 - What Have I Done To Deserve    Play
     Pet Shop Boys                 - Always On My Mind              Play
     Pet Shop Boys                 - Go West                        Play
     Peter & Gordon                - True Love Days                 Play
     Peter & Gordon                - A World Without Love           Play
     Peter & Gordon                - Woman                          Play
     Peter & Gordon                - Nobody I Know                  Play
     Peter & Gordon                - To Know You Is to Love You     Play
     Peter Cetera                  - The Glory Of Love              Play
     Peter Frampton                - Show me the way                Play
     Peter Gabriel                 - Solsbury hill                  Play
     Peter Gabriel                 - Biko                           Play
     Peter Gabriel                 - Sledgehammer                   Play
     Peter Godwin                  - Images Of Heaven               Play
     Peter Kingsberry              - Only The Very Best             Play
     Peter Koelewijn               - KL 204                         Play
     Peter Koelewijn               - Je wordt ouder pappa           Play
     Peter Koelewijn & zijn Rocket - Kom van dat dak af             Play
     Peter Maffay                  - Du                             Play
     Peter Sarstedt                - Where do you go to my lovely   Play
     Peter Schaap                  - Adem mijn adem                 Play
     Peter Schilling               - Major Tom                      Play
     Peter Skellern                - You're a lady                  Play
     Peter Tosh & Mick Jagger      - Don't look back                Play
     Peter Tosh & Mick Jagger      - Don't look back                Play
     Petula Clark                  - Down town                      Play
     Phil Collins                  - In the air tonight             Play
     Phil Collins                  - Against all odds               Play
     Phil Collins                  - Another day in paradise        Play
     Phil Collins                  - Can't stop loving you          Play
     Phil Collins                  - You'll be in my heart          Play
     Phil Collins                  - I wish it would rain down      Play
     Phil Collins                  - You can't hurry love           Play
     Phil Collins                  - One more night                 Play
     Phil Collins                  - A groovy kind of love          Play
     Phil Collins                  - Sussudio                       Play
     Phil Collins                  - Two hearts                     Play
     Phil Collins                  - Look Through My Eyes           Play
     Phil Collins                  - Susudio                        Play
     Phil Collins & Philip Bailey  - Easy lover                     Play
     Phil Lynott                   - Old town                       Play
     Phil Oakey & Giorgio Moroder  - Together In Electric Dreams    Play
     Philip Bailey                 - Walking On The Chinese Wall    Play
     Philippe Robrecht             - Magie                          Play
     Piet Veerman                  - Sailing home                   Play
     Pig Bag                       - Papa'S Got A Brand New Pig Ba  Play
     Pil                           - This Is Not A Love Song        Play
     Pilot                         - Magic                          Play
     Pink Floyd                    - Wish you were here             Play
     Pink Floyd                    - Shine on you crazy diamond     Play
     Pink Floyd                    - Comfortably numb               Play
     Pink Floyd                    - Another brick in the wall      Play
     Pink Floyd                    - Money                          Play
     Pink Floyd                    - One of these days              Play
     Pink Floyd                    - See Emily play                 Play
     Pino D'Angio                  - Ma Quale Idea                  Play
     Pitti Polak                   - Poor, Stupid & Ugly            Play
     Plastic Bertrand              - Ca plane pour moi              Play
     Platters                      - Great pretender                Play
     Platters                      - Only you                       Play
     Platters                      - Smoke gets in your eyes        Play
     Player                        - Baby Come Back                 Play
     Poco                          - Rose of Cimarron               Play
     Pointer Sisters               - Fire                           Play
     Pointer Sisters               - I'm so excited                 Play
     Pointer Sisters               - Yes, We Can                    Play
     Pointer Sisters               - Jump                           Play
     Police                        - Roxanne                        Play
     Police                        - Every breath you take          Play
     Police                        - Message in a bottle            Play
     Police                        - So lonely                      Play
     Police                        - Every little thing she does    Play
     Police                        - Walking on the moon            Play
     Police                        - Don't stand so close to me     Play
     Police                        - Can't stand losing you         Play
     Police                        - Wrapped Around Your Finger     Play
     Police                        - Spirits In The Material World  Play
     Polle Eduard                  - Ik Wil Jou                     Play
     Poppys                        - Non non rien n'a changé        Play
     Poppys                        - Isabelle je t'aime             Play
     Pretenders                    - Brass in pocket                Play
     Pretenders                    - I go to sleep                  Play
     Pretenders                    - 2000 Miles                     Play
     Pretenders                    - Don't Get Me Wrong             Play
     Pretenders                    - Hymn To Her                    Play
     Pretenders                    - I Will Stand By You            Play
     Prince                        - Purple rain                    Play
     Prince                        - When doves cry                 Play
     Prince                        - Sign o'the times               Play
     Prince                        - 1999                           Play
     Prince                        - Kiss                           Play
     Prince                        - I would die for you            Play
     Prince                        - Little Red Corvette            Play
     Prince                        - The Most Beautiful Girl In     Play
     Proclaimers                   - I Would Walk 500 Miles         Play
     Procol Harum                  - A whiter shade of pale         Play
     Procol Harum                  - A salty dog                    Play
     Procol Harum                  - Grand hotel                    Play
     Procol Harum                  - Homburg                        Play
     Procol Harum                  - Conquistador                   Play
     Propaganda                    - Duel eye to eye                Play
     Psychedelic Furs              - Heaven                         Play
     Puff Daddy & Faith Evans      - I'Ll Be Missing You            Play
     Pussycat                      - Mississippi                    Play
     Pussycat                      - My Broken Souvenirs            Play
     Q65                           - The life I live                Play
     Q65                           - Ann                            Play
     Q65                           - World of birds                 Play
     Q65                           - I despise you                  Play
     Queen                         - Bohemian rhapsody              Play
     Queen                         - Love of my life                Play
     Queen                         - Who wants to live forever      Play
     Queen                         - I want to break free           Play
     Queen                         - Somebody to love               Play
     Queen                         - Don't stop me now              Play
     Queen                         - The show must go on            Play
     Queen                         - We will rock you               Play
     Queen                         - Killer queen                   Play
     Queen                         - We are the champions           Play
     Queen                         - Radio ga ga                    Play
     Queen                         - These are the days of our liv  Play
     Queen                         - Innuendo                       Play
     Queen                         - Crazy little thing called      Play
     Queen                         - A kind of magic                Play
     Queen                         - Bicycle race                   Play
     Queen                         - Another one bites the dust     Play
     Queen                         - 39                             Play
     Queen                         - You're my best friend          Play
     Queen                         - Tie your mother down           Play
     Queen                         - Heaven For Every One           Play
     Queen                         - Thank God It's Christmas       Play
     Queen                         - Let Me Live                    Play
     Queen                         - Living On My Own               Play
     R                             - lex - The Politics Of Dancing  Play
     R Dean Taylor                 - Gotta See Jane                 Play
     R. Kelly                      - I believe I can fly            Play
     R. Kelly                      - If I could turn back the hand  Play
     R.E.M.                        - Everybody hurts                Play
     R.E.M.                        - Losing my religion             Play
     R.E.M.                        - The one I love                 Play
     R.E.M.                        - Drive                          Play
     R.E.M.                        - Shiny happy people             Play
     REO Speedwagon                - Keep on loving you             Play
     Racey                         - Lay Your Love On Me            Play
     Racoon                        - Love you more                  Play
     Radios                        - She goes nana                  Play
     Radios                        - Swimming In The Pool           Play
     Radios                        - Tears In The Morning           Play
     Radios                        - Gimme Love                     Play
     Raffaela Carra                - A Far L'Amore Commincia Tu     Play
     Rah Band                      - Clouds Across The Moon         Play
     Ralph McTell                  - Streets of London              Play
     Ram Jam                       - Black Betty                    Play
     Ramones                       - Rock 'n roll high school       Play
     Ramses Shaffy                 - Zing vecht huil bid lach werk  Play
     Ramses Shaffy                 - Laat me                        Play
     Ramses Shaffy                 - Sammy                          Play
     Ramses Shaffy                 - Shaffy cantate                 Play
     Ramses Shaffy                 - Wij zullen doorgaan            Play
     Ramses Shaffy                 - 5 uur                          Play
     Ramses Shaffy & Liesbeth List - Pastorale                      Play
     Randy Crawford                - One day I'll fly away          Play
     Randy Crawford                - Almaz                          Play
     Randy Newman                  - Birmingham                     Play
     Randy Newman                  - Short people                   Play
     Randy Newman                  - Rider in the rain              Play
     Randy Newman                  - Louisiana 1927                 Play
     Rare Earth                    - Get ready                      Play
     Rascals                       - Groovin'                       Play
     Raspberries                   - Don't wanna say goodbye        Play
     Ray Charles                   - Georgia on my mind             Play
     Ray Charles                   - I can't stop loving you        Play
     Ray Charles                   - Crying Time                    Play
     Ray Parker Jr                 - Ghostbusters                   Play
     Ray Peterson                  - Tell Laura I love her          Play
     Raymond Frogatt               - Callow-la-vita                 Play
     Raymond van het Groenewoud    - Je veux de l'amour             Play
     Raymond van het Groenewoud    - Meisjes                        Play
     Raymond van het Groenewoud    - Liefde voor muziek             Play
     Raymond van het Groenewoud    - Cha Cha Cha                    Play
     Real Thing                    - You to me are everything       Play
     Red Box                       - For America                    Play
     Red Hot Chili Peppers         - Under the bridge               Play
     Red Zebra                     - I Can'T Live In A Living Room  Play
     Redbone                       - We were all wounded at Wounde  Play
     Redbone                       - The witch queen of New Orlean  Play
     Regina Belle & Peabo Bryson   - A Whole New World              Play
     Rein de Vries                 - Patsy                          Play
     Reinhard Mey                  - Als de dag van toen            Play
     Reinhard Mey                  - Gute nacht Freunde             Play
     René Froger                   - This is the moment             Play
     René Froger                   - Alles kan een mens gelukkig m  Play
     René Klijn                    - Mister blue                    Play
     Reo Speedwagon                - Can'T Fight This Feeling Anym  Play
     Rheingold                     - Dreiklangsdimensionen          Play
     Riccardo Cocciante            - Sincerita                      Play
     Richard Harris                - MacArthur park                 Play
     Richard Marx                  - Right here waiting             Play
     Rick Astley                   - Never Gonna Give You Up        Play
     Rick James                    - Super Freak                    Play
     Ricky Martin                  - Livin' La Vida Loca            Play
     Ricky Martin & Christina Agui - Nobody Wants To Be Lonely      Play
     Ricky Nelson                  - Hello Mary Lou                 Play
     Right Said Fred               - I'M Too Sexy                   Play
     Righteous Brothers            - Unchained melody               Play
     Righteous Brothers            - You've lost that loving feeli  Play
     Ringo Starr                   - Photograph                     Play
     Rita Hovink                   - Laat me alleen                 Play
     Ritchie Valens                - Donna                          Play
     Ritchie Valens                - La bamba                       Play
     Ro-d-ys                       - Take her home                  Play
     Rob Hoeke Rhythm & Blues Groe - Margio                         Play
     Rob de Nijs                   - Foto van vroeger               Play
     Rob de Nijs                   - Het werd zomer                 Play
     Rob de Nijs                   - Banger hart                    Play
     Rob de Nijs                   - Malle Babbe                    Play
     Rob de Nijs                   - Open einde                     Play
     Rob de Nijs                   - Alles wat ademt                Play
     Rob de Nijs                   - Jan Klaasen de trompetter      Play
     Rob de Nijs                   - Ritme van de regen             Play
     Rob de Nijs                   - Zondag                         Play
     Rob de Nijs                   - Dag, Zuster Ursula             Play
     Rob de Nijs                   - Zet Een Kaars Voor Je Raam     Play
     Robbie Robertson              - Somewhere Down The Crazy Rive  Play
     Robbie Williams               - Angels                         Play
     Robbie Williams               - Feel                           Play
     Robbie Williams               - She's the one                  Play
     Robbie Williams               - Rock dj                        Play
     Robbie Williams               - Millennium                     Play
     Robbie Williams               - Supreme                        Play
     Robbie Williams               - Misunderstood                  Play
     Robbie Williams               - Tripping                       Play
     Robert Cray Band              - Right next door                Play
     Robert Cray Band              - Don't be afraid of the dark    Play
     Robert Long                   - Kalverliefde                   Play
     Robert Long                   - Liefste mijn liefste           Play
     Robert Long                   - Iedereen doet 't               Play
     Robert Long                   - Mien                           Play
     Robert Palmer                 - Best of both worlds            Play
     Robert Palmer                 - Addicted to love               Play
     Robert Palmer                 - Every kinda people             Play
     Robert Palmer                 - Can we still be friends        Play
     Robert Palmer                 - Looking For Clues              Play
     Robert Palmer                 - Johnny & Mary                  Play
     Robert Plant                  - Big log                        Play
     Roberta Flack                 - The first time ever I saw you  Play
     Roberta Flack                 - Killing me softly with his so  Play
     Roberto & The Scooters        - I Save The Day                 Play
     Robin Beck                    - First Time                     Play
     Robin Gibb                    - Saved by the bell              Play
     Rocco Granata                 - Marina                         Play
     Roch Voisine                  - I'Ll Always Be There           Play
     Rod McKuen                    - Soldiers who want to be heroe  Play
     Rod Stewart                   - Sailing                        Play
     Rod Stewart                   - Maggie Mae                     Play
     Rod Stewart                   - Waltzing Mathilde              Play
     Rod Stewart                   - Reason to believe              Play
     Rod Stewart                   - You're in my heart             Play
     Rod Stewart                   - I don't wanna talk about it    Play
     Rod Stewart                   - The killing of Georgie         Play
     Rod Stewart                   - Da ya think I'm sexy?          Play
     Rod Stewart                   - Hot legs                       Play
     Rod Stewart                   - Tonight's The Night            Play
     Rod Stewart                   - Tom Traubert'S Blues           Play
     Roger Daltrey                 - Without your love              Play
     Roger Daltrey                 - Giving it all away             Play
     Roger Daltrey                 - Say it ain't so joe            Play
     Roger Glover & Guests         - Love is all                    Play
     Roger Whittaker               - I don't believe in if anymore  Play
     Roger Whittaker               - The last farewell              Play
     Roger Whittaker               - New World In The Morning       Play
     Rolling Stones                - Angie                          Play
     Rolling Stones                - Sympathy for the devil         Play
     Rolling Stones                - Paint it black                 Play
     Rolling Stones                - I can't get no Satisfaction    Play
     Rolling Stones                - You can't always get what you  Play
     Rolling Stones                - Gimme shelter                  Play
     Rolling Stones                - Wild horses                    Play
     Rolling Stones                - It's all over now              Play
     Rolling Stones                - Brown sugar                    Play
     Rolling Stones                - Jumpin' Jack flash             Play
     Rolling Stones                - Ruby Tuesday                   Play
     Rolling Stones                - Honky tonk women               Play
     Rolling Stones                - As tears go by                 Play
     Rolling Stones                - Lady Jane                      Play
     Rolling Stones                - Waiting on a friend            Play
     Rolling Stones                - Fool to cry                    Play
     Rolling Stones                - Little red rooster             Play
     Rolling Stones                - She's a rainbow                Play
     Rolling Stones                - The last time                  Play
     Rolling Stones                - Start me up                    Play
     Rolling Stones                - Midnight rambler               Play
     Rolling Stones                - Let's spend the night togethe  Play
     Rolling Stones                - Dead flowers                   Play
     Rolling Stones                - Miss you                       Play
     Rolling Stones                - Time is on my side             Play
     Rolling Stones                - Under my thumb                 Play
     Rolling Stones                - That's how strong my love is   Play
     Rolling Stones                - Memory motel                   Play
     Rolling Stones                - 2000 Light years from home     Play
     Rolling Stones                - Tell me                        Play
     Rolling Stones                - Get your kicks on Route 66     Play
     Rolling Stones                - Heart of stone                 Play
     Rolling Stones                - Beast of burden                Play
     Rolling Stones                - Tumbling dice                  Play
     Rolling Stones                - Get off of my cloud            Play
     Rolling Stones                - It's only rock 'n roll         Play
     Rolling Stones                - Mother's little helper         Play
     Rolling Stones                - Street fightin' man            Play
     Rolling Stones                - 19th Nervous breakdown         Play
     Rolling Stones                - We love you                    Play
     Rolling Stones                - Undercover The Night           Play
     Rolling Stones                - Emotional Rescue               Play
     Romantics                     - What I like about you          Play
     Romantics                     - Talking In Your Sleep          Play
     Ronan Keating                 - When you say nothing at all    Play
     Ronan Keating                 - If tomorrow never comes        Play
     Ronan Keating                 - Life Is A Rollercoaster        Play
     Ronan Keating & Lulu          - We'Ve Got Tonight              Play
     Ronettes                      - Be My Baby                     Play
     Ronnie en de Ronnies          - Beestjes                       Play
     Rory Block                    - Lovin' whiskey                 Play
     Rose Royce                    - Car wash                       Play
     Rose Royce                    - Wishing On A Star              Play
     Rose Royce                    - Love Don'T Live Here Anymore   Play
     Rowwen Hêze                   - Limburg                        Play
     Rowwen Hêze                   - De neus umhoeg                 Play
     Rowwen Hêze                   - Bestel mar                     Play
     Roxette                       - Listen to your heart           Play
     Roxette                       - It must have been love         Play
     Roxette                       - The look                       Play
     Roxette                       - How Do You Do                  Play
     Roxette                       - Fading Like A Flower           Play
     Roxette                       - Joyride                        Play
     Roxette                       - I Remember You                 Play
     Roxy Music                    - Avalon                         Play
     Roxy Music                    - Jealous guy                    Play
     Roxy Music                    - Love is the drug               Play
     Roxy Music                    - If there's something           Play
     Roxy Music                    - Do the strand                  Play
     Roxy Music                    - More than this                 Play
     Roxy Music                    - Virginia plain                 Play
     Roxy Music                    - Dance away                     Play
     Roy Orbison                   - In dreams                      Play
     Roy Orbison                   - Oh, Pretty woman               Play
     Roy Orbison                   - Only the lonely                Play
     Roy Orbison                   - It's over                      Play
     Roy Orbison                   - You got it                     Play
     Roy Orbison                   - Running Scared                 Play
     Roy Orbison                   - Crying                         Play
     Roy Orbison                   - Anything You Want              Play
     Rubettes                      - Sugar baby love                Play
     Rubettes                      - Juke Box Jive                  Play
     Rudy Bennett                  - How can we hang on to a dream  Play
     Rupert Holmes                 - Him                            Play
     Rupert Holmes                 - Escape                         Play
     Ruth Jacott                   - Leun op mij                    Play
     Ruth Jacott                   - Vrede                          Play
     Ruth Jacott                   - Hartslag                       Play
     Ry Cooder                     - He'll have to go               Play
     Ry Cooder                     - Little sister                  Play
     Ryan Paris                    - Dolce Vita                     Play
     Sade                          - Smooth operator                Play
     Sade                          - The sweetest taboo             Play
     Sade                          - No ordinary love               Play
     Sailor                        - Sailor                         Play
     Sailor                        - Traffic jam                    Play
     Sailor                        - Girl, Girls, Girls             Play
     Salt 'N Pepa                  - Let'S Talk About Sex           Play
     Sam & Dave                    - Soul man                       Play
     Sam Brown                     - Stop                           Play
     Sam Cooke                     - Wonderful world                Play
     Sam Cooke                     - Only Sixteen                   Play
     Sam the Sham & the Pharao's   - Wooly bully                    Play
     Samantha Fox                  - I Only Wanna Be With You       Play
     Sammy Davis jr.               - Mr. Bojangles                  Play
     Sandie Shaw                   - Puppet on a string             Play
     Sandra                        - In The Heat Of The Night       Play
     Sandra Kim                    - J'Aime La Vie                  Play
     Sandy Coast                   - True love that's a wonder      Play
     Sandy Coast                   - The eyes of Jenny              Play
     Sandy Coast                   - Capital punishment             Play
     Sandy Coast                   - Summer Train                   Play
     Santa Esmeralda               - Don't let me be misunderstood  Play
     Santana                       - Samba pa ti                    Play
     Santana                       - She's not there                Play
     Santana                       - Black magic woman              Play
     Santana                       - Europa                         Play
     Santana                       - Oye como va                    Play
     Santana                       - Jingo                          Play
     Santana & Michelle Branch     - The Game Of Love               Play
     Santana & Rob Thomas          - Smooth                         Play
     Sarah & Koen Wauters          - You Are The Reason             Play
     Sarah Connor                  - From Sarah With Love           Play
     Savage Garden                 - Truly, Madly Deeply            Play
     Scabs                         - Don'T You Know                 Play
     Scabs                         - Hard Times                     Play
     Scene                         - Blauw                          Play
     Scene                         - Iedereen is van de wereld      Play
     Scorpions                     - Wind of change                 Play
     Scorpions                     - Still loving you               Play
     Scorpions                     - Hello Josephine                Play
     Scorpions                     - Born To Touch Your Feelings    Play
     Scorpions                     - Believe In Love                Play
     Scorpions                     - Walking On The Edge            Play
     Scorpions                     - Living For Tomorrow. Live      Play
     Scorpions                     - When The Smoke Is Going On     Play
     Scott Fitzgerald & Yvonne Kee - If I had words                 Play
     Scott McKenzie                - San Francisco                  Play
     Scritti Politti               - Absolute                       Play
     Seal                          - Kiss from a rose               Play
     Seal                          - Crazy                          Play
     Searchers                     - Needles and pins               Play
     Searchers                     - Goodbye my love                Play
     Searchers                     - Take it or leave it            Play
     Searchers                     - Don't Throw Your Love Away     Play
     Searchers                     - What Have They Done To The Ra  Play
     Searchers                     - When You Walk In The Room      Play
     Searchers                     - Sugar and Spice                Play
     Searchers                     - Love Potion Number Nine        Play
     Seekers                       - The carnival is over           Play
     Selecter                      - On My Radio                    Play
     Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birki - Je t'aime moi non plus         Play
     Sergios Mendes & Brazil '66   - Mas que nada                   Play
     Shadows                       - Apache                         Play
     Shadows                       - Wonderful land                 Play
     Shadows                       - Theme from 'Deer Hunter'       Play
     Shadows                       - 36-24-36                       Play
     Shadows                       - Guitar tango                   Play
     Shadows                       - Amapola                        Play
     Shadows                       - Geronimo                       Play
     Shadows                       - Atlantis                       Play
     Shakespear'S Sister           - Stay                           Play
     Shakira                       - Whenever wherever              Play
     Shakira                       - Underneath Your Clothes        Play
     Shania Twain                  - You're still the one           Play
     Shania Twain                  - Man I feel like a woman        Play
     Shania Twain                  - From this moment               Play
     Shania Twain                  - That don't impress me much     Play
     Shania Twain                  - I'M Gonna Getcha Good          Play
     Sharif Dean                   - Do you love me                 Play
     Sheena Easton                 - For Your Eyes Only             Play
     Sheryl Crow                   - All I wanna do                 Play
     Sheryl Crow                   - Run Baby Run                   Play
     Shirley Bassey                - This is my life                Play
     Shirley Bassey                - Something                      Play
     Shirley Bassey                - Goldfinger                     Play
     Shirley Zwerus                - Heel even                      Play
     Shirts                        - Tell me your plans             Play
     Shocking Blue                 - Venus                          Play
     Shocking Blue                 - Never marry a railroad man     Play
     Shocking Blue                 - Send Me A Postcard             Play
     Shocking Blue                 - Scorpio's Dance                Play
     Shocking Blue                 - Blossom Lady                   Play
     Shocking Blue                 - Long Lonesome Road             Play
     Shocking Blue                 - Mighty Joe                     Play
     Shoes                         - Osaka                          Play
     Shoes                         - Na na na                       Play
     Shoes                         - Farewell in the rain           Play
     Shoes                         - No Money For Roses             Play
     Shoes                         - Don't You Cry For A Girl       Play
     Showaddywaddy                 - Under The Moon Of Love         Play
     Simon & Garfunkel             - Bridge over troubled water     Play
     Simon & Garfunkel             - The sound of silence           Play
     Simon & Garfunkel             - The boxer                      Play
     Simon & Garfunkel             - El condor pasa                 Play
     Simon & Garfunkel             - Mrs. Robinson                  Play
     Simon & Garfunkel             - Scarborough fair               Play
     Simon & Garfunkel             - Cecilia                        Play
     Simon & Garfunkel             - Homeward bound                 Play
     Simon & Garfunkel             - I'm a rock                     Play
     Simon & Garfunkel             - My little town                 Play
     Simon & Garfunkel             - The Only Living Boy In New Yo  Play
     Simple Minds                  - Belfast child                  Play
     Simple Minds                  - Don't you forget about me      Play
     Simple Minds                  - Alive and kicking              Play
     Simple Minds                  - Promised you a miracle         Play
     Simple Minds                  - Glittering Prize               Play
     Simple Minds                  - Waterfront                     Play
     Simple Minds                  - New Gold Dream                 Play
     Simple Minds                  - Theme From Great Cities        Play
     Simply Red                    - Holding back the years         Play
     Simply Red                    - Home                           Play
     Simply Red                    - If you don't know me by now    Play
     Simply Red                    - Fairground                     Play
     Simply Red                    - Sunrise                        Play
     Simply Red                    - Stars                          Play
     Simply Red                    - Money's too tight              Play
     Simply Red                    - The Right Thing                Play
     Simply Red                    - Something Got Me Started       Play
     Sinead O'Connor               - Troy                           Play
     Sinead O'Connor               - Nothing compares 2U            Play
     Sister Sledge                 - Lost In Music                  Play
     Sister Sledge                 - We Are Family                  Play
     Sisters Of Mercy              - Alice                          Play
     Sixpence None The Richer      - Kiss Me                        Play
     Skik                          - Op fietse                      Play
     Skylark                       - Wildflower                     Play
     Slade                         - Merry Christmas everybody      Play
     Slade                         - Far far away                   Play
     Slade                         - Coz' I luv you                 Play
     Slade                         - Get down and get with it       Play
     Slade                         - How Does It Feel               Play
     Sly And The Family Stone      - Dance To The Music             Play
     Sly Fox                       - Let'S Go All The Way           Play
     Small Faces                   - All or nothing                 Play
     Small Faces                   - Itchycoo park                  Play
     Small Faces                   - Tin soldier                    Play
     Small Faces                   - Lazy Sunday                    Play
     Smiths                        - Girlfriend In A Coma           Play
     Smokey Robinson & The Miracle - Tears of a clown               Play
     Smokie                        - Living next door to Alice      Play
     Smokie                        - Silvia's Mother                Play
     Snap!                         - Rhythm Is A Dancer             Play
     Sniff 'n the Tears            - Driver's seat                  Play
     Snow                          - Informer                       Play
     Snowy White                   - Bird of paradise               Play
     Sofie                         - I Love You                     Play
     Soft Cell                     - Tainted love                   Play
     Soft Cell                     - Torch                          Play
     Sonny & Cher                  - I got you babe                 Play
     Sonny & Cher                  - Little man                     Play
     Sonny & Cher                  - The Beat Goes On               Play
     Sonny O'Brien                 - Sunshine                       Play
     Sophie Elliextor              - Murder On The Dancefloor       Play
     Soul Asylum                   - Runaway Train                  Play
     Soul Ii Soul                  - Back Ii Life                   Play
     Soulsister                    - She'S Gone                     Play
     Soulsister                    - Through Before We Started      Play
     Soulsister                    - The Way To Your Heart          Play
     Soulsister                    - Broken                         Play
     Soulsister                    - Like A Mountain                Play
     Spagna                        - Call Me                        Play
     Spandau Ballet                - Through the barricades         Play
     Spandau Ballet                - Gold                           Play
     Spandau Ballet                - True                           Play
     Spandau Ballet                - Only When You Leave            Play
     Spargo                        - You and me                     Play
     Sparks                        - This town ain't big enough     Play
     Special Aka                   - Free Nelson Mandela            Play
     Specials                      - A message to you Rudy          Play
     Spelbrekers                   - Katinka                        Play
     Spencer Davis Group           - Gimme some lovin'              Play
     Spencer Davis Group           - Keep on running                Play
     Spencer Davis Group           - I'm a man                      Play
     Spencer Davis Group           - Time seller                    Play
     Spice Girls                   - Wannabe                        Play
     Spice Girls                   - Mama                           Play
     Spider Murphy Gang            - Skandal im Sperrbezirk         Play
     Spin Doctors                  - Two Princes                    Play
     Split Enz                     - Message to my girl             Play
     Split Enz                     - I hope I never                 Play
     Splitsing                     - Wind en zeilen                 Play
     Springwater                   - I Will Return                  Play
     Squeeze                       - Tempted                        Play
     Stampeders                    - Hit The Road Jack              Play
     Stan Ridgway                  - Camouflage                     Play
     Starland Vocal Band           - Afternoon delight              Play
     Stars on 45                   - Stars on 45                    Play
     Starship                      - We Built This City             Play
     Starship                      - Nothing'S Gonna Stop Us Now    Play
     Stash                         - Sadness                        Play
     Status Quo                    - Roll over lay down             Play
     Status Quo                    - Down down                      Play
     Status Quo                    - Whatever you want              Play
     Status Quo                    - Rockin' all over the world     Play
     Status Quo                    - In the army now                Play
     Status Quo                    - Pictures of matchstick men     Play
     Status Quo                    - The wanderer                   Play
     Stealers Wheel                - Late again                     Play
     Stealers Wheel                - Stuck in the middle with you   Play
     Steeleye Span                 - All around my hat              Play
     Steely Dan                    - Do it again                    Play
     Steely Dan                    - Rikki don't lose that number   Play
     Steely Dan                    - Reelin' in the years           Play
     Steely Dan                    - Dirty Work                     Play
     Stef Bos                      - Papa                           Play
     Stef Bos                      - Ik heb je lief                 Play
     Stef Bos                      - Hilton Barcelona               Play
     Stef Bos                      - De Radio                       Play
     Stephan Sulke                 - Lotte                          Play
     Stephanie Mills               - Never Knew Love Like This      Play
     Stephen Bishop                - On And On                      Play
     Stephen Stills                - Love The One You're With       Play
     Stephen Tin Tin Duffy         - Kiss Me                        Play
     Steppenwolf                   - Born to be wild                Play
     Stereo Mc'S                   - Connected                      Play
     Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel  - Make me smile                  Play
     Steve Miller Band             - Fly like an eagle              Play
     Steve Miller Band             - Abracadabra                    Play
     Steve Miller Band             - The joker                      Play
     Steve Miller Band             - Jet Airliner                   Play
     Steve Rowland & the Family Do - Sympathy                       Play
     Steve Winwood                 - While you see a chance         Play
     Steve Winwood                 - Higher Love                    Play
     Steve Winwood                 - Valerie                        Play
     Stevie Wonder                 - Isn't she lovely               Play
     Stevie Wonder                 - Superstition                   Play
     Stevie Wonder                 - I wish                         Play
     Stevie Wonder                 - I just called to say I love    Play
     Stevie Wonder                 - Sir Duke                       Play
     Stevie Wonder                 - You are the sunshine of my li  Play
     Stevie Wonder                 - Master blaster                 Play
     Stevie Wonder                 - Don't you worry about a thing  Play
     Stevie Wonder                 - Yester Me, Yester You, Yester  Play
     Stevie Wonder                 - Happy Birthday                 Play
     Stevie Wonder                 - Uptight                        Play
     Stevie Wonder & Babyface      - How Come How Long              Play
     Sting                         - Fragile                        Play
     Sting                         - Englishman in New York         Play
     Sting                         - Fields of gold                 Play
     Sting                         - Russians                       Play
     Sting                         - Moon over Bourbon street       Play
     Sting                         - Love Is The Seventh Wave       Play
     Stranglers                    - Golden brown                   Play
     Stranglers                    - No more heroes                 Play
     Stranglers                    - No Mercy                       Play
     Stranglers                    - Always The Sun                 Play
     Stranglers                    - Skin Deep                      Play
     Strawbs                       - Part Of The Union              Play
     Stray Cats                    - Runaway boys                   Play
     Stretch                       - Why did you do it              Play
     Style Council                 - My ever changing moods         Play
     Stylistics                    - Can't give you anything but    Play
     Styx                          - Babe                           Play
     Styx                          - Boat on the river              Play
     Styx                          - Sing For The Day               Play
     Sue Thompson                  - Norman                         Play
     Sugababes                     - Stronger                       Play
     Sugar Hill Gang               - Rappers delight                Play
     Supersister                   - She was naked                  Play
     Supersister                   - Radio                          Play
     Supertramp                    - School                         Play
     Supertramp                    - Fool's overture                Play
     Supertramp                    - The logical song               Play
     Supertramp                    - Dreamer                        Play
     Supertramp                    - Give a little bit              Play
     Supertramp                    - Breakfast in America           Play
     Supertramp                    - Hide in your shell             Play
     Supertramp                    - Goodbye stranger               Play
     Supertramp                    - It's raining again             Play
     Supertramp                    - Rudy                           Play
     Supertramp                    - Cannonball                     Play
     Supertramp                    - Take The Long Way Home         Play
     Supremes                      - Reflections                    Play
     Supremes                      - Stop in the name of love       Play
     Supremes                      - You Can't Hurry Love           Play
     Supremes                      - Baby Love                      Play
     Supremes                      - Where Did Our Love Go          Play
     Supremes                      - The Happening                  Play
     Survivor                      - Eye of the tiger               Play
     Sutherland Brothers & Quiver  - Arms of Mary                   Play
     Suzanne Vega                  - Luka                           Play
     Suzi Quatro                   - If you can't give me love      Play
     Sweet                         - Fox on the run                 Play
     Sweet                         - Love is like oxygen            Play
     Sweet                         - The ballroom blitz             Play
     Sweet                         - Block buster                   Play
     Sweet                         - The six teens                  Play
     Sweet                         - Poppa Joe                      Play
     Sweet                         - Funny funny                    Play
     Sweet                         - Little Willy                   Play
     Sweet Sixteen                 - Ja Dat Is Peter                Play
     Swing Out Sister              - Breakout                       Play
     Swinging Blue Jeans           - Hippy Hippy Shake              Play
     Swinging Blue Jeans           - Good Golly Miss Molly          Play
     Swinging Blue Jeans           - You are no Good                Play
     Swinging Soul Machine         - Spooky's day off               Play
     Sydney Youngblood             - If Only I Could                Play
     Sylvain Poons & Oetze Verscho - Zuiderzeeballade               Play
     Sylvester                     - You Make Me Feel               Play
     Syndicate of Sound            - Little girl                    Play
     T'Pau                         - China in your hand             Play
     T.Rex                         - Get it on                      Play
     Take That                     - Back for good                  Play
     Take That                     - How Deep Is Your Love          Play
     Talk Talk                     - Such a shame                   Play
     Talk Talk                     - It's my life                   Play
     Talk Talk                     - Life's is what you make it     Play
     Talking Heads                 - Slippery people                Play
     Talking Heads                 - Psycho killer                  Play
     Talking Heads                 - Once in a lifetime             Play
     Talking Heads                 - Road to nowhere                Play
     Tammy Wynette                 - Stand by your man              Play
     Tanita Tikaram                - Twist in my sobriety           Play
     Tanita Tikaram                - Good Tradition                 Play
     Tasmin Archer                 - Sleeping Satellite             Play
     Tavares                       - Heaven must be missing an ang  Play
     Tavares                       - Don't Take Away The Music      Play
     Taylor Dayne                  - Tell It To My Heart            Play
     Tc Matic                      - Oh La La La                    Play
     Teach In                      - Ding a dong                    Play
     Tears For Fears               - Shout                          Play
     Tears For Fears               - Everybody wants to rule the    Play
     Tears For Fears               - Sowing the seeds of love       Play
     Tears For Fears               - Woman In Chains                Play
     Tears For Fears               - Change                         Play
     Technotronic                  - Pump Up The Jam                Play
     Tee Set                       - She likes weeds                Play
     Tee Set                       - Ma belle amie                  Play
     Temptations                   - Papa was a Rolling Stone       Play
     Temptations                   - Treat Her Like A Lady          Play
     Temptations                   - My Girl                        Play
     Ten Sharp                     - You                            Play
     Ten Years After               - I'm going home                 Play
     Tenpole Tudor                 - Wunderbar                      Play
     Terence Trent D'Arby          - Sign your name                 Play
     Terence Trent D'Arby          - Let Her Down Easy              Play
     Terence Trent D'Arby          - Dance Little Sister            Play
     Terry Jacks                   - Seasons in the sun             Play
     Texas                         - Summer Son                     Play
     The Band                      - The weight                     Play
     The Bet                       - Don'T Talk To The Liar         Play
     The The                       - Uncertain smile                Play
     Thelma Houston                - Don'T Leave Me This Way        Play
     Them                          - Gloria                         Play
     Them                          - It's all over now, baby blue   Play
     Them                          - Here comes the night           Play
     Them                          - Baby please don't go           Play
     Thin Lizzy                    - Whiskey in the jar             Play
     Third World                   - Now that we found love         Play
     Thomas Dolby                  - I scare myself                 Play
     Thompson Twins                - In The Name Of Love            Play
     Three Degrees                 - When will I see you again      Play
     Three Degrees                 - Dirty ol' man                  Play
     Three Dog Night               - Mama Told Me Not To Come       Play
     Thunderclap Newman            - Something in the air           Play
     Tiffany                       - I Think We'Re Alone Now        Play
     Tight Fit                     - The Lion Sleeps Tonight        Play
     Tim Finn                      - Fraction too much friction     Play
     Tim Hardin                    - How can we hang on to a dream  Play
     Tim Hardin                    - Simple song of freedom         Play
     Time Bandits                  - I'm specialized in you         Play
     Timex Social Club             - Rumors                         Play
     Timi Yuro                     - Hurt                           Play
     Timmy T                       - One More Try                   Play
     Tina Charles                  - I love to love                 Play
     Tina Turner                   - The best                       Play
     Tina Turner                   - Private dancer                 Play
     Tina Turner                   - What's love got to do with it  Play
     Tina Turner                   - We don't need another hero     Play
     Tina Turner                   - On Silent Wings                Play
     Todd Rundgren                 - I Saw The Light                Play
     Tokens                        - The Lion Sleeps Tonight        Play
     Tol & Tol                     - The Indian song                Play
     Tol & Tol                     - Mistiko                        Play
     Tol & Tol                     - Recuerdos de la Alhambra       Play
     Tol & Tol                     - Far beyond the sky of blue     Play
     Tol & Tol                     - Eleni                          Play
     Tol & Tol                     - Sedalia                        Play
     Tol Hansse                    - Big city                       Play
     Tom Browne                    - Funkin' for Jamaica            Play
     Tom Jones                     - Green green grass of home      Play
     Tom Jones                     - Delilah                        Play
     Tom Jones                     - It's not unusual               Play
     Tom Jones                     - What's New Pussycat?           Play
     Tom Jones                     - She's A Lady                   Play
     Tom Jones & Art Of Noise      - Kiss                           Play
     Tom Jones & Mousse T          - Sex bomb                       Play
     Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Refugee                        Play
     Tom Robinson                  - Listen to the radio            Play
     Tom Robinson                  - 2-4-6-8 Motorway               Play
     Tom Tom Club                  - Wordy Rappinghood              Play
     Tom Waits                     - Tom Traubert's Blues           Play
     Tom Waits                     - Martha                         Play
     Tommy James & The Shondells   - Crimson & Clover               Play
     Tommy Roe                     - Sheila                         Play
     Tommy Roe                     - Dizzy                          Play
     Toni Braxton                  - Unbreak my heart               Play
     Toon Hermans                  - 24 rozen                       Play
     Toon Hermans                  - Vader Gaat Op Stap             Play
     Toontje Lager                 - Stiekem gedanst                Play
     Toontje Lager                 - Lente In Twente                Play
     Toontje Lager                 - Net Als In De Film             Play
     Toontje Lager                 - Zoveel Te Doen                 Play
     Toploader                     - Dancing In The Moonlight       Play
     Tornados                      - Telstar                        Play
     Total Touch                   - Somebody else's lover          Play
     Toto                          - Africa                         Play
     Toto                          - Stop loving you                Play
     Toto                          - Rosanna                        Play
     Toto                          - Hold the line                  Play
     Toto                          - I'll be over you               Play
     Toto                          - Pamela                         Play
     Toto                          - 99                             Play
     Toto                          - Mushanga                       Play
     Toto Cutugno                  - L'Italiano                     Play
     Tozzi Raf                     - Gente di mare                  Play
     Tracey Ullman                 - Break Away                     Play
     Tracy Chapman                 - Fast car                       Play
     Traffic                       - A hole in my shoe              Play
     Traffic                       - Paper Sun                      Play
     Train                         - Drops of jupiter               Play
     Trammps                       - Disco inferno                  Play
     Trammps                       - Shout                          Play
     Trammps                       - Hold Back The Night            Play
     Trammps                       - Zing Went The Strings Of My    Play
     Traveling Wilburys            - Handle with care               Play
     Treble                        - Ramaganana                     Play
     Tremeloes                     - Silence is golden              Play
     Tremeloes                     - Even The Bad Times Are Good    Play
     Tremeloes                     - Here Comes My Baby             Play
     Trijntje Oosterhuis           - De Zee                         Play
     Trijntje Oosterhuis           - Nu jij er bent                 Play
     Trini Lopez                   - If I had a hammer              Play
     Trio                          - Da Da Da                       Play
     Trio Hellenique               - La danse de Zorba              Play
     Troggs                        - Wild thing                     Play
     Troggs                        - With a girl like you           Play
     Tröckener Kecks               - Met hart en ziel               Play
     Tsjechov                      - Vanmorgen vloog ze nog         Play
     Tumbleweeds                   - Somewhere between              Play
     Turtles                       - Happy together                 Play
     Turtles                       - She'd Rather Be With Me        Play
     Turtles                       - Elenore                        Play
     Twarres                       - War bisto                      Play
     Twice as much                 - True story                     Play
     Twice as much                 - Sittin' on a fence             Play
     U2                            - One                            Play
     U2                            - Sunday bloody sunday           Play
     U2                            - With or without you            Play
     U2                            - Beautiful day                  Play
     U2                            - I still haven't found what I'  Play
     U2                            - Where the streets have no nam  Play
     U2                            - The unforgettable fire         Play
     U2                            - Pride (In the name of love)    Play
     U2                            - New Years day                  Play
     U2                            - All I want is you              Play
     U2                            - I will follow                  Play
     U2                            - Stuck in a moment you can't    Play
     U2                            - Walk on                        Play
     U2                            - Desire                         Play
     U2                            - Sweetest Thing                 Play
     UB40                          - Red red wine                   Play
     UB40                          - Kingston town                  Play
     UB40                          - Food for thought               Play
     UB40                          - Can't help falling in love     Play
     UB40                          - Sing our own song              Play
     UB40 & Chrissie Hynde         - I got you babe                 Play
     UK                            - Rendez-vous 6.02               Play
     USA for Africa                - We are the world               Play
     Udo Jürgens                   - Mercie, Cherie                 Play
     Ugly Kid Joe                  - Cats in the Cradle             Play
     Ultravox                      - Vienna                         Play
     Ultravox                      - Dancing with tears in my eyes  Play
     Ultravox                      - Hymn                           Play
     Umberto Tozzi                 - Gloria                         Play
     Unit Gloria                   - The last seven days            Play
     Uriah Heep                    - Easy living                    Play
     VOF De Kunst                  - Suzanne                        Play
     VOF De Kunst                  - Een kopje koffie               Play
     Vader Abraham                 - Het kleine café aan de haven   Play
     Valensia                      - Gaia