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Started in 1980, retired in 2004 REBEL was baptized into ProDeo, latin for gratis according to Dutch tradition.

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                     All of the below listed (free) chess engines run fine under the

                        commercial ChessBase, Lokasoft and the freeware Arena.

                                               SECTION I (older engines)

  Wildcat 7
Strong UCI engine.
  Petir 3.99d
Winoard engine by Peter Alloysius.
  Naum 2.0
Very strong UCI engine.
  Slow Chess
Strong UCI engine with own Interface.
  The Baron
Author: Richard Pijl from the Netherlands.
  Gambit Fruit
Another Fruit clone.
(Y)et (A)nother (C)hess (E)ngine. Paderborn edition.
  The Crazy Bishop
written by Remi Coulom.
  Scorpio 1.91
Daniel Shawul.
Franck Zibi.
  Spike 1.1
Very strong program by Volker Böhm and Ralf Schäfer.
  Spike 1.2
Spike tied for the 5th place at the WCCC 2006 in Italy.
  Pseudo 0.7c
by Jan Klima.
  Ufim 8.02
by N. Khasanov.
  Glaurung 1.21
by Tord Romstad.
  Queen 3.09
by Leen Ammeraal.
  Delfi 5.0
by Dr. Fabio Cavicchio.
  Jonny 2.83
by Johannes Zwanzger.
Resurrection from the past, welcome back Martin Bryant.
Version B68 by Dr. Ulrich.Tuerke
  Pro Deo 1.0
First Pro Deo version.
  Pro Deo 1.1
And the next one.
  Rybka 1.0
By far the strongest free chess engine available.
  Fruit 2.1
Strong! and with open source.
  Pro Deo 1.2
Ed Schröder's latest and last version.
  Crafty 21.5
Bob Hyatt's Crafty.
  Toga II
Fruit clone and a good one.
Another strong chess engine with own Opening Book.
  Ruffian 1.0
Remember the strorm it caused in 2002?

Ktulu 4.2
Last freeware version



                                                SECTION II (newer engines)


  ProDeo 1.86
November 2013
  Rybka 2.32
Last freeware Rybka.
  Komodo 3.0
Last freeware Komodo
  Critter 1.6a
Richard Vida's finest.
  Stockfish 4.0
Stockfish team
  Fruit 2.2.1
Fabien's last one.
  Fruit 2.3.1
By Ryan Benitez based on Fruit 2.2.1
  Scorpio 2.76
Daniel Shawul.
  Arasan 16.2
Jon Dart
  Crafty 23.6
Robert Hyatt.
  Spike 1.4 Leiden
Volker Böhm and Ralf Schäfer
  Discocheck 4.3
Lucas Braesch.
  Gaviota 0.86
Miguel Ballicora.
  SmarThink 1.40
Sergei S. Markoff
  Cheng4 0.36
Martin Sedlak
Tim Kosse.
  Exchess 7.18
Daniel Homan
Ben-Hur Carlos Vieira Langoni Junior.
  Rodent 1.2
Pawel Koziol
  Hannibal 1.4b
Sam Hamilton and Edsel Apostol.









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