Yet Another Test System

YATS is a good way to test chess programs, more YATS is an excellent way to test changes programmers make to their chess engine.

Contrary to the well known testsets that only reward one move and 1 point YATS rewards good alternative moves also within a scale of 1-10 points, 10 points for the best move and less for good alternative moves.

Provided you run a YATS testset under Arena the new Pro Deo 1.4 version offers you a couple of nice analysis reports that will make a programmers life much easier to interprete the results of such a test, see for instance example-1.

A new exciting feature is that you can compare 2 versions and measure which version presumably is better in a wink. Another advantage is that you precisely can meassure the speed gain (or loss) between 2 versions, see example-2.

Last but not least Pro Deo 1.4 automatically stores all version results for the creation of the Version Overview. A quick test on 5 seconds per move with various engines under Arena produced this overview.

How does it work?

    • Download this example testset and unzip it.
    • Start Arena.
    • Load the engine of your choice.
    • Engines -> Automatic Analysis -> List of EPD/PGN files.
    • Click on Browse and select the downloaded PGN file selected.pgn.
    • Enter the level (menu Engines).
    • Enter a new non existing (*.log) output file (menu Output).
    • Start the automatic analysis of the testset.
When ready...

    • Start ChessPartner and load Pro Deo 1.4
    • Click on the misc tab from the engine info window.
    • Press F4.
    • Click Arena logfile 1 and browse to the logfile (*.log) you want to analyze.
    • Click on Apply, the logfile is loaded now.
    • Double click on Analyze Arena logfile 1.
    • Explorer will open and show this generated report.
    • Additionally Pro Deo generates this example output PGN.

YATS testsets

  • Beat The Masters a collection of 166 game fragments gathered during 1990-1992 from the Beat the Masters series. Each position was presented to various Grand Masters who independently of each other voted for the best move.

  • Max Euwe a collection of 186 game fragments gathered from the famous Max Euwe series: Zo leert U goed schaken.

  • Tony Hedlund Tony's positional testset.

  • RELOT Rebel ELO Test. As used in the late 80's and early 90's to develop and improve Rebel. 226 positions.
More YATS sets soon.
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